Thor: Ragnarok – The Hunt for the Asgardianpeople

Our favourite Aussie Asgardian piece of man meat is back as awesome as ever in THOR: RAGNAROK. Taika Waititi was somehow given the reigns to make a Marvel movie and revive the “somewhat” ailing franchise. How does a director go from smaller New Zealand movies BOY and HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE to directing a franchise for the biggest film company in the world? Somehow the New Zealander pulled the best cinematic swifty in history to get the gig and has elevated this superhero movie to one of the best in its universe. I was fortunate to walk the red carpet with Hemsworth (I got so close!) and friends Jarryd Hughes, Robbie Peake and Tony Hollingsworth. The premiere was a huge success and I can’t thanks Disney enough for the night of fun and shenanigans!

THOR: RAGNAROK is out October 26th from the legends at Marvel/ Disney. It runs for 130mins of entire-family fun and is rated M.


Thor Ragnarok Movie image
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)


Where does Thor sit in the Marvel universe exactly? Financially the first two films sit at 12th and 13th out of 16 movies. That isn’t ideal but still hugely successful in money-making terms and Hemsworth’s character is crucial to The Avengers storyline so he was never going anywhere. The Asgardian story commenced Shakespearean with Kenneth Brannagh setting the royal sci-fi Viking family tragedy up, as he does best.

For me personally this made it the most ideal movie for me, don’t tell anyone but not a huge fan of Tony Stark’s ego and Captain America was too vanilla for me. I have enjoyed them all but have no real desire to own copies of them. Thor on the other hand I love, it may have something to do with Hemsworth – there is just something I can’t put my finger on that makes him very watchable. It also never takes itself as serious as the other Marvel movies and for this alone I embrace it.


Best to keep this one short – spoilers suck sweaty Hulk balls! Here is the official synopsis from Marvel.

Asgard is threatened but Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his hammer and to escape and save his home world he must fight his former ally and fellow Avenger—the Incredible Hulk!

It’s definitely best going into this one for the fun ride without knowing anything.


Thor Ragnarok Movie image
Loki (Tom Hiddleston)



Taika Waititi is a New Zealander through and through. While Peter Jackson brought the beauty and magnificence of NZ to the world Waititi is bringing its sense of humour. He made a name for himself directing episodes of FLIGHT OF THE CONCORDS and endeared himself to Australia and NZ with a little movie called BOY (must see!!!). Following this he directed episodes of SUPERCITY and more hilarity with THE INBETWEENERS. Next up was horror/comedy/mockumentary WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS – basically flatmate woes for a group of vampires, also MUST SEE!!! Then he took on the world and created my favourite movie of 2016, the family fave, fracking Rickey Baker masterpiece, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE.

If you haven’t seen HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE you have one week until THOR: RAGNAROK starts and I urge you to see that first. It will set you up for the cinematic lovechild that is RAGNAROK. If Thor and Wilderpeople got it on – RAGNAROK is the crazy bastard baby. And it’s marvelous!


Thor Ragnarok Movie image
Topaz (Rachel House) and Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum)



Financially Thor wasn’t even close to the best character in the franchise so Marvel really had little to lose in giving it to Waititi. Hemsworth is Australian, Waititi a New Zealander. They could make the movie cheaper in Australia, use extras from the area, and if Waititi screws it up it’s not Marvel’s problem and the franchise can go to bed. I picture it more that Waititi steering the movie directly into a comedy space Viking tale will revive the hell out of the franchise and people will be clambering for more. It’s a little more GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY but NZ style and for me, easily the best in the THOR universe.

Visually it is the most stunningly choreographed action movie in the realm. The Hulk/Thor showdown goes next level – it is worth it for Loki on the sidelines alone! Hela’s fight scenes are epic and the Valkyrie flashback scenes embrace a Hieronymus Bosch biblical tone that gave me goosebumps.

Technically the movie is far from perfect, the plot is certifiable for its craziness. It has completely let go of any seriousness and while the movie could have taken some elements more serious its new direction is much more lovable. Marvel needs to be praised for taking the story out of the standard mold. Don’t try to critique anything, just strap in for a totally nuts technicolor over-the-top ride that embraces all that is ridiculous about Thor.


Thor Ragnarok Movie image
Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)



You can see the love the cast had making this movie in every scene. Hemsworth is at his best and nails everything, even during his fanboy unease working with Cate Blanchett. You may think Waititi has it in for Thor – he is more comedic joke in scenes than Norse god. I have been assured this embraces the comics more and is the way it should be. No complaints from me.

Ruffalo is at his best Banner (and Hulk) and you may enjoy (minor spoiler) seeing Hulk talk a lot more. Goldblum is hilarious and apparently can’t remember most of the scenes he filmed, no idea why and Hiddelston is even more endearing as the tool that is Loki. My one Loki gripe is that in historic legend Loki was a trickster god associated with magic and fire. He nails the magic but I want more trickster!!

Tessa Thompson is a superb addition as Valkyrie that would give Jessica Jones a run for her alcoholic money. Idris Elba’s Heimdall can’t be more fracking appealing and I had no idea Karl Urban was even in RAGNAROK until I saw him – bravo! 

Blanchett as the gothic bitch from hell is a treat but she has limited comedic scenes. Her fight choreography was marvelous and she owns her part. Some better writing for her could have made it more fun or take it the other way and make her pure bloody hell. It got lost a little in the middle.

Then there is one character that stole every scene in the movie. Korg is a CGI character reminiscent of what could have become of Jorah in Game of Thrones. Korg is a walking pile of rocks voiced by Waititi himself. He is the embodiment of New Zealand humour and I guarantee hysterics every time he shows up onscreen.


Thor Ragnarok Movie image
Hela (Cate Blanchett)



The way it should be; batshit crazy and completely over-the-top. Praise to Marvel for letting Thor out of the Marvel mold and handing it to Waititi to turn it into the most fun movie in the marvel Cinematic Universe. THOR: RAGNAROK is a ride you need to get on!





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