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Seth Rogan and more comedians than you can count are out in the latest in stoner films from the peeps who made THIS IS THE END and BAD NEIGHBOURS. SAUSAGE PARTY, however, is animated and is causing a lot of issues overseas with cinemas screening the trailer before children’s movies mistakenly, they generally hear about it after the word “fuck” hits the screen haha. The trailer follows the review but be warned – it is NSFW.

It is also with great pleasure that I introduce you to a new kernel, everyone say hello to Jack Dignan. Kernel Jack is as passionate about movies as all the crew at Salty, is studying for a diploma of film and interactive media and has his own site, Directors Cut Movies, you should check it out and follow him on the socials. He has some funny reviews and we all welcome him with open arms, even though he loved SUICIDE SQUAD :). I am looking forward to working with Jack on many upcoming movie releases, they never end after all :). 

SAUSAGE PARTY is out Thursday 11th August in Australia from the peeps at Sony Pictures Australia. It’s rated MA15+ and runs for 89mins. Now enjoy Jack’s debut with Salty……….all the best……….JK.


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The idea for SAUSAGE PARTY came into play ten years ago, crafted by comedic geniuses Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Jonah Hill. It was a film they were all very passionate about; wanting to create the first R-rated Pixar-style animated comedy. Last night I got to witness SAUSAGE PARTY, which was easily one of my most anticipated comedies of the year, and all I really have to say before I get this review going is that SAUSAGE PARTY is without a doubt worth the ten years they spent making it.


SAUSAGE PARTY is set in a grocery store and follows the story of Frank (Seth Rogen), a packaged up sausage eagerly awaiting to be purchased by a “god” AKA the customers, and taken away to the promised lands that lie beyond the supermarket’s entrance. He’s awaiting this freedom with two other sausages, Carl (Jonah Hill) and Barry (Michael Cera), as well as his girlfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig), one of the buns packaged up next to him. They all want nothing more than to be purchased together by a god, and one day, that’s exactly what happens.

But there’s a problem. On their way out, the cart runs into some trouble, to say the least, and while Carl, Barry and a handful of other foods are successfully taken away, Frank and Brenda are left behind, along with an angry Douche (Nick Kroll). Yes, that sort of douche. With Douche wanting revenge, Frank and Brenda must make their way back to their aisle. Fast. Along the way, they run into a few other friendly foods that help them on their journey, including a Taco named Teresa (Selma Hayek), a beagle named Sammy (Edward Norton) and a Lavish (David Krumholtz). It’s on this journey that food finally learns what humans do to them, and it’s far from what they expect.


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The concept behind SAUSAGE PARTY is one of the most ridiculous and brilliant things I have ever heard, and with the talent bringing it to life, I always had absolute faith that they would pull through, and they do. It’s a film unlike anything I’ve seen before, and they utilize every single sexual food pun known to man, as well as a few extras here and there. Some of the puns don’t land, but my deity, this film doesn’t hold back, and once you see a certain sequence towards the finale that involves just about everyone in this movie, you’ll understand just how horrifying this film can be. Hilarious, yes, but it’s probably going to scar me for the rest of my life.


Designed to look like a Pixar or Disney production, SAUSAGE PARTY is a 3D animated movie, and while there has been the odd R-rated (or MA15+ here) 2D animated film throughout the years, never has there been anything like this. While it isn’t quite as astonishing as something along the lines of THE GOOD DINOSAUR or FROZEN when it comes to the level of design and detail, it’s safe to say that the animators on this film did a mighty fine job, creating characters that look both humanistic and highly suggestive.

If this style of animation were to be used on a kid-friendly film from a company like DreamWorks, I honestly wouldn’t question it. It works, and I guess that makes sense when one of the directors has worked on THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE and the other has worked on films such as SHREK 2 and MONSTERS VS ALIENS. I laugh every time I read the filmography of these two directors, and on a side note, the film’s score is co-composed by Alan Menken, the eight time Academy Award winning composer of films such as BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and ALADDIN. Is it bad I kind of hope he wins another Oscar for this film?


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While Rogen, Hill and Goldberg conceived the story, Ariel Shaffir and Kyle Hunter, as well as Rogen and Goldberg, wrote the screenplay. Those two names may not be nearly as recognizable, but they’re responsible for writing last year’s hilarious THE NIGHT BEFORE. Both of these films feature a fairly familiar get from point a to point b storyline, and there’s nothing really all that new about it, except for the whole food aspect. The plot itself is very simple and unoriginal, but it’s displayed in a fun, new and creative way, making it standout amongst recent comedies. Not to mention that it’s funny as hell.

However, once this point a, point b story has wrapped up, the film turns to anarchy, and it’s one of the most chaotic, horrifying and hilarious things to ever happen in cinema. It goes from a basic plot to an original, over the top and highly effective plot, and it literally caused a tear to run down my face at one point, all while actually providing meaningful insights into several important thematic issues the world is currently faced with.


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There’s no denying that SAUSAGE PARTY has a massive cast. I mean, even the poster has thirteen names listed on it, and that’s a rare find. There’s so much talent to be found here, and while some of the cast members have bigger roles than others, none are put to waste. Bill Hader, Paul Rudd, James Franco and Craig Robinson are absolutely unrecognizable in their roles, and it wasn’t until the end credits listed the cast that I realised who was playing who. In fact, I didn’t even realise some of those actors were even in the movie, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that they were behind some of the funniest, most messed up aspects of this movie. Their time on screen is scarce, but unforgettable, as each character has such an interesting and unique dynamic.

As for the main contenders, they’re even better. Seth Rogen’s loveable and adventurous sausage is leading us on this journey, and he’s pretty much an animated version of who you’d expect Seth Rogen to play in a movie. Kristen Wiig was a big surprise for me as I did not expect her to play such a dominant role in the film, and yet she ended up being the second lead, behind Rogen. She too is hysterical, and the same can be said for all the leads, including Michael Cera, Nick Kroll, David Krumholtz and an unrecognisable Edward Norton. But despite all these talented actors, it’s Salma Hayek who steals the show as a lesbian taco who’s struggling to contain her sexual urges. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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If you’re after a gross out comedy that will probably leave you trembling with fear and roaring with laughter, this film is for you. Seth Rogen and his usual band of misfits have created a film so vulgar, disgusting and R-rated that it works on more levels than it should.

Will this film be for everyone? Absolutely not. In fact, at the screening last night, a handful of the audience members walked out in a state of confusion and disgust, and to be honest, I don’t blame them. It’s not a perfect movie, and even as someone who had a ball with it I will admit not all the jokes worked, but if you’re a fan of SUPERBAD, THIS IS THE END or BAD NEIGHBOURS, you haven’t seen anything yet. You need to see this movie.


3 and a Half Pops




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