Those mad voice impersonating first world problem gents are back with more foodie delight, this time in Spain. Kernel Blake hits up the wonderful Coogan and Brydon in THE TRIP TO SPAIN. It’s actually out now from Madman Films. THE TRIP TO SPAIN is rated M and runs for 111mins. Make sure you eat before you see it. Enjoy Blake’s thoughts on the movie……..all the best…….Spooning.


In 2010, British comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon set off on a culinary trip through the UK countryside in THE TRIP. Four years later, the lads teamed up again to take their journey international with THE TRIP TO ITALY. Cut to 2017 and the gents are back, this time heading to Andalusian shores, with THE TRIP TO SPAIN.


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Continuing the loosely autobiographical nature of the previous films, THE TRIP TO SPAIN sees Coogan, now an Oscar nominated writer for his film PHILOMENA, heading to Spain to write a book based on his travels to the country as a young man. For the journey, he decides to bring his old mucker, Rob Brydon, along for more restaurant reviews and general shenanigans as they travel the Spanish countryside.

THE TRIP TO SPAIN continues the comedic road trip platform, with Coogan and Brydon always trying to one-up each other with their hilarious celebrity impersonations. All while travelling through some truly breathtaking scenery and enjoying the finest food Spain has to offer.

Where this third film in the series differs, is how age is beginning to play a big role in the lives of these two men. Coogan is now no longer landing acting roles, garnering more acclaim for his writing, although that too is beginning to fade. Whereas Brydon is taking any small opportunities that come his way, like writing restaurant reviews for the New York Times. Both pushing fifty, it’s an interesting change in how we view these two funny men.


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While all that seems deep, meaningful and all philosophical, the real meat and bones of THE TRIP TO SPAIN is just the banter between these two legends. Impressions fly thick and fast, mostly spot-on including a superb sequence involving Mick Jagger and an incredibly daft historical lesson on the Spanish Moors, voiced by Roger Moore.

The story itself, which also includes Coogan wrestling with the fact he may soon be a grandfather and also the woman he loves, who is unfortunately married to another man, are merely crutches to get to the next restaurant/improv routine. If you were a fan of the previous TRIP films, you’ll know what to expect with THE TRIP TO SPAIN and will definitely get many laughs.


While a majority of THE TRIP TO SPAIN is the relationship between Coogan and Brydon, it is the way the film has been shot by director Michael Winterbottom that is worth a special mention. Much like the beautiful Italian coastline of the THE TRIP TO ITALY, THE TRIP TO SPAIN features incredible shots of Spanish coastlines, rustic farms and medieval castles. Using some inventive techniques and plenty of drone footage, THE TRIP TO SPAIN could almost be a travel documentary.

You could also argue that this film is a love letter to foodies everywhere, with the action in the kitchen interspersed with celebrity impressions and musings on whether David Bowie should follow Brydon on Twitter. Close up shots of meals being prepared by the master chefs and Instagram worthy shots of the prepared meals, really showcase the unique delicacies of the region.


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While THE TRIP TO SPAIN is a fun and very funny way to spend a few hours, there are a few niggles with it. The first being the run time, which does start to stretch towards the end. Especially with a rather bizarre jaunt over the pond to Morocco, that feels very randomly tacked on.


Overall, Coogan and Brydon bring a highly entertaining mix of comedy, emotion and appetite that will make you want to get on the next plane to Spain, jump in a car with your mates and take off into the wild unknown. THE TRIP TO SPAIN has a bit of something for everyone and I’d be quite happy to follow these two as they travel the world, eat food and take the piss out of each other.





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