Excuse me while I just gush for the next 1000 words or so because I am in fracking love with SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. It is a near-perfect superhero movie, one of the best reboots of all time and the best Spider-Man movie yet made, in my humble opinion. It may also be my favourite planet earth based Marvel movie, sorry Mr Thor. I cannot wait to see this amazement again. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING is releasing on every screen in Australia this Thursday July 6th. It is a Marvel movie distributing from Sony Pictures Australia, is rated M and runs for a wonderful 133mins.


Spider-man Homecoming Tom Holland image
Tom Holland




Bless the cinematic overlords we didn’t get another origin story or get to see Uncle Ben bite the bullet again. We are beyond that, it is alluded to briefly and we enter straight into a young Spidey recollecting his memories of meeting the Avengers. We get a home movie Spidey took and while CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR was Holland’s Spidey debut into the Marvel universe SPIDER-MAN:HOMECOMING is a crowning glory for Tom Holland. He is at school, he is a teenager, he has crushes, he is uber geeky and he has some weird friends. It is much more like the comic book Spidey and fans are going to love it. It commences immediately after CIVIL WAR.

Since the Avengers regularly destroy most of the city there is alien tech all over the place. One man, Adrian Toomes / Vulture (Michael Keaton) has taken it upon himself to illegally reclaim as much as he can, he repurposes it and sells it on as illegal arms. He takes things to all levels of illegal with the new tech robbing ATMs and breaking into high security facilities to steal more tech. Then there is the possible plan to steal the motherload, will leave that one for you to discover.

Peter Parker is longing to be more than a teenage kid, he wants to prove to Stark and crew that he belongs. But he has the maturity and patience of a teenager and he ends up in as much trouble as he solves. But his heart is made of gold and in his core he is as good, if not, better than an Avenger.

Vulture’s crew and Spidey start running into each other and things escalate…. voila…..cue action.


Spider-man Homecoming Tom Holland image
Tom Holland



I bang on about this regularly but STORY STORY STORY! And the main winner of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, besides Holland of course, is the story, the script is close to a masterpiece. It took these six peeps to write Spidey – Jonathan Goldstein (HORRIBLE BOSSES), John Francis Daley (HORRIBLE BOSSES), Jon Watts (THE ONION NEWS NETWORK), Christopher Ford (THE FUZZ), Chris McKenna (AMERICAN DAD, COMMUNITY), Erik Sommers (THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, JUMANJI). And of course, let’s not forget Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Basically the studio dream team of this film. No comedy is cheesy, everything works, including the hysterics for Zendaya that is the same kind of joke every time but so well placed it is GOLD.

Tony Stark/ Ironman is in the movie not too much and not too little, there was one scene I thought he would turn up but he didn’t and this allowed Parker to become the Spidey we need. Every character is important and interesting with fantastic dialogue and no one steals any limelight besides the title dude himself.

How director and writer Jon Watts got the gig for Spidey is unknown – but what a gig, and what a big budget debut for him. He is most known for writing THE ONION NEWS NETWORK and also COP CAR starring Kevin Bacon. He delivered everything we need and want in a Spidey movie and he better be on board for the sequel.


The only one negative I have for Spidey is an incredibly minor gripe. Every superhero movie has a scene where they realise or become the hero. It’s the scene where you get goosebumps and the hero ascends all odds and knows they might die but owns everything, the world slows down and they react without thinking. In WONDER WOMAN it was when she walked into No Man’s Land in WWI and changed the entire battle. With Superman it happens two thirds of the way in for every film. For an invincible character, it normally involves kryptonite for Supes and he is about to die but has his reserve energy. In IRONMAN it was when Stark lost everything and had to start half demolished.

SUPER-MAN: HOMECOMING is Peter Parker learning that being a hero is more than a suit, that old line “with great power comes great responsibility” holds resonance in this movie. However, when he actually does have his hero moment it wasn’t as emotional for me as it has been in every other superhero movie. But I cannot hold this against the movie, it’s too bloody good.


Spider-man Homecoming Tom Holland image
Tom Holland



The words of the Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige….

“We looked at hundreds of kids, and he came in, and frankly was a miracle,”

“The added bonus, and if it wasn’t true you would think we were making it up, is that the same young actor who could do all this also happens to be a trained dancer and gymnast, and could have been hired to be the best stuntman we’ve ever had playing Spider-Man.”

It is a rare once in a lifetime occurrence. Tom Holland was born and prepped his entire life to literally become Spider-Man. He is perfect in every way; looks physicality, delivery, acting prowess and comic timing. I am a total fan boy. I haven’t felt this excited about a superhero movie since I was a kid and seeing the original Superman movies.

And now a little quote from me back in 2013 when reviewing THE IMPOSSIBLE.

“Tom Holland is phenomenal and steals the show, keep your eye on him, he will become a household name.” Cough – I am a seer. Haha.


The casting is superb and cannot be faulted. Robert Downey Jnr, John Favreau and Michael Keaton really don’t need to be discussed. They are truly seasoned onscreen and, excluding Beetlejuice, already well known in the Marvel universe. Tomei is great as Aunt May and she has the last line of the main movie and it will make the entire cinema piss themselves. Besides all the decent and fairly generic bad guys the only main cast that remains are his school friends and teachers.

While these would generally be minor characters they are all brilliant and characters you want more and more scenes with. Jacob Batalon plays Peter’s best friend and every scene he has is hilarious. Zendaya likewise is just perfect, I love her! And while Laura Harrier is a fantastic love interest that is mostly all she is. I loved it so much that they never kissed as things were mostly too awkward, as they should be with teenagers.


Spider-man Homecoming Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland image
Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland



Karen, the Suit Lady, is one of the greatest characters in the movie. The upgraded, training-wheels suit, designed by Stark is next level genius. When the training-wheels are taken off the Spidey suit soars to new heights and provides a lot of humour. One very cool bit of trivia: Karen is voiced by Jennifer Connelly, the real-life wife of Paul Bettany, who voices Jarvis, the Ironman suit. It’s romantic AI!!


SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING will make my top five movies of 2017. It is action action action but more intimate than seeing entire cities destroyed by hard-hitting Avengers or struggling DC heroes. Holland has become my favourite superhero and the most talented and worthy person to don the tights. I am literally seeing this again when it releases in three days and I have already pre-ordered it in 4KHD Blu Ray. It’s marvellous and you need to see it! And make sure you stay during the credits – two post credits scenes.






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