Only one more batches and the mammoth TOP 50 MOVIES OF ALL TIME is complete. Thankyou all very much for reading and a special thanks to those who have added a comment.
So, please enjoy my favorite films in order from Number 19 – 11 (must have a complete top 10). I am getting excited for the top 10 next week – since updating my original list from 2008 the list has undergone some big changes and it has been sad saying goodbye to a couple of films from the list – most notably, it is with sad farewells from the Top 50 – FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN and  A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

OK – Enjoy.

Number 19:
Wall Street (1987)



Gordon Gekko RULES. LOL. Micheal Douglas win the only Oscar awarded this film for his amazing portrayal of a Wall Street shark. This was probably Charlie Sheen’s best role as a junior stockbroker that will do anything to get to the top, what works fabulously is that Martin Sheen plays his father in the film. This is probably one of Oliver Stone’s best films and it’s a tale of the battle between ethics and greed. Brilliant.
Trivia: 1) Director Oliver Stone’s first two choices to play Gordon Gekko were Richard Gere and Warren Beatty. 2) As of 2007, this is the only movie to win both an Oscar (Best Actor: Michael Douglas) and a Razzie (Worst Supporting Actress: Daryl Hannah). 3) Oliver Stone gave Charlie Sheen the choice of having either Jack Lemmon or Martin Sheen play his father (Carl Fox). Charlie chose his dad.



Number 18:
Unforgiven (1992)



My favorite a) Western and b) Clint Eastwood film. One of the best “building” films I have seen – the tension builds from the get go and you know the end is going to be great and the showdown is everything I wanted it to be. This cleaned up at the Oscars, 4 trophies for supporting actor (Gene Hackman) who was one of the most evil people on screen in this film, Best Film & Director goes to Clint – this was his baby (directed and starred) and best editing. I bow to you Clint Eastwood.



Number 17:

Avatar (2009)


Avatar - Top 50 films of all time
Avatar – Top 50 films of all time


Another James Cameron piece of brilliance, to me this guy can do no wrong, I remember watching this film for the first time on a ticket I bought for the premiere in IMAX – my jaw sat on the ground for the entire film. I just wish he would pull his finger out for the rest of the films.
Trivia: 1) Michael Biehn was considered for the role of Col. Quaritch. James Cameron rejected him because he’d already cast Sigourney Weaver, and he didn’t want people to think it was Aliens all over again. 2) Sigourney Weaver plays a James Cameron persona for her character in this film. Sigourney stated in an interview, “I teased him because to me I’m playing Jim Cameron in the movie as this kind of brilliant, approach-driven, idealistic perfectionist. But that same somebody has a great heart underneath. So I have to say I was always kind of channeling him.” 3) James Cameron originally planned to have the film completed for release in 1999. At the time, the special effects he wanted increased the budget to $400 million. No studio would fund the film, and it was shelved for eight years. He was convinced that CGI effects had progressed enough to make this film when he saw Gollum in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. 4) To help the actors prepare for their roles, director James Cameron took the cast and crew to Hawaii, where they spent their days trekking through the forests and jungles and living like tribes (building campfires, eating fish, etc), in order to get a better sense of what it would be like to live and move around in the jungle on Pandora, since there would not be any actual jungle sets to aid and guide the actors and crew. Zoe Saldana even dressed up as a warrior during these journeys, complete with an alien tail symbolic of the one her character has in the movie. These hikes were only done during the daytime, though; the cast and crew spent their nights at a Four Seasons hotel. 5) One of the most expensive movies ever made (as of December 2009), with an estimated budget of US $280,000,000. 6) This fact blows my mind – Each frame (1/24 of a second) of the CGI scenes took an average of 47 hours to render.



Number 16:

 Another DRAW: The Towering Inferno (1974) and The Poseidon Adventure (1972 – the year I was born)



I only watched this for the first time only a few years ago and it blew me away. Up there with Die Hard as the skyscraper action film to watch. The cast is amazing. Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Wagner and OJ Simpson. HUGE. Great acting, awesome tension and just a scary thought to be stuck in that situation. If you haven’t seen it it’s all about a grand opening of a massive state of the art skyscraper. A fire breaks out and threatens all at the party. It’s their fight for survival.
Trivia: 1) At Steve McQueen’s insistence, he and co-star Paul Newman had to have exactly the same number of lines of dialogue in the script 2) Two of the stars, Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway left strict instructions that they should not be approached by visitors to the set. McQueen also refused to give any interviews. Paul Newman asked only that he not be ‘surprised’. 3) Principal photography was completed on Sept. 11th 1974 – think about the date – 9/11, the same date as the twin towers.


The Poseidon Adventure (1972 – the year I was born)



WOW – this film turns 41 this year. That’s like, still a baby. LOL. But even though, as a film, it’s an old film I will use my technical term and state that it absolutely SHITS BRICKS on the remake. Seriously – this a purely timeless action film. One of the BEST EVER. And what a cast – Gene Hackman, Ernist Borgnine, Roddy McDowall, Shelley Winters and lots of others I don’t know but am sure are famous. LOL This film should be way before my time but if it re-released now it would make a fortune. I would love to see this on the big screen.
It is the tale of the passengers on an ocean liner trying to escape after a tsunami capsizes the boat at sea. People die everywhere and it’s a battle for survival.
Trivia: 1) Shot in sequence, taking advantage of the fact that the principals became dirtier and more tattered and suffered injuries – some real and some artificial – as they progressed 2) Some of the pre-capsize sequences were shot aboard the Queen Mary, including the opening storm sequence, the pre-disaster scenes in the staterooms and hallways, the scenes above decks, and an early scene in the engine room.



