SUPER TROOPERS 2 is out Meow

I have to come clean – I have never seen the original SUPER TROOPERS movie. Kernel Blake on the other hand is obsessed and let out an audible squeal when I offered him this screening. He goes, he attends and he assists me write the title haha. SUPER TROOPERS 2 is out today from the fine folks at 20th Century Fox. It runs for 99mins and is rated MA15+. Enjoy Blake’s review and may your popcorn be salty……………JK.


17 years is a long time to wait for a sequel. Especially when it’s a sequel to a relatively unknown, cult comedy by a 5-piece comedy troupe known only as Broken Lizard. Back in 2001, SUPER TROOPERS seemingly came out of nowhere to bring us a film about a bunch of highway cops hooked on shenanigans.

The Broken Lizard team have given us three more films in the intervening years, but none have matched the comedic highs (pun intended) of their first big hit. Cut to 2018, and after a hugely successful Indiegogo fundraising campaign, the Troopers are back for SUPER TROOPERS 2. So, have they recaptured the magic?


Super Troopers 2 Movie image
Paul Soter as “Foster,” Jay Chandrasekhar as “Thorny,” Erik Stolhanske as “Rabbit,” Kevin Heffernan as “Farva” and Steve Lemme as “Mac”



SUPER TROOPERS 2 picks up, after a hilarious ‘band’ sequence, a few years after the first film with our beloved troopers, Ramathorn (Jay Chandresakhar, also directing), Mac (Steve Lemme), Foster (Paul Soter), Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) and everyone’s favourite asshole Farva (Kevin Heffernan), down on their luck and getting by working in construction.

When their old boss, Captain O’Hagan (Brian Cox), gets the boys together for a seemingly innocent fishing trip, Vermont Governor Jessman (Lynda Carter) arrives to offer the boys their jobs back. Apparently, a Canadian town along the US/Canadian border is about to be annexed into US control and the Troopers will be sent in to take control of this town from the Canadians currently in charge. Cue hijinks and aforementioned shenanigans.


Super Troopers 2 Movie image
Kevin Heffernan as “Farva,” Jay Chandrasekhar as “Thorny,” Erik Stolhanske as “Rabbit,” Paul Soter as “Foster,” and Steve Lemme as “Mac”


The inevitable culture clash pits the SUPER TROOPERS against the town’s American hating inhabitants, the mayor/ice hockey legend Guy Le Franc (a beautifully coiffed Rob Lowe), as well as the local Canadian Mounties, played brilliantly by Will Sasso, Tyler Labine and Hayes MacArthur.

Throw in a potential love interest, in the form of local attaché Genevieve (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and a drug smuggling operation and that pretty much is all you need to know about SUPER TROOPERS 2. That is, a threadbare plot which is basically a rehash of the first film, that is used to throw joke after joke at the screen to see what sticks.

Admittedly, not all of the gags in SUPER TROOPERS 2 land. Quite a few of them, more than I’d hoped, fall like lead balloons. But when they hit, there are some genuinely hilarious lines delivered by all the cast. Especially Heffernan as Farva, who in this film has been let loose to reach peak asshole status and relishes in the role.


Super Troopers 2 Movie image
Kevin Heffernan as “Farva”



Directed by Lizard member Jay Chandrasekhar and written by the Broken Lizard troupe, SUPER TROOPERS 2 feels like a greatest hits reunion tour for most of the film. While fans of the original will lap up the call backs and twists on gags from the first film, newcomers may struggle a bit, with a lot of the in jokes and interactions between the characters flying way over their heads.

The individual members of the SUPER TROOPERS 2 team all get their little moments and are ably supported by the remaining cast, with the Mounties especially getting a lot of great lines in their interactions with each other and the American invaders from the Sooth, eh?

Scenes with the Troopers impersonating the Mounties brought some of the biggest laughs from the crowd we saw SUPER TROOPERS 2 with. One scene in particular with Mac and Ramathorn pretending to be French, tyring to talk to an American couple was absolutely hilarious.

Jokes at the expense of Canadians fly thick and fast throughout the relatively short runtime, with plenty of jabs at their culture but they also give as good as they get with a few flying back the other way over the border. Some questionable French-Canadian accents aside, Lowe and Chriqui bring some fresh humour to the group, even though their characters intentions are telegraphed from a mile away.


Super Troopers 2 Movie image
The Super Troopers



Personally, I’m a huge fan of SUPER TROOPERS and the Broken Lizard gang, regularly listening to their Chewin It podcast (highly recommended) and digging their movies. I have to admit, it is disappointing that after 17 years of build-up, what we’re given is basically the same movie as the first with a few new gags and a lot of throwbacks to ones that were funny in the first film.

It won’t go down as a cult classic in the way the first did, but there is enough in SUPER TROOPERS 2 to keep fans of these guys entertained, delivering enough laughs to keep you chuckling throughout. The intended audience for this film will probably get more of a kick out of it than the regular punter and with a release date in the US of 4/20, those in the know will get why.

Lower your expectations, leave your brain outside and just have a bit of a laugh at the shenanigans of the Vermont Highway patrol and SUPER TROOPERS 2 will have done its job.

Stay for the credits too, there’s an additional scene and some bloopers that offer some of the biggest laughs in the film.





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