I am devastated – man flu saw me miss the premiere of the first recent decent DC movie! And it kept me from being one of the first from seeing the marvelous Gal Gadot become the first popular strong female superhero WITH HER OWN MOVIE (cough Black Widow) in WONDER WOMAN. I can’t wait to see it now it has released today and pass on abundant thanks to Kernel Blake who stepped in last minute to attend the premiere for Salty. It’s out now so get your superhero fix on now. Support and embrace the power of the female and the Amazonians and enjoy your eye candy of the gorgeous Gal Gadot or Chris Pine pending your inclination. WONDER WOMAN releases her power thanks to Roadshow Films, is rated M and runs for a lengthy 141mins. Enjoy Kernel Blakes review………..all the best…………JK.


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Full disclosure. I am a comic book nerd. I grew up reading as many as I could and wishing I could shoot web from my wrists and swing about the place. As an adult, I love everything that Marvel has produced in its Cinematic Universe but have been let down by DC. The only good thing about their previous efforts were Affleck as Batman and the end credits of SUICIDE SQUAD. Can the latest addition to the DC Extended Universe turn the tide?


Much to DC’s credit, they have beaten Marvel to the punch by bringing us a female led, ass kicking heroine, with WONDER WOMAN. Apart from brief bookend scenes set in modern day Paris, the majority of the film is set in the earliest 20th Century during the final days of World War 1. We are introduced to Diana, Princess of Themyscira, a mythical island hidden in plain sight from the rest of the world.

Themyscria is populated entirely by Amazon women, created by the Ancient gods to protect mankind from evil, such as Ares, the god of war himself. Ruled by Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielson, GLADIATOR) the Amazons spend their days training to be the greatest warriors of all. Something a young and incredibly adorable Diana aspires to be, much to her mother’s chagrin.

As a grown woman and now experienced warrior, Diana has her world turned upside down when US spy Capt. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, STAR TREK) crash-lands on the previously undiscovered Amazonian paradise. Being the first man she has laid eyes on, Wonder Woman is intrigued by Trevor and the world in which he has arrived.


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We soon get to see how badass these Amazon women really are when a platoon of Germans chasing Trevor attack the island. Said Germans are handed their own backsides by the deadly warriors in a truly great action sequence that gets WONDER WOMAN off to an incredible start.

Seeing firsthand the horrors of warfare and hearing of the world at war with the incredible casualties lost on all sides, Diana is convinced that Ares has returned to wreak havoc on mankind and proclaims her sworn duty to protect the world. Against the Queens wishes, Diana and Capt. Kirk (oops Trevor) embark on a journey to the front line of the war. Here she will fulfill her destiny and Capt. Trevor will deliver a package that could turn the tide of the war.

Finding her purpose in life and getting to grips with her powers and incredible fighting abilities, Diana, Trevor and a rag tag group of mercenaries fight their way to the token German bad guys for a monumental showdown. Only for the film to throw a red herring with a bigger, badder, bad guy in the mix.


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One area that WONDER WOMAN really shines in comparison to the other films from DC, is the humour. There are genuinely funny scenes, mainly between Diana and Trevor and their burgeoning romance plus Diana’s fish-out-of-water arrival into early 20th century London. Helped ably a by supporting cast consisting of Ewan Bremner (TRAINSPOTTING) and Lucy Davis (THE OFFICE) WONDER WOMAN has a refreshingly light tone and doesn’t take itself too seriously, a common criticism of earlier DC films.

The action set pieces for the most part are also spectacular, with the early battle on the beaches of Themyscria and especially the epic moment Diana becomes Wonder Woman on the front lines of Belgium, single-handedly taking out a German legion.


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Unfortunately, there are a few areas in which WONDER WOMAN stumbles. The incredibly slow second act sees our main team treading water at times. Just as the action and story were picking up, scenes grind to a halt. The final act showdown falters big time, falling into similar tropes of other superhero films. The films ends up relying on overblown effects and truly terrible dialogue from a script that runs out of steam. There is also a certain point towards the end where WONDER WOMAN almost copies scenes beat-for-beat from a certain Marvel film that features a Capt. Steve….

The story also suffers from leaving Themyscria as early as it does in the film. These sequences are shot beautifully with great performances from the Amazon warriors, especially the incredibly bad ass, tough as nails General Antiope (Robin Wright, HOUSE OF CARDS). The first 1/3 of the film set on the island make an interesting and different type of film to what we are used to. It would’ve been great to spend more time there and less time in the ‘real world’.


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WONDER WOMAN is an enjoyable film and shows that DC have listened to the criticism of earlier efforts, however it also shows that they still have a way to go to match the quality of comic book films coming out of Marvel Studios. Director Patty Jenkins (MONSTER) has created an immersive and interesting world with the Amazon warriors but ultimately falls a bit short of delivering the knockout blow to deliver a truly great superhero film.

The building blocks are there; the humour, heart and empowering portrayal of a strong female character are all incredible positives to take out of WONDER WOMAN. It’s just a shame Diana of Themyscria doesn’t have the script to back up her ass kickery. It does bode well for JUSTICE LEAGUE and I would be happy to see more adventures through time from WONDER WOMAN. Miss Gadot is my kinda Gal.





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