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Looking at the covers and the title of THE STORM SISTER by Lucinda Riley I am misled to believe it is a fantasy book from the aptly titled THE SEVEN SISTERS series, alas it is not and sounds more like a Dan Brown style of book than anything Tolkien would write. Kernel Kate reviews this fine modern fiction that has some globe trotting adventure involved. I have a feeling this is one my mum would worship. THE STORM SISTER is out now from the fine folks at Pan Macmillan Australia, you will find this in most bookstores or you can obtain it HERE. Enjoy Kernel Jate’s thoughts on this one……..all the best………JK.


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The second book in the Seven Sisters’ series from Lucinda Riley, THE STORM SISTER, takes us on a journey from Greece to Norway following Ali on a journey to find herself in the wake of tragedy.

Ally D’Apliese is the second of six girls adopted from all over the world by a wealthy, loving and somewhat eccentric father they affectionately refer to as Pa Salt. Determined to make her own way and not rely on her father’s money Ally has established herself as a professional sailor racing around the world. When she joins a crew to race in Europe she is immediately intrigued and attracted to the skipper of the crew, Theo. Despite trying to keep a professional distance it quickly becomes apparent the feeling is mutual and Ally and Theo take off for a weekend away together on his boat. After a blissful weekend Ally turns her phone back on and realises to her shock she has dozens of messages from her sisters trying to get in touch with bad news, Pa Salt has died. Flying home to be with her family Ally learns that part of what Pa Salt has left them are cryptic gifts and directions to enable them to trace their own past’s.

Putting that to the back of her mind Ally returns to compete with the rest of the crew in the Fastnet race, considered both dangerous and one of the classics of yacht racing. Encountering dangerously rough seas Ally is furious when Theo puts her off the boat for her own safety. Following the crew from the command centre Ally is horror struck when disaster strikes again leading to Theo’s death. Not knowing where to turn she eventually decides to follow Pa Salt’s clues and have an old Norwegian book translated leading her to a story she can’t put down.


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132 years earlier, in 1875, a farm girl named Anna stands in the paddock and sings to call her cows home. Her singing is an exceptional gift but being from a rural Norwegian village her future seems set, she will marry a neighbour, who has already made an agreement with her father, and become a good wife. When a stranger arrives to hear her sing he is captivated by her and offers an opportunity too good to refuse and a way out of her rural existence and in to a glamorous life in the city. But who is this girl and why does Pa Salt want Ali to read her story? These are questions that will take Ali on a journey to Norway and lead her to make discoveries about herself and her family which could change not only her life but also change history.

The Seven Sisters series began with THE SEVEN SISTERS and the oldest of the sisters Maya and while we learn more about Maya and the other sisters in this book THE STORM SISTER is not a sequel. It is more of a stand alone book with the events in both books running parallel. Both books begin with the sisters going about their own lives, hearing about the death of their beloved father and embarking on journeys of their own. This means the books stand up alone as well as forming a series, which is just as well since THE STORM SISTER comes in at almost 700 pages. Once you realise the books run concurrently, every mention of one of the other sisters is almost like a clue leaving you to try and guess where they are all from and which direction their own stories will go before they have been written. Despite being the ‘seven’ sisters, each named for a part of the seven sisters constellation there are only six girls and this curiosity over the seventh lends a mystery which is sure to be explored more fully further down the line.


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Lucinda Riley is as much a travel guide as a story teller in this series. Having taken us to Brazil in Maya’s story she has us racing from Greece to Switzerland, making a brief stop in London and racing off to Norway through THE STORM SISTER. Her descriptions of the landscapes and cultures being explored by the characters give a well traveled perspective to the story and left me wanting to follow to an un-named Greek island or Bergen Harbour, Norway.

A great concept for a series with linked stories running concurrently Lucinda Riley has created an intriguing and engrossing universe encompassing the past and present. While the length of the books does require some commitment, once you delve into one sister’s story you are sure to want to know what happens to the rest.


4 Pops


Having always loved stories one of Kernel Kate’s most frequent childhood memories was her parents telling her in the early hours that it was way too late to still be reading and to go to sleep, but she would always sneak in the end of the chapter. Her love of stories led to a career in movies as well as remaining an avid reader of everything from novels to academic papers and junk mail. She makes a perfect reading machine fit to the Salty Cob.

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