Kernel Nick gets to view advanced WORLD WAR Z Footage – these are his thoughts

Salty Kernel, Nick Stanbrook, was the lucky one free and able to attend the advanced footage tease screening of WORLD WAR Z – they were able to view sections of the film complete or incomplete and have video feed messages from the director. Nice indeed – here are Nick’s thoughts on the upcoming Zomblockbuster.


World War Z starring Brad Pitt
World War Z starring Brad Pitt


I walked into the cinema and asked one of the staff where I should go and instead of looking at me like I was crazy (which I thought might happen) I was told where to go (very politely, and to the cinema and not somewhere inappropriate). As I walked up the stairs and towards the cinema lobby I was presented with a group of people wearing suits and business attire. All talking amongst themselves. I on the other hand felt incredibly under-dressed wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie. I got my name marked off and found a corner to stand in whimpering by myself. It seemed like everyone knew everyone else in that room except me.  After standing there awkwardly for 10 minutes we were allowed in to the cinema.

After a quick message from the director, Marc Foster, telling us that some sound effects were not complete and that he was excited about the film, we were met with Brad Pitt being a family man. I don’t want to give too much away about World War Z so I will spare some detail.

I need to say something before I get too carried away and waffle on.



World War Z starring Brad Pitt
World War Z starring Brad Pitt


I mean the big action sequences and the worldwide scale just make this movie look uber epic.

We got to see 3 separate scenes. The initial outbreak, which had my heart pumping, it was intense. Then to the walled city that provides safe haven to the survivors, which quickly turns from being peaceful back to being fast paced and scary.  Then we move to a plane, I won’t say anything about the plane, but it gets awesome. (And if you watch the trailer at the bottom you will get the gist of what happens on the plane – where was Iron Man when you needed him).

The polish on this movie is incredible, visually the best zombie movie ever. The detail and the way the zombies behave is really believable its not just people groaning and stumbling around. They went for realism, and it worked.

All of this adds to the epicness.

But… there is always a but. From what I saw, and that was only 15 minutes, it just feels like much of the same. Story wise at least. Think I Am Legend. Brad Pitt’s character and his family are living happily, when everything goes wrong and now there are zombies. Brad has to leave his family behind as he fights to save humanity.

Even though the story appeared formulaic, I really wish that I could have seen the whole movie. 15 minutes was just cruel!

The screening wrapped up, everyone started to leave, but I had to sit for a moment to recover. I mean it got intense. All the fancy looking people shuffled off to their big important jobs and I walked to university. Thinking about zombies all day!

World War Z won’t reshape the zombie movie genre. It isn’t really anything groundbreaking, but it is going to be a very very good looking, intense action zombie film.