Bond, James Bond, Aston Martins, sexy ladies, tuxedoed men, guns, death, the licence, espionage, expensive cars, glamorous locations, Moneypenny, Q, M and martinis. All the joy and things you know you will probably see in a Bond movie and so it was I scored an invite to the 24th James Bond movie, SPECTRE. The fourth Bond from Daniel Craig and one of the best movie premieres I have attended. The peeps at Sony know how to put on a spread and the entire evening cruised along Bond style at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter. SPECTRE releases into Australian cinemas this Thursday 12th November, it will be rated M and runs for 148mins.


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I took the bestie Sebby T to the premiere with me and we fully suited up and headed in driving a loaned Aston Martin to fully play the part, I may have lied about the Aston part, but you know, a man can dream. We arrived in our suits to be ushered into a tented area with an Aston Martin as the centrepiece and beautiful waiters handing us multiple glasses of Bollinger – I nearly died, the best tasting champagne of ALL TIME. We dreamed about the car, admired pretty people and then went into the main foyer that was filled with oodles more people and a huge bar that was completely covered in Belvedere Vodka martinis – my night was already made. 🙂 We had a ball and my thanks go out to Sony and Hoyts for a fantastic night. But I suppose you did not come here for my diary of the evening – you might want a bloody review at some stage :).


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I have never been a huge fan of Daniel Craig as Bond, for me there was Connery and Moore and no one has been able to give me that sense of English (OK Scottish as well) gentleman killer ever since. I find Craig more like a truck driver Bond who gets to wear nice things and get awesome toys to play with. I have watched and enjoyed all his Bond movies way better than Brosnan as Bond however I have never really had a desire to watch them a second time, for SPECTRE, I will be buying it on Blu Ray.

Bond goes a bit more rogue in this one and does a lot of “off book” action. M is battling the government in London and it appears the Double O branch is facing the end. Much like the Mission Impossible peeps, the leader battles to save them and the agents get the job done. In this Bond receives a mysterious message and it starts leading him back into his past, it also cleverly ties every previous Craig Bond movie together and the best way to describe this movie is that it’s the most Bondly of Daniel Craig’s Bond movies. I loved it – and it had more than the martinis and bolly to be the cause.


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Spectre is the evil organisation led by criminal mastermind Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) and it appears Blofeld and Spectre have been behind every criminal that has tried to kill Bond since Craig entered the scene. Bond spends the entire movie unraveling the evil organisation and chasing down (and mostly killing) anyone in his way.

There are two splendid Bond ladies in Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) and Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci) although Belluci’s role is incredibly small and insignificant, she is quickly used and abused and then forgotten, a shame really, the woman is a beautiful femme fatale and I would have loved to  have seen more of her. Seydoux on the other hand is in a lot of the movie and is Bond’s partner in shenanigans from about one third in. Her and Craig worked well together and while not an epic Bond girl in the sense of the word (and where was her laughabale name?) she held her own and played her part well.

One thing director Sam Mendes does is keep it moving, for 148 minutes the action never relents, the car chases, hand to hand battles and lovemaking NEVER EVER SLOW DOWN. The pacing is epic, the action incredible and everything is shot superbly, you can easily tell it is the most expensive Bond movie yet made, just viewing the epic opening sequence set in Mexico with a day of the dead theme is one of the largest opening scenes in Bond history, although it’s preposterous, it is enjoyable, it is Bond after all, the intelligent and the preposterous must blend to give some cheeky fun to the circumstances.


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Craig plays Bond like he has in all the other movies, he does pout and action good, just don’t bring that pout up in an interview :). Bond girls discussed, Moneypenny sadly disappears into the chorus for this one. I do love Ralph Fiennes in anything and he does M justice, just wish there was some more of him. I was stoked to see my future husband, Ben Wishaw, with his Q get out of the cave and do some spy stuff, I would love to see more of Q in all future Bonds, and for the love of god Wishaw better be the next Doctor Who!!!

Then we have Blofeld, Christoph Waltz as the bad guy, I love him, his sinister is incredible and I do love him as the Blofeld character but I have to get it out there, his sinister has been done to death and for the first time I was not blown away by him being the bad guy because I have seen his bad guy numerous times before. I would like to see him with scar, bald and with the kitty cat in a future installment though. The tying together of all the previous bad guys was a nice stroke though.

Oh and special mention to Dave Bautista as Mr Hinx, a decent evil bastard in the vein of Jaws. Sadly the Jaws character was meant to appear in this installment but did not show, I wish Mr Hinx had the teeth and played it more stupid and Terminator like.


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Sam Smith sings the Bond title song for this one, The Writing’s on the Wall. When I first heard it on the radio I thought it was bloody atrocious and sounded like a cat in a bucket of water but oddly over the opening titles I enjoyed it, but then this could have been the martinis.

Craig is signed on for one more Bond but SPECTRE ends with what appears his disappearance into the yonder with an Aston Martin and a lovely lady. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie but do think this is a perfect ending for Craig to bow out on. I am looking forward to Bond 25 though in a few years, with a potential Christopher Nolan director rumor.

Now back to dreaming of martinis, bollinger, Q and an Aston Martin 🙂


4 Pops



Jason King is the owner and editor of Salty Popcorn and Spooning Australia. He is a movie, food, restaurant, wine, chocolate, bacon, burger and brussels sprouts addict. He is a member of the Film Critics Circle of Australia and has been in the Australian movie industry for 25yrs. He loves watching people trip over and is Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest fan. All the social media links to the right and up will allow you to abuse, troll or stalk him :).


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