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THE CROSSING sees Michael Connelly write the twentieth novel in the Harry Bosch series, it also sees Bosch teaming up with the Lincoln Lawyer, Defence Attorney Mickey Haller. I love Bosch, I love Mickey Haller and that alone is enough for me to read this – would make an ideal movie! Kernel Kate reviews for Salty Popcorn. THE CROSSING is out now from the folks at Allen & Unwin Book Publishers, you will find this in all book outlets or you can obtain it HERE. Enjoy Kate’s review……..all thes best……JK.


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Retired police detective Harry Bosch is working one of his toughest cases yet, this time for the other side in Michael Connelly’s THE CROSSING. Can he get to the bottom of the case and prove the defence is right and an innocent man has been set up?

Having been forced to retire six months earlier under a dark cloud Harry Bosch doesn’t have much to fill his days except spending time with his teenage daughter and rebuilding his old motorbike. So when his half brother, The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller makes him an offer to take up working as an investigator for the defence on a murder case Bosch is torn. He has always hated cops who turn to the other side, firmly believing that if a man has been charged there must be a reason for it, like the positive DNA match the cops found, he storms out of their meeting. But curiosity and the itch to take on another case get the better of him and he starts wondering why would a former gang member who has turned his life around and is doing well suddenly kill a cop’s wife who he has never crossed paths with?

Diving headfirst into the case things just don’t add up for Bosch who soon finds the accused client had an alibi witness who was murdered just days after his arrest. With Mickey being picked up on a trumped up drink driving charge and Bosch being followed could they really be on to something here? Can Bosch get to the bottom of things before something happens to him?


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As the twentieth book in the Bosch series, with Bosch also appearing in several others, THE CROSSING has some work to do to cover new ground and Connelly creates some of this new ground by giving Bosch a new moral dilemma. Having left the police where he was a well defined cop who breaks some rules to do what is in the interest of justice allows Connelly to push some of these previously defined boundaries. In having Bosch work for the defence as a private investigator not only does he have to confront his own beliefs around guilt and innocence and police process he also has to conform to new expectations of society and the police he interacts with. The redefining of the relationships between Bosch and the world around him and the people he interacts with gives him a more rounded persona and a new level of depth to explore.

The connections between Bosch and Haller in the fictional world they inhabit and the cross over to our entertainment universe is an interesting development through the series. Both Bosch and Haller have their own series with interactions and crossovers throughout and while both have been adapted for film or television in recent years only Haller’s film adaptation, THE LINCOLN LAWYER, exists in the book universe. With occasional references to and jokes about Matthew McConaughey, who played Haller, it is painted as a movie about his cases which exists in their world where as the Bosch television adaptation does not.


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While Connelly’s fast paced style keeps the plot moving at a good pace and the fairly high number of action scenes creates a sense of urgency there is a fair amount of style over substance. With a more predictable plot line than several of Connelly’s previous novels the ending is disappointingly straight forward with few twists. While the action packed ending delivers on suspense in the closing chapters the element of surprise is just not there. While the character development comes a long way in THE CROSSING and sets up a huge number of possibilities for future story lines the story development in this novel just doesn’t go as far as it could.

While it has some downfalls THE CROSSING makes for great summertime reading with familiar characters and a suspenseful action packed, if not twisting, story line.


3 and a Half Pops


Having always loved stories one of Kernel Kate’s most frequent childhood memories was her parents telling her in the early hours that it was way too late to still be reading and to go to sleep, but she would always sneak in the end of the chapter. Her love of stories led to a career in movies as well as remaining an avid reader of everything from novels to academic papers and junk mail. She makes a perfect reading machine fit to the Salty Cob.

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