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We revisit our review of SWINGING SAFARI because the fine folks at TM Publicity and The Becker Film Group have given us three copies of the movie to giveaway on DVD. I was a HUGE fan of this hilarity. Check out our review below and find out how to win.

SWINGING SAFARI is the latest in a long line of Australian comedies that takes the piss out of our own culture. Stephan Elliot became an international movie making name with THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESSERT back in 1994 when it’s drag queen storyline made drag queens more accessible while simultaneously glamming up the Australian outback. And now after a few much quieter hit and misses he is back with one absolutely bloody hysterical Australian comedy that shits on THE CASTLE (sorry I am not a fan). It is rated M and I can’t actually locate a running time but it’s under two hours.


Swinging Safari Cast Photo
Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Jeremy Sims, Asher Keddie, Julian McMahon and Radha Mitchell




Australia, 1975. The beach suburb of Nobbys Beach is a place that revolves around surf mats, baby oil, boxed wine and the new miracle of Kentucky Fried Chicken. 14 year-old Jeff tries to find his feet in a world changing faster than his hormones, and deal with his crush on shy and sensitive girl-next-door Melly. When the beach town suddenly hits the spotlight after the body of a 200-ton whale is washed ashore, Jeff and Melly think it’s the biggest thing that ever happened in their lives. Meanwhile, their eccentric parents are catching up with the sexual revolution that has also washed up on Australia’s beaches. And just like the decaying whale, it’s all about to go spectacularly wrong.


Swinging Safari Guy Pearce and Kylie Minogue image
Guy Pearce and Kylie Minogue



In answer to the title question…..YES! If not the actual best then definitely one of. SWINGING SAFARI will not be for everyone. I am one of the few Australians who is not a fan of THE CASTLE and KATH AND KIM makes me want to vomit but SWINGING SAFARI is that boganesque style of comedy that somehow manages to make you reminisce of the greater times of your youth while at the same completely taking the piss out of Australian bogan culture of an only slightly bygone era. It never insults, it occasionally goes way too far and is in no way perfect. SWINGING SAFARI is scattered with lots of misses but the film has endless comedy, the best bits are not all in the trailer and the endless barrage of hilarity compensates anything that might make you roll your eyes or squirm.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESSERT is Australian cinematic perfection, it was applauded and awarded everywhere it went. Then Elliott’s heavily underrated WELCOME TO WHOOP WHOOP bombed and since then his movies have mostly been misses. A FEW BEST MEN tried to reclaim the Elliott style of humour and the only reason I liked it was because I madly crush on Xavier Samuel and Olivia Newton John is a personal hero. But from reading his CV his successes appear to come when he writes and directs. SWINGING SAFARI erases all doubts, as a writer/director Elliott is an endless fountain of Australian cultural hilarity.

From urinating on jelly fish stings, to KFC, to hot roads, flying beach brollies, magpies, macrame, synthetic fabrics, fireworks night and on and on and on. The material for a 70s/80s childhood in Australia is hysterical and Elliott moulds it into one chaotic and fast paced movie that truly encompasses my entire childhood. Considering Elliott grew up 20mins from where I grew up during the same time it is no wonder I love this movie so much.


Swinging Safari Atticus Robb and Asher Keddie image
Atticus Robb and Asher Keddie



For an Australian ensemble cast it literally doesn’t get any better than this. Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Julian McMahon, Asher Keddie, Jeremy Sims and Radha Mitchell and don’t forget a small part from Jack Thompson as well. All we needed was a plumber played by Shane Jacobsen for them to really cover all the bases.

For the lead adult cast Bob (Jeremy Sims, sporting world-class mutton chops) sells gadgets for the K-Tel company, while his wife Gale (Asher Keddie) shops, plays tennis and chats a lot. Across the road live Keith Hall (Guy Pearce), a Funk & Wagnell’s encyclopedia salesman, and Kaye (Kylie Minogue), an alcoholic agoraphobic. The neighborhood’s alpha couple is Rick Jones (Julian McMahon), a peddler of trendy legal drugs and vitamins, and wife Jo (Radha Mitchell), a travel agent who affects the posh British accent that was so prevalent among socially ambitious Australians in bygone days.

They are all mostly wonderful performances but Pearce steals the show. His lines and comic delivery are next level. Minogue is one of my heroes, but her role is minimal and completely outshone by the rest of the cast.

“You’re all going to Catholic Boarding school, the priests will have their way with you.”

Besides the fantastic A-List leads the kids fit in perfectly. Notable performances from Darcey Wilson and Atticus Robb. Two children who basically are the only sane people thinking they are the crazy ones and planning a runaway together to escape the madness. The flow of this balanced coming-of-age plot-line is a nice thread holding the craziness together. And a special mention to Jacob Elordi – his young, dumb, and full of cum teenager had me laughing in every scene.


Swinging Safari Darcey Wilson and Julian McMahon image
Darcey Wilson and Julian McMahon



I am not a huge fan of comedies and even more so Australian comedies but Stephan Elliott’s SWINGING SAFARI is my own Australian childhood made into a comedy for the big screen. It is near hysterical perfection and, for me, one of the best comedies from this lovely island on the bottom of the globe!




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