Set in the majestic Canadian Rockies and starring BAFTA award-winning actor Tim Roth and six time Emmy award nominee Christina Hendricks, TIN STAR tells the story of Jim Worth, a former British detective, now small town police chief, who brings his family to the tiny and tranquil town of Little Big Bear for a better life.

To celebrate the release of TIN STAR, we’re giving away 5x copies on DVD. If you don’t win a copy seriously track this one down, it is dark and bloody amazing – binged the entire thing over two days. TIN STAR runs for a total of 456mins and is rated MA15+.


Tin Star Oliver Coopersmith and Abigail Lawrie image
Oliver Coopersmith and Abigail Lawrie



When a vast industrial facility opens nearby, and their new home is flooded with migrant workers looking for drugs, gambling and prostitution, Jim has to work hard to protect his family and the town from organised crime.

Then crime strikes back. And when Jim’s family suffers a shocking tragedy, old, dark and dangerous secrets surface. We discover that Jim is not the man we think he is but is in fact Jack – the professional name for his alcoholic alter-ego: an undercover cop with a violent past and a long list of enemies; a man more unpredictable, more charismatic and infinitely more menacing than Jim.

Part drama, part thriller and part dark comedy, TIN STAR is a brain rattling, heart wrenching rollercoaster ride that grabs you by the guts from the start and never lets you go.


Tin Star Tim Roth image
Tim Roth



Just marvellous. When I first hear about these TV shows through a media company asking me to run a giveaway I think little of them. Why wouldn’t I have heard about it online? Seen it on the TV, Netflix or other channels? I give them an episode or two and then usually run the giveaway. Not for TIN STAR, it firstly had me because I bloody love Tim Roth, could watch him anything. Secondly, as soon as I started I couldn’t stop. The writing from Rowan Joffe, Tom Butterworth and Chris Hurford take this show to places I would never have imagined in a show wonderfully layered and complex. Void of cliche with characters and performances worthy of awards TIN STAR is one of my favourite TV shows of 2018.

Tim Roth is as wonderful as you can imagine and gives us a truly non-mainstream character that is to be hated as much as loved. Christina Hendricks and Genevieve O’Reilly give wonderful showings as Jim/Jack’s two love interests, O’Reilly’s character was just a lot more fun and nothing you would imagine from any sane wife. Abigail Lawrie is a truly engaging daughter to Tim Roth’s crazy dad, I can totally buy most of her choices in the show considering the insanity going on in her life. And a surprisingly matched performance for Roth was Oliver Coopersmith, besides my obvious shallow swooning for the hot bad boy his conflicted character was a great story arc to watch. 


You do need to take a small leap of faith with the police procedures in the small town, there is no way Jack/Jim would have gotten away with what he did in reality. But it is at times quite humorous in its presentation.

And two wonderful final characters of the show were the stunning cinematography of the area filmed in Alberta, Canada and the chilling drawn out score and soundtrack.

I am absolutely stoked there is a second season confirmed because Jack/Jim deserves more screen time.


Tin Star Genevieve O'Reilly and Abigail Lawrie image
Genevieve O’Reilly and Abigail Lawrie




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