“What the bloody hell are you buggers doing out here?” 

And so it begins, the follow up to the highly successful Aussie outback serial killing film WOLF CREEK, in you guessed it, WOLF CREEK 2.

That damn creepy larrikan Mick Taylor is back and totally fucking around with a bunch of people before, no doubt, doing something hideous to them.

Played by John Jarratt, the brutal larrikan Mick Taylor became a cult anti-hero in WOLF CREEK, the low-budget Aussie horror film that topped the local box office in 2005 and grossed $28.7 million worldwide. Nothing by world box office standards but in Australia it is huge and it was enough to gain the film its world premiere already at the Venice Film Festival in September where it gained some positive reviews from Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.


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I am pretty certain this one will get picked up, possibly with a re-release of the 1st one in the international markets.

I can’t see the plot being that different. Mick will just play with and terrify a bunch of people and scare the shit out of the audience, he will snicker a bit but basically be the terminator of Aussie serial killers who will keep coming. A few articles I have read says this film will lay off the women a bit more due to misogynistic claims in regards to the first film.

So this time it appears Mick’s fave plaything is Ryan Corr (Packed to the Rafters, Not Suitable for Children) as a British surfer. The police and an elderly couple also end up on the wrong side of Taylor’s weapons of mass torment.

I am fine with whatever happens, love horror, love the creepy freak and love the Aussie outback, oh, and may start loving Ryan Corr (Hello!!).

Bad news is, while it premiered at Venice in September, it is not releasing until February 20th 2014. So give a backpacker a hug, because come February, they are gone :).