MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE is an Explosive Finale

With a year long delay in filming and release plus a sub-par second instalment in the trilogy it is mighty fine to see that MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE brings home the finale with a HUGE budget, fantastic story resolutions and an endless barrage of action. MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE is out now from the fine folks at 20th Century Fox. It is rated M and runs for a whopping 144mins.


Maze Runner: The Death Cure Dylan O'Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster image
Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster image




Thomas leads his group of escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet. To save their friends, they must break into the legendary last city, a WCKD controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all. Anyone who makes it out alive will get the answers to the questions the Gladers have been asking since they first arrived in the maze. Will Thomas and the crew make it out alive? Or will Ava Paige get her way?


Maze Runner: The Death Cure Kaya Scodelario and Patricia Clarkson image
Kaya Scodelario and Patricia Clarkson



I have read the first two books in the MAZE RUNNER series. I absolutely love the series from James Dashner. The books weren’t perfect but for a dystopian Young Adult series they were highly entertaining. I held off reading the last book (this movie) due to the fact that I was disappointed in the earlier movies after reading the books. The changes Director Wes Ball (and writers) made in bringing the stories to the screen was so vast they were nearly different plots, especially the second movie, that just pissed me off. So in holding off on reading MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE I found that the entire story was new and actually thoroughly enjoyable.

With the character arcs, resolutions, required deaths and the odd surprises thrown in the movie certainly delivered. And production-wise it was off the charts; slick and sharp and beautiful onscreen.


The opening scene involving a chase, a train, a science fiction plane and a lot of shooting was worthy of a James Bond opening. It set the tone of the film and I actually let out an audible “fuck yes” when it ended. And from then out the action continued, at times relentlessly. In fact one of the let downs with the movie was that it just kept going, you would think the end was approaching and then another action sequence. I loathe to say it but the final movie could have suited with a two parter haha – don’t yell at me!! They put so much in and they did it well but by the final scene the movie was nearly assaulting the viewer.

In adding to that the run time; for a young adult movie that doesn’t have HARRY POTTER in the title – TWO HOURS MAX – teenagers and most humans these days just won’t hold their attention, or bladders!

And the final disappointment of the movie that will certainly make it suffer at the box office was the delay in filming. Originally this was meant to release February 2017 but during filming Dylan O’Brien fell of a moving vehicle and was quite badly injured. It ceased production and saw Dylan off the set for nearly a year. Release was delayed by eleven months. This lull had me reading a comment from a teenager yesterday stating “non one gives a fuck about it (MAZE RUNNER) anymore,” I guess she is way too cool for school now. But that attitude won’t be isolated.


Maze Runner: The Death Cure Cast image
Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Giancarlo Esposito, Dexter Darden and Rosa Salazar



It’s never been a secret that I have loved Dylan O’Brien for years. Ever since his first episode on TEEN WOLF, about eight years ago, I have been a fan. He owns the camera and is totally leading man material. His TEEN WOLF outing is half the reason this franchise has been so popular. But the odd thing about MAZE RUNNER, that you don’t see, is O’Brien’s comic timing and full bodied delivery, it is bloody awesome and he should throw some comedies into his repertoire. He was the PERFECT Thomas and partnered with Thomas Brodie-Sangster and their somewhat bromantic relationship made the movies all the more enjoyable. Kaya Scodelario annoyed me in the series, she has a very Kirsten Stewart detachment to personality and while it suited her character in SKINS I wanted more in the MAZE RUNNER series. 

Aidan Gillan and Patricia Clarkson were a great evil duo. I love hating them both onscreen and for this I am grateful. Fan favourite and total babe Ki Hong Lee (Minho), will be missed and you gotta love any movie with Giancarlo Esposito and Barry Pepper in it, although both needed more screen time.


Maze Runner: The Death Cure Cast image
Katherine McNamara, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jacob Lofland, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan O’Brien, Rosa Salazar, and Dexter Darden



I am glad I didn’t read the final book prior to seeing the movie, it would have disappointed if I had. On its own I found MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE (movie) as good as the first instalment in the trilogy. It is huge budget, huge action and just all round huge. It was a fantastic ending to the franchise and I am very happy with the way the character arcs concluded. See this for the cast and the epic action that at times never relents!






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