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I have been trying to get the review for ZOOTOPIA up for weeks, every time I try to get it written I lose motivation to write or something comes up or I need to get someone else’s review up first so the poor little animal city fell by the wayside – until today when a friend of mine (thanks Rob) posted a review link to Kate Taylor’s review from The Globe and Mail and never in my life was I left so gobsmacked by a woman with a rabbit’s carrot stuck so far up her butt that she completely missed what animations are about. You have to read this woman’s ridiculous right wing PETA sanctioned manifesto on the evils of this animation perpetuated by America’s historic racism and its new Islamophobia. But I promise it won’t all be about this idiot furless biped. ZOOTOPIA is out now from the fabbo folks at Disney, it is rated PG and runs for 108mins. Special thanks to Disney for inviting me and three friends to see it at a family day, took a mate who is a nanny and his two young charges – it was debatable as to who loved it more, the young’ens or the old’ens.


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ZOOTOPIA is at its heart an anthropomorphic kid’s film about a normal city and normal people. The lead character is the little gal who wants to do big things. Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is a bunny rabbit who wants to be a police person, something that has never been done before because stereotypically all cops are the larger brutish animals we would associate them to be. Judy fights an uphill battle trying to break the traditional norms to be more than she is generally assumed to be. She is filled with positive attitude aplenty and when she is first assigned to parking duty she is the smartest and best parking officer who ends up helping out and being swindled by sly fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), she is determined to do everything by the book and outsmarts the fox, who eventually becomes her partner in non-crime and the two of them must save the day with no-one believing or helping them.


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ZOOTOPIA will rock your socks off, I was expecting it to be good but it is insanely awesome and way better than I could ever have expected. It is filled with an abundance of brilliant characters, huge action scenes, a superb message, lots and lots of lols and sublime animation matched with a heartfelt and splendidly scribed screenplay.

But Kate Taylor will make you think:

“I don’t imagine environmentalists would approve of a movie that suggests wild animals are at their best when tamed, but it’s the social anxieties behind Zootopia’s message of animal harmony that make me uneasy.”

“Leaving aside amusing jokes about the wolves trying desperately to contain a group howl or sloths working as bureaucrats, animal behaviour is a troubling metaphor for cultural diversity.”

She is welcome to her opinion – I am just flabbergasted that she is missing the entire point of this and many animations – it is about having a laugh, it is a CARTOON for crying out loud – has she been saddened and protesting ever since the Road Runner always scored the upper-hand against the poor coyote? Who also was a wicked creation of evil people who believed animals are so far below humanity we should make them walk on two legs when viewing them.

Last one I promise, but COME ON!! “That’s a pretty close match for both America’s historic racism and its new Islamophobia.”

In today’s nanny state land of ours when it comes to offending people based on hilarious Disney animations about fictional animals some people really should just go and live with Sarah Palin and leave the rest of us to live our cotton wool lives, too scared to do anything incase it offends people way to precious for their own good. Apologies to precious people if I have offended thee.

Ok, back to the movie, sorry but I am still astounded by her review of this anti-Islam propaganda puff piece no doubt sanctioned by Donald Trump. I am not a member of her newspaper’s site so cannot read the comments for her article, I am sure they are fun :).


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ZOOTOPIA has so many amazing characters that will make you laugh, I mean belly laugh so hard you may get a hernia and pee a little bit, I was sold on this movie as soon as I saw the sloth scene, I watched that sloth trailer about twenty times before the movie released. I still crack up and see that smile meme every Friday now on social media with the tag “realising it’s Friday.” The sloth, Flash, is easily my favourite character and the animators need awards for their work on the movie, especially on Flash’s facials. Judy Hopps is a beautiful little rabbit, a lead character you cannot help but root for; filled with determination and intelligence but also a glowing soul, she is bullied and ignored, put down and used and abused but as opposed to seeing her as an cinematic piece of propaganda I prefer to see her more as a metaphorical representation of the children who are seeing the movie, providing the message that they too can be what they want, they can push themselves to achieve greatness and to stick through negativity and senseless bullying.

Nick Wilde is also a superb character, a sly and dodgy fox who is always taking short cuts and occasionally up to no good, but his character also shows the audience that no matter how bad you be you can always make amends and better yourself. The greatest part of this movie is that the predators become the victims, something also sublime that highlights to kids and adults that even the darkest imagined characters can also be victims of hatred and bullying. This was the strongest message in the film that goes towards comments I wrote in Kernel Jordan’s review of THE FAT BOY CHRONICLES; why do bullies bully? In my case, it will sadly surprise you.


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Good old Kate Taylor loathed that animal traits were used to put the animals down but also to make fun of people with similar characteristics in society but I found it hilarious, again mostly because of the sloths, but also the pack wolves who can’t hold in their pack howl, the lion who is too prideful, the sheep in sheep’s clothes (another great metaphor to never judge a book by its cover), the rabbits with their million family members, the bullheaded buffalo who knows all and ignores Hopps all the way to the stoner hippy Yak, Disney’s anthropomorphism has hit new heights, new heights in brilliance that is, a brilliance that will see ZOOTOPIA one of the best films of the year.

But hey, what would I know, it’s only at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, the highest rated movie of the year so far from 189 reviews, two critics in entirety disliked it, guess who was one of them?

Do you and/ or your kids a favour and see this movie, pre-buy it even on download or Blu Ray, this one will demand multiple “kid’s” viewings (by “kid’s” I mean children, I do not wish to offend baby goats), not as many as FROZEN but not enough for you to ever get sick of Flash. And stay through the credits, credit scenes!!


4 and a Half Pops



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