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It is with big thanks to Icon Film Distribution Australia that I got the opportunity to see feel-good film THE KEEPER last week. The trailer looked promising and David Kross is cute so I was keen haha. Grabbed the granny and off we headed to what became one of my favourite film experiences of the year.

THE KEEPER releases in most Australian art-house cinemas on July 25th. It is rated M and runs for 2hrs exactly. The good news is that we have 5x Double Passes up for grabs. Check out the details below the review.

The Keeper David Kross image
David Kross



Based on an incredible true story, THE KEEPER follows Bert Trautmann, a German prisoner of war whose exceptional skills on the soccer field get him noticed by the manager of a local football team. Impressed by Bert’s prowess as a goal-keeper, the team manager gets him out of the camp to play for his team.

Meanwhile, a love slowly blossoms between the manager’s daughter and Bert despite local hostility. In addition to the disapproval of his relationship, Bert’s subsequent signing by Man City brings passionate protests from the people of Manchester, a city that had been severely bombed in the War. However, against all odds he won over even his harshest critics during the FA Cup Final for Manchester City in 1956. After an on-field accident, Bert broke his neck… and continued playing to secure victory.

The Keeper Harry Melling, John Henshaw, Freya Mavor and David Kross image
Harry Melling, John Henshaw, Freya Mavor and David Kross


I am sure there is a lot of poetic licence but THE KEEPER covers all the bases when it comes to a feel-good and uplifting biopic. It is based on a true story. It’s heartfelt, it covers redemption and reconciliation and it handles the end of the war with dignity, respect and heart. THE KEEPER also has that small town British humour and quirkiness most of us have come to love.

It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. You will learn something and you will fall in love with this man and all the characters in the film (except maybe Dudley from Harry Potter, Harry Melling plays an asshole so well!). I didn’t expect much from the film but now I am confident it will make the Top 20 list of 2019. A wonderful film you really have to get out and see.

I did think the film could have been about 15mins shorter and ended on the previous main note but the last part of the story is an important part of Trautmann’s life, as sad as it is. It gave room for also adding a wonderful comeback element to his story.

The Keeper Harry Melling image
Harry Melling


David Kross is probably better known in Germany but has smaller roles in a few big films in the U.S. when he was a little younger. He appeared in THE READER and then in WARHORSE. He nails the character of Trautmann. Not that I know what the real Trautmann was like but I believed every scene from Kross. He captures that unease and isolation well but then he gets some confidence and holds his own. Kross also did the occasional comedic scenes with ease. One particular switching rooms drunken escapade was quite funny. Will keep my eye out for more from him.

Freya Mavor is a cinematic breath of fresh air – you might know her from SKINS, TWICE UPON A TIME or THE ABC MURDERS from TV or from the most awesome SUNSHINE ON LEITH from 2013. She lit up ever frame she was in – loved her on-screen and can’t wait for more.

Familiar face John Henshaw was the comic relief and father to Mavor’s Margaret – loved seeing him on the big screen. He was the perfect light-hearted balance needed for this somewhat delicate film that treads close to various prejudices. I am still mind blown this really happened – I mean how do the English accept a German prisoner of war as one of their own literally months after the war? Gives a lot of hope for humanity.

And finally Harry Melling as Sergeant Smythe. My god I hate every character I have ever seen Melling perform but it says alot about how good an actor he is – his Sergeant Smythe is a total ass-hat. You hate him from the get go. There is some sympathy towards the end but he seems to have taken to the Dudley-being-a-dickhead persona and run with it. If it gets him an entire career then go for it!

The Keeper David Kross image
David Kross


A wonderful light hearted sports drama set in the aftermath of WWII THE KEEPER turned out to be one of my favourite films of 2019 so far. This is one to take your parents or grandparents to. A wonderful film filled with all the feels.

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