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We might be a wee late with our cinematic review of THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 MOVIE but if you consider pre-orders have just started for home entertainment, with it releasing on DVD, Blu Ray and 4K on December 11th then we are way early haha.

Kernel Elie reviews the sequel to the phone game movie about angry crazy birds, THE ANGRY BIRDS, is here. I actually think, based off Elie’s review, that the sequel may actually be better than the original. I will be enjoying it when it releases to 4K Blu Ray.

THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 MOVIE is released and releasing from Sony Pictures Australia. It is rated PG and runs for 97mins. Enjoy Kernel Elie’s review, it is currently my favourite review of his. All the best…………..Salty.

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The infamous Red (Jason Sudeikis), the celebrated hero of Bird Island struggles to adapt to a normal life. The need for continuous heroism desperately alludes him. The prank war with the oinksters of Pig Island rages on. However, the leader of a mysterious third Island Zeta (a purple palm tree looking eagle voiced by Leslie Jones) begins attacking the inhabitants of both Pig and Bird Island. Frenemies are called to put their hatred aside and unite to embark on a ludicrous yet exhilarating journey to save their Islands.

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Plot, character development, and story take a noticeable backseat in THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2. What follows is an array of silly and haphazard compilations when it comes to laughing out loud moments and keeping the kids entertained. Puns, jabs at social media trends and pop culture references make THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 a damn fun time at the cinema. Although extremely afar from reaching the emotionally resonating heights of Pixar films such as FINDING NEMO and TOY STORY 3 (to name a few), THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 opts for a different strategy and well… it’s surprisingly effective.

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 slingshots into full festivity mode. The film is so self-aware that you cannot help but applaud the filmmakers for the relentless onslaught of amusing silliness. A bird is seen reading a book titled ‘Crazy Rich Avians.’ There are nods to current SnapChat trends and filters. Mainstream and cultured songs by the likes of Lionel Richie, Survivor, Pitbull, Pinkfong, and many more are incorporated for the likes of dance-offs and other forms of utter comedic randomness. 

Sure, the villains’ plan is absurd, the romance and plot are cliched, though all these elements seamlessly fly over your head when the jokes and absurdity take action. The first film felt like a major cash grab and an overall ploy to capitalise on the success of the mobile phone game. However, having the birds and pigs work together makes for an uncanny yet hilarious duo. The purpose of THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 isn’t to headline the race for best-animated feature during Oscar season. Instead, director Thurop Van Orman creates a vibrant stress-free environment that will keep kids and adults engaged and amused for the entire 97-minute runtime.

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THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 offers some great voice acting from a stellar cast filled with the likes of Bill Hader, Josh Gad, Sterling K. Brown, Peter Dinklage, Tiffany Hadddish, and Danny McBride (who sounds awfully a lot like Seth Rogen in this film). The standouts, however, are these adorable little hatchings voiced by Nicole Kidman’s daughters, Gal Gadot’s daughter Alma, and Viola Davis’ daughter, Genesis. A great benchmark to launch their youthful careers in Hollywood.

Director Thurop Van Orman provides the hook, line, and sinker with a subplot involving hatchlings attempting to retrieve unhatched eggs. The bait was taken. The hatchlings were a joy to watch. Adorable and brimming with innocence, these colourful fury balls of delight are immune to criticism and add to THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2’s arsenal of quips and puns. A quick side note – all marketable plush toys of the hatchlings is already pre-ordered. Just irresistibly cute and entertaining.

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From first glance, Garry (Pig Islands weapons engineer) looks lifeless and disinterested as ever. This is not the case. Sterling K. Brown sparks this character to life from the moment he is introduced on screen. From dramatic roles in BLACK PANTHER and HOTEL ARTEMIS, Brown is able to cast great comedic relief and is a testament to his diverse range as an actor. The man is underrated. Garry oozes sarcasm and Brown’s delivery is spot on. GARRY – AN ANGRY BIRDS STORY is a necessity and two hours of Sterling K. Brown will still not be enough to satisfy this prestigious character. 

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Yes, THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 is cliched and predictable. However, a vibrant aesthetic, barraging banter, and a flamboyant personality keeps THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 soaring high in the skies. Unlike many other animated sequels, THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 knows what it is and tries to be nothing more. It will definitely succeed at keeping the family entertained for the entire runtime.


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