In the first of what will no doubt be many spin-offs following the success of The Lego Movie THE LEGO BATMAN movie now flies into cinemas and Gotham alike. THE LEGO MOVIE was an international phenomenon that had me and millions of people in fits of laughter. It was over the top comedy with incredible digital graphics in an hilarious lego inspired world. Batman was in THE LEGO MOVIE and now he has finished saving the world with Emmet and Wyldstyle he will protect Gotham and its occupants. THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE is out Thursday 30th March in Australia from Warner Bros and Roadshow. It is rated PG and runs for 104mins.


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In THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Batman must save Gotham and the world from all the bad guys form Superman’s Phantom Zone. He pissed off the Joker by not being his faithful arch enemy and The Joker lets them all out to get his attention.

While battling The Joker, The Riddler, Bane, Harley Quinn, King Kong, Lord Voldemort, The Kraken, Medusa, Gremlins, The Wicked Witch of the West and Flying Monkeys, Daleks, Velociraptors and the TRex from Jurassic Park, Sauron, Agent Smith, The Shark from Jaws, Lord Vampyre, The Mummy and the Swamp Creature, and the Skeleton Warriors Batman must also come to terms with the fact he adopted a young orphan who wants nothing more than to be like his hero.

Batman has always preferred to operate alone. Except for Alfred nothing has come close to him. It is his modus operandi and it has served him well. But to overcome these great foes he must try to let people in and work as a team.


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In 2014 I ranked THE LEGO MOVIE in my Top 20 movies of the year and it scored a perfect 5 POPS. THE LEGO BATMAN movie probably won’t make my Top 50 movies of the year for 2017. It adhered to the same style of movie as THE LEGO MOVE but it just didn’t hit any of the high notes the predecessor achieved. I laughed only a handful of times and the funnier parts were in the trailer, jokes that had crickets’ effect on the cinema. I do admit there were some incredibly funny moments, the scene where they bag out SUICIDE SQUAD did have me belly laughing and most of the scenes with the Boy Wonder were funny, however that was about it.

We viewed THE BATMAN LEGO MOVIE in a full house cinema and the laughing was minimal throughout the entire screening. Kids were spellbound throughout however and in my best stalker/eavesdropper mode following the movie I overheard kids talking. It was “as good as BOSS BABY” was the consensus. A lot of the jokes went over the kid’s head and the ones they found funny just weren’t that appealing to adults. And bagging out the original BATMAN TV show was a bit annoying – that show is a masterpiece.

Oddly what I did love about the movie was that it was a much better BATMAN movie than it was a LEGO movie. It fits nicely in Batman canon and Will Arnett is a marvellous caped crusader.


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Visually THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE is a masterpiece, it looks incredible. This may explain the lack of kids in hysterics. The colours of this movie while  jacked up on candy bar goods would be like a heroin high for under 10yr olds. Maybe this is why I was not that into it – I needed more sugar? The visuals were so good I really wish I saw this in 3D. It was made in 3D and the movie would embrace the extra element of visual greatness.

It was a highlight having the director, Chris McKay, come in and introduce the film for us. While I wasn’t overly in love with the movie it does get some extra love because most of it was made in Sydney.


If Affleck doesn’t want to do Batman anymore then we will take Will Arnett. He is awesome as Batman and his voice alone makes me smile. The opening of the movie is marvellous with him narrating. Some of my chuckling moments came from that voice alone and, of course, Batman’s ego. In addition to ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’S Arnett’s awesome performance Michael Cera nails the Boy Wonder, he was a great character. Rosario Dawson was great as Barbara Gordon and Zach Galifianakis was a great comedic Joker. Now I did find it odd that Ralph Fiennes was Alfred. He was a great Alfred, however Eddie Izzard voiced Voldermort. Go figure. 

The film offers abundant cameos and most of them are enjoyable. Sadly, however, they didn’t hold the same impact for me as THE LEGO MOVIE.


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As a BATMAN movie it is a pretty over the top stupid enjoyable movie that sits well in the canon. However, as a LEGO MOVIE it holds nothing on the original THE LEGO MOVIE. THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE should hold kids enthralled and if you have enough sugar perhaps it will also hold you too. Sadly as far as laughs go this didn’t cut it for me. But don’t listen to me, it’s sitting on 90% on Rotten Tomatoes with 9/10 people loving it. I feel as though I saw a completely different movie.





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