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SUCKER is an Australian comedy that apparently had a cinema release last year but is out this week on VOD. It is based on the Lawrence Leung stage show of the same name and stars YouTube superstar John Luc (MyChonny), rising star Lily Sullivan (CAMP, MENTAL) and Timothy Spall (HARRY POTTER, MR TURNER). A take on a classic con tale, SUCKER is the first Australian feature film to cast a YouTube star in a lead role, and is loosely based on Leung’s late teenage years (Leung co-wrote the film). SUCKER is now available on most VOD channels from the peeps at MADMAN ENTERTAINMENT, it is rated M and runs for 90mins.


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Now as for the film, it is ok. It is a simple scam movie with a pretty decent cast, a weak screenplay (even though based on a true story) and weak B-grade acting delivery from an unsuccessful (in this movie) director. I find the biggest fail of the movie is the screenplay, it is just so run of the mill average. In a world where there are millions of Google results for scam movies and lots of them damn fine it needs to have something more endearing to it for it to be liked and this just doesn’t. Go back to GRIFTERS, any of the OCEAN’S movies, NOW YOU SEE ME and on and on and on and you will see there are a hell of a lot of them and this does not compare. As a uni-student film it would get some good marks but a lot of classmate and teacher criticism. It has some fun moments and likable characters but it’s a mess.

The acting has a stalwart in Timothy Spall but his character is just unlikable and not brilliantly written, I wanted more of his past explored and more fleshing out of him and his daughter but it never happened. Lily Sullivan is quite good as Sarah and I can see her going places, expect to see more of her. I was quite taken with John Luc (MyChonny) as Lawrence and loved his over enthusiastic performance, some of his mis-acted scenes were endearing but his lack of acting skill shone through in the end. I would watch him in movies again though as he is quite a likable guy, just give him some acting lessons.


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Seeing Shaun Micallef in a cameo was awesome and I loved his character but it was more skit scene as Lawrence tries his own first scam, it was a stupid scam and a wasted scene, the movie would have benefited from  more Micallef! And Kat Stewart, I was stoked seeing her in the movie but it was so brief and I do not think she even has any dialogue – HUGE WASTE.

When John Luc (aka “MyChonny”) started his YouTube account at just seventeen, he had no idea it would become the success it ultimately has – currently sitting at more than 2.5 million subscribers with his videos a regular hitfest. His JUSTIN BIEBER is a GAY BABY video is just dreadful but has over 19000000 views, blows my mind what the world likes today but JOHN LUC has some skit skills, he needs to team up and be in the next HOUSOS or FAT PIZZA movie, he has the same appeal.


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The movie is loosely based and co-written by Lawrence Leung. Leung is an Australian comedian, writer and director from Melbourne. He is best known for his television series Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure based his one-man shows on stories about his obsessions, such as breakdancing, ghosts, the Rubik’s Cube and his family. At thirty-nine Leung was too old to play himself as a teenager so this is where MyChonny was ideal to play him, they are quite similar in looks and comedic presentation. 

Ben Chessell is a television director with a lot of good stuff under his belt with things like DANCE ACADEMY, RUSH, OFFSPRING and he made a ten short story movie in 2007 called LITTLE DEATHS. I am unsure about LITTLE DEATHS but the one thing that makes those TV shows good is the writing, if you get the story right first it’s hard to screw the rest up, Chessell misfired with SUCKER because they should have re-worked that story and made it less Sunday afternoon ABC 3 viewing and more a junior version of NOW YOU SEE ME.

Don’t get me wrong, it makes a fun rainy arvo movie for viewing with some funny scenes but it just isn’t brilliant and when you are me watching about a dozen movies a week the average fall through the sieve of movie joy quickly.


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With special thanks to MADMAN to win one of the 2X prizepacks consisting of  2 x Cow and Chicken Season 1 DVDs, 2 x I am Weasel Collection 1 DVDs, 2 x Power Puff Girls Season 2 DVDs and an autographed poster of SUCKER poster you need to either like and share/ retweet this post on Facebook/Twitter/ Google+/ Pinterest/ LinkedIn/ Flipboard or Instagram (all the links to follow us are on the top right of homepage), you then need to leave a comment below stating the answer/s to the following questions:

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