Top 21 Superhero Movies of All Time

With the release of the 4198435715719587th Superhero movie this week in BATMAN V SUPERMAN and the general consensus being that superhero movies are fast approaching saturation point one of the besties and I attended the premiere of BvS and then went out for a birthday lunch a couple of days later and debated superhero movies most of the time. Rixy Dix and myself end up debating anything and everything to do with movies and over beers and red wine in a pub, using a TAB horserace betting slip as our notepad we started negotiating what were the best superhero movies. By negotiating I mean arguing :).

Sadly the Bat V the Supe is being generally enjoyed by fans and members of the public but is being decimated by critics. Somehow Rotten Tomatoes is seeing it annihilated and the score at about 30% but IMDB appears to have banned critics reviews as they aren’t appearing – the public has it at about 71%. Odd considering Warner owns Rotten Tomatoes and they made the film where IMDB is owned by Amazon. Go figure.

The list started at ten movies, I only ever really write Top 10 lists and wasn’t keen to stray from that but the more we looked at the films of superheroes the more we realised this would not be possible, so it ended at the TOP 21 SUPERHERO MOVIES OF ALL TIME (Hollywood films only).

As for what classifies a movie as a superhero movie, it was pretty simple, it had to involve superheroes. I ended up going fairly closely with Wiki’s explanation as the basis but made some amendments as I don’t believe all superheroes have to be 100% good i.e. Deadpool, Wolverine, Watchmen and so on. One movie I couldn’t include was GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY although it deserves a special mention, for me this movie is purely a science-fiction with some heroes in it, I wouldn’t call them super as such.

A superhero film, superhero movie, or superhero motion picture is a film that is focused on the actions of one or more superheroes: individuals who usually possess superhuman abilities relative to a normal person and are (generally) dedicated to protecting the public. These films typically feature action, fantasy and/or science fiction elements, with the first film of a particular character often including a focus on the origin of the special powers and the first fight against the character’s most famous supervillain, or archenemy.

NB: I have kept this to English speaking/ Hollywood superhero movies, I would love to work on an Asian superhero list at some stage as I have a few faves in the genre.


TOP 21 SUPERHERO MOVIES OF ALL TIME – in order – I did have most of these reviewed on my old site until the owner of the blogging network saw every one of 12000+ sites erased, so no reviews, just posters.

21) X-Men First Class

Top 21 Superhero Movies - X-Men: First Class movie poster image
X-Men: First Class movie poster image


20) The Avengers

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Avengers movie poster image
The Avengers Movie Poster image


19) The Amazing Spiderman

Top 21 Superhero Movies - The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Poster image
The Amazing Spider-Man movie poster image


18) Iron Man

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Iron Man Movie Poster image
Iron Man movie poster image


17) X-Men

Top 21 Superhero Movies - X-Men movie poster image
X-Men movie poster image


16) Unbreakable

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Unbreakable movie poster image
Unbreakable movie poster image


15) The Rocketeer

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Unbreakable movie poster image
The Rocketeer movie poster image


14) Watchmen

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Watchmen movie poster image
Watchmen movie poster image


13) Deadpool

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Deadpool movie poster image
Deadpool movie poster image


12) Chronicle

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Chronicle movie poster image
Chronicle movie poster image


11) Big Hero 6

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Big Hero 6 movie Poster image
Big Hero 6 movie poster image


10) The Dark Knight Rises

Top 21 Superhero Movies - The Dark Knight Rises Movie Poster image
The Dark Knight Rises movie poster image


9) Batman Begins

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Batman Begins movie poster image
Batman Begins movie poster image


8) Batman Returns

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Batman Returns Movie Poster image
Batman Returns movie poster image


7) Kick-Ass

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Kick-Ass movie poster image
Kick-Ass movie poster image


6) The Crow

Top 21 Superhero Movies - The Crow movie poster image
The Crow movie poster image


5) Superman: The Movie

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Superman movie poster image
Superman movie poster image


4) Batman

Top 21 Superhero Movies - Batman movie poster image
Batman movie poster image


3) The Iron Giant

Top 21 Superhero Movies - The Iron Giant Movie Poster image
The Iron Giant movie poster image


2) The Dark Knight

Top 21 Superhero Movies - The Dark Knight movie poster image
The Dark Knight movie poster image


1) The Incredibles

Top 21 Superhero Movies - The Incredibles Poster image
The Incredibles movie poster image


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