And following on from last Sundays SALTY POPCORN – THE TOP 50 MOVIES OF ALL TIME – (PT1: 50 – 40) comes the next part in this mammoth undertaking.

Hope you liked Pt1 – and now here (insert drumroll…) is Pt2.

My fave films (in order from Number 39-30). APT PUPIL is the featured poster because, rest his soul, Brad Renfro died of an overdose the same year as Heath Ledger – the Academy did not even mention him in the obits section and I despise them for that. RIP Brad – you rocked.

Number 39:

The Big Chill (1982)

Pure Gold – this Lawrence Kasdan ensemble film that is plain and simply a college reunion of 8 friends at a posh winter house. One of the most entertaining films of its genre that will have you laughing and crying. Huge names: Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Berenger (what happened to him?), William Hurt, Kevin Kline and so on! It did help to have one of the best Blues/R&B soundtracks ever compiled.



Number 38:

The Omen (1976)

Horror platinum!! I remember watching 1,2 & 3 on dvd with one of my best friend’s from school (Scott) and then going to the cinema to watch 4. Awesome day – we even came home and read revelations from the bible together. I think we had a turn to the dark side for that day. I could possibly have the 666 on my head and just can’t find it. Just loved it. I wanted my name to be Damian after this film. Sorry for sounding so evil but this film had such a powerful effect on me. The remake was nowhere near as chilling and close to appalling. And if you think that The Exorcist had some superstition and creepy stuff going on with it. How’s this:

Having changed its title from “The Antichrist” to “The Birthmark,” the film seemed to fall victim to a sinister curse. Star Gregory Peck and screenwriter David Seltzer took separate planes to the UK…yet BOTH planes were struck by lightning. While producer Harvey Bernhard was in Rome, lightning just missed him. Rottweilers hired for the film attacked their trainers. A hotel at which director Richard Donner was staying got bombed by the IRA; he was also struck by a car. After Peck canceled another flight, to Israel, the plane he would have chartered crashed…killing all on board. On day one of the shoot, several principal members of the crew survived a head-on car crash. The jinx appeared to persist well into post-production… when special effects artist John Richardson was injured and his girlfriend beheaded in an accident on the set of A Bridge Too Far (1977).

And: Harvey Stephens, as Damien, was largely chosen for this role from the way he attacked Richard Donner during auditions. Donner asked all the little boys to “come at him” as if they were attacking Katherine Thorn during the church wedding scene. Stephens screamed and clawed at Donner’s face, and kicked him in the groin during his act. Donner whipped the kid off him, ordered the kid’s blond hair dyed black and cast him as Damien.



Number 37:

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

The first time Leo missed out on an oscar. His performance as Arnie is by far one of his best to date. Such a beautiful and sad story. Awesome performances also by Johhny Depp (Gilbert) and Juliet Lewis but this film is all Leo – he steals the show hands down.



Number 36:

Cape Fear (1962)

It’s just that much better than the remake. DeNiro was great but Mitchum and Peck are unstoppable. I had to look under the car for days after watching these films. I hired the original after seeing the remake. One of the best thrillers EVER made. It’s like Terminator with a real person as opposed to a robot. He just does not stop.

Trivia (care of IMDB): According to Robert Mitchum, during the filming of the final fight scene between he and Gregory Peck, Peck once accidentally punched him for real. Mitchum, knowing that Peck didn’t mean to and ever the professional, refused to break character and continued filming the scene. However, upon entering his trailer, Mitchum said he “literally collapsed” due to the impact of the punch and said that he felt it for days after wards. According to Mitchum: “I don’t feel sorry for anyone dumb enough who picks a fight with him (Peck).”



Number 35

Someone to Watch Over Me (1987)


One of the most beautiful romance films ever made about forbidden love. Mrs Ex Cruise – Mimi Rogers is spellbinding as the elite socialite being hunted for witnessing a murder and Tom Berenger (he appears again) is brilliant as the down and out Brooklyn cop assigned to protect her and fall for her head over heals. Lorraine Bracco is just awesome as the fiery Brooklyn wife caught in the middle. MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a better version than the Bodyguard without the singing.



Number 34:

The African Queen (1951)


Bogart and Hepburn – like derrrr if this isn’t in everyone’s fave film lists. It’s GOLD people!!!

This is Bogart’s only Oscar win and a truly amazing romance set on an African river. Filming on location in Africa set the film apart.

Trivia: Lauren Bacall went along filming in Africa to be with husband Bogart. She basically was the camp maker and cook for the trip. This also marked the beginning of her life-long friendship with Hepburn.



Number 33:

The Wizard of Oz (1939)


This is what movie’s are all about. Pure escapism wonderment. As if anyone needs a plot summary. How many times growing up were you allowed to watch this on TV?

Trivia: 1) Many of the Wicked Witch of the West’s scenes were either trimmed or deleted entirely, as Margaret Hamilton’s performance was thought too frightening. 2) Judy Garland had to wear a painful corset-style device around her torso so that she would appear younger and flat-chested.



Number 32:

Apt Pupil (1998)


One of the most underrated films ever made. Brad Renfro would have been an acting genius if he never found drugs. Sadly Renfro passed away from an overdose about one month prior to Heath Ledger. There was huge amounts of controversy because the Academy did not list him in the passed away section of the awards. His acting was amazing. Starting out as a little kid in The Client, then playing young Brad Pitt in Sleepers then a lead in Bully he could have gone so far. This film though was his standout. Going head to head with Sir Ian McKellen is no easy feat. Renfro’s character believes his neighbour is a Nazi war criminal so sets out to blackmail him. Chilling!!!!



Number 31:

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1989)


Here’s my big call – this is the funniest film ever made!!

Micheal Caine and Steve Martin are con men and will pretty much do anything to get their score from the rich and famous.

I am not a huge fan of comedies but I have never watched a movie that can make me wet myself every time I watch it. Seriously – this film requires diapers!! Steve Martin at the top of his game and one of Caine’s best films. If you need a good laugh or urinary bathing – then this one’s for you. LOL



Number 30:

Gladiator (2000)/ Braveheart (1995) TIE (or my excuse to squash another film in :))

I just could not decide!! Mel deserves more credit as the film was his baby and Russ was just the actor but Gladiator was the film that made Russ. So they get a tie for being the Oz guy in their awesome film. Hope this makes sense. Both sensational and brutal.

Well that’s it for this round. Hopefully post the next 10 tomorrow night. Do yourself a favor and rent one tonight on DVD!!!



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