Trailer of the Week: THE EAST

In The East Sarah Moss is a former FBI agent and an operative for the private intelligence firm Hiller Brood. She infiltrates an anarchist collective called The East and convinces its members of her genuine participation. Moss begins to fall in love with its leader Benji, and she begins to question the moral underpinnings of her undercover duty.

The East
The East


Loving the dark look of this film – this could have been the prequel to Robert Redford’s THE COMPANY YOU KEEP if they had made that properly – it is basically a group of hard core radicals that do what they think is right to bring the social injustices of corporations to justice. A film I think will hold a special part in a lot of people’s hearts with the current economic standing in the US.

The highlight of this film for me is a) the darkness and suspense of it and b) the actors, I freaking love Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard – Brit Marling is definitely growing on me. The film is directed by Zal Batmanglij and I have never heard of him before – there is two great things about this – 1) He actually has Batman in his name so he is already awesome and 2) New directors can be a breath of fresh air who do not follow the path assigned – I am looking to see where he goes. The film is also written by Batman and Brit Marling herself – I will now be watching Marling a little bit more. The film is shot by Roman Vasyanov who was DOP on End of Watch so this film is going to look amazing and is produced by a bunch of people including Brit Marling (again) and one of my heroes, Ridley Scott, I have faith in this film.

We can all judge after May 31st when it releases in the US, unfortunately no dates locked in as yet in Australia.