Number 15:
The Basketball Diaries (1995)



The best acting LEO has ever done. Truly remarkable and deserved of that Oscar or 10 he should have received by now. In this film he will reach into your chest and rip your heart out.

This is the film adaption of street poet and muso Jim Carroll’s downward spiral into a world of drugs as desperation. You may also notice a very young Mark Wahlberg as one of his mates and Lorraine Bracco is fabulous as Leo’s mum. Make sure you have tissues with you when you watch it!!
Trivia: After being nominated for an Oscar for Running on Empty (1988), MTV asked River Phoenix what he wanted to do next. He responded by pulling out a beat up paperback of “The Basketball Diaries” and stated “I wanted to play Jim Carroll.” Later, the Los Angeles Times declared, “River Phoenix may have wanted it too much.” Leonardo DiCaprio was a fan of Phoenix’s.



Number 14: 
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)



AS IF any of you need a plot summary of this one. Most people vote the third film as the better but to me this was the one. This is where I met them all and the story was set and I got to fret for a year awaiting the next installment. These are now my sick films. If I am ever sick I watch all 3 directors cuts back to back while under a doona on the couch. Bring on the 2 remaining Hobbit films.
Trivia: 1) Daniel Day-Lewis turned down the role of Aragorn. 2) The climactic fight scene was shot in the middle of a heatwave, with temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. Many of the actors playing the Uruk’hais had to be carried off the set with heat exhaustion. 3) The Tolkien estate was never in favor of Peter Jackson’s film adaptation but seeing as J.R.R. Tolkien signed the rights away in 1968 for $15,000, there was nothing they could do about it. Tolkien’s grandson Simon came out in support of the production and was disowned by his relatives. Tolkien’s son Christopher later retracted any opposition. 4) It is estimated that filming of the trilogy pumped about $200,000,000 into the New Zealand economy. The New Zealand government even created a Minister for Lord of the Rings, whose remit was to exploit all the economic opportunities the films represented. 5) The total budget for all 3 films, including marketing, came to a mere 1/2 a billion dollars.



Number 13:
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Top 50 Films of All Time
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – Top 50 Films of All Time

This honour and position should belong to the entire trilogy but for me this film just steals the show from the other two. Heath Ledger’s Joker aside – this is one of the most epic films ever made – it just gives and gives and gives. Christopher Nolan is a god.

The epic film has more than its epic share of trivia – seriously check all this out – did you know Leonardo was nearly the “Robin” character? Head blown.

The Dark Knight Rises TRVIA CARE OF IMDB



Number 12: 
Brokeback Mountain (2005)



Ang Lee’s masterpiece that brought gay to the mainstream. The cinematography and acting in this film is so brilliant. The late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal fooled me so well I was sure they could be gay. I kind of wished Jake was. LOL. All up – around the world this film won 80 film awards including 3 Oscars. This was also the film that brought Heath and Michelle Williams together to create the only child Heath left behind. Acting and settings are mind blowing and this will make the most heterosexual male alive a little bit teary.
Trivia: 1) According to reports, Heath Ledger nearly broke co-star Jake Gyllenhaal’s nose while filming a kissing scene. 2) Ang Lee struggled continually with the sheep during the shoot. Apparently sheep don’t drink from running water, only ponds and dams. Ang tried all day to get the sheep to drink from a stream, but they wouldn’t oblige. He had to give up on the shot. Also, American sheep carry a bacteria/virus that Canadian sheep don’t possess. The film’s scene where two herds of sheep become mixed up had some nightmarish real-life parallels, as the Canadian government had expressly warned them of dire consequences if they caused any disease to spread to the local animals from the south-of-the-border variety. 3) Director Ang Lee gave Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal copies of the book, “Farm Boys: Lives of Gay Men from the Rural Midwest”, by Will Fellows, to help them understand their characters. Noting what he learned from his reading, Gyllenhaal said, “I don’t think that these two characters even know what gay is.” 4) Writer Annie Proulx sent both Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger an original, autographed copy of her story. When she signed the copy to Jake she wrote “To Jake…” however when she signed the copy she had intended to give to Heath she signed it “To Ennis,” After writing out her personal message she realized what she had done and decided to leave it be. In a private screening at Arclight in Hollywood, CA she reflected that Heath Ledger really was Ennis. She left the signed copy that way because she had felt Mr. Ledger has embodied Ennis in every way she had wrote him. 5) Heath Ledger was going to turn down the role when he was first offered it, but his then girlfriend, Naomi Watts, encouraged him to take it.



Number 11: 
Another DRAW – STAR TREK (2009) and of course STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (2013)


STAR TREK - Top 50 Films of All Time
STAR TREK – Top 50 Films of All Time


I attended the Australian premiere of this film back in 2009 and got to interview all the cast and crew – it was a life changing experience and something I shall hold dear forever. It was at the Opera House on a pop up cinema that cost more than my wage for about 10yrs all for a night’s screening. It was otherworldly. JJ became a household name from this film and is now one of the most sort after directors of all time, with the huge success of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS he is now directing the upcoming start to the reboot of the STAR WARS franchise.

There is too much trivia on these films – seriously enough to keep you entertained forever! So clickety click below for all of it.








Pure brilliant, either as good or better than the first, too hard to choose – it is like picking your favourite child 🙂 Just go HERE for my REVIEW.



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Well that’s it for this round. I must thank IMDB for all the trivia used in all the top 50. I just love the trivia and some of these shocked me.

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