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SINISTER (the first one) is in my top five horror films of all time, it is the only horror movie I have watched as an adult that scared me so much I had to turn it off and complete watching it the following morning in full sunlight with all the blinds open and sun flooding into the lounge room. It was unique, it was chilling, it had an A grade cast with Ethan Hawke in the lead and it was the stuff of nightmares, it was perfection in horror with one of the most horrifying bad guys of all time, Bughuul. SINISTER 2 uncovers the story and more of the history of Bughuul (aka Mr Boogie) and places another family in dire circumstances. Entertainment One Australia have kindly given us five copies of SINISTER 2 on DVD to giveaway, enjoy my review and find out how to win at the end of the article. 


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I loved SINISTER 2, I thought it was a brilliant follow up to the first movie. Sadly, the movie has copped a lot of critical hate and I am at a loss as to why, OK, one reason I can think of is the lack of Ethan Hawke, but Shannyn Sossamon (KISS KISS BANG BANG, A KNIGHT’S TALE, WAYWARD PINES) is more than capable in her portrayal as the single terrified mum hiding out at a remote farmhouse with her two young boys. She is hiding out from her nightmare husband who is violent and controlling and has the cops in his pocket. The farmhouse also holds a no-longer used church house of sorts where mass slaughter/ suicide took place and it is this property Bughuul and his zombie ghost children have chosen to seduce and murder their latest death members. But Bughuul’s acquisitions of zombie children have been for a reason, he needs one more child to open his doorway from the other place aka hell and rise to life.


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The death kids have set themselves onto adorable cute shy kid, Dylan Collins played by Robert Daniel Sloan. An easy target, the victim of the abuse from the father they are on the run from, and a kid who wants the love and support of a father figure (bad choice kid). When Dylan starts to resist, as he is traumatised by being forced to watch the home movies with zombie kids (go figure), the darker of the two brothers, Zach Collins (played by Dartanian Sloan – Robert Daniel Sloan’s triplet brother), is selected to partake. Dylan is shy and artistic like his mother but Zach is more “jock” like, more darker and similar to his father, no idea why the death kids didn’t select him first.


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Joining the movie is Ex Deputy So & So (James Ransone) from the first movie, he is the ex cop chasing down the history of Bughuul who thinks he has worked out the MO of the devil spawn. He works out the possibilities of what house could come next and is checking them all off his list, if the house is empty he burns it to the ground, and so it is that he arrives to burn down the farmhouse and church shed when he discovers the family on the run hiding out in the place. It is now he realises Bughuul probably has already started his voodoo evil crap on the family.

It works well, So & So fits in with the family and is a brilliant male figure for the boys as well as a great love interest for the mother. I loved he was a geeky male lead, he wasn’t a tough guy and he is terrified but he has intelligence and hidden kahunas the size of coconuts and always does what he thinks is right, regardless of the outcome.


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Ciarán Foy does a great job as director in his second feature film following on from CITADEL. He captured the true essence of the story for me, maintained the evil and scariness and managed to work with a lot of kids and deliver a film I did not find cheesy but is also more mainstream and less darker than the original.

The acting was superb, I enjoy Shannyn Sossamon in anything she does ever since she was Heath Ledger’s love interest in the god awful A KNIGHT’S TALE way back in the day, she can truly act. James Ransone is great, he is like my ideal guy; geeky, shy but also ballsy when it counts, loved him. And the two lead boys, Robert Daniel Sloan and Dartanian Sloan were brilliant as the kids, I would happily kill for Dylan and would have no problem in murdering Zach and for that they did their jobs admirably.


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With so many Z grade horrors out there I am astounded a lot of other critics tore this one to pieces, but each to their own and I thought this one was a two thumbs up scary entry as a return to the world of Bughuul and the death zombie children with murderous intent.


4 Pops


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