Salty Kernel, Dara Shashoua’s, TOP 10 MOVIE INTERIORS

Salty Kernel, Dara Shashoua, is not only a fab film critic, but also a qualified designer who runs her national business out of Melbourne. You can suss her site HERE. When we started doing all the Top 10 lists, Dara’s suggestions for lists were heavily influenced by design. So she set the bar on this one and as opposed to voting from all the Kernels, we left this one to the expert, and what a superb list she has chosen. What do you think? What would you add, remove, prefer, or do you think Dara is on the money? I think she has nailed it. While Lady D couldn’t pick a fave out of the ten, it was a hands down win for me – The Shining 🙂

Wow. When I set out to write this list I did what any person would do these days when writing some sort of opinion piece.  I asked my friends on Facebook. And the replies started a quandary in my head.  I began asking myself on what basis do I actually narrow down a very large field of amazing movie interiors. There are so many genres of film that you could create a top 10 list for all of them, if not that then at least you could create the following categories –

Sci Fi/Fantasy

Horror (bit hard for me because I can’t watch horror, if I do it’s the back of my hand)



Actual homes you’d want to live in

But honestly, that got me into a bit of a tizz so I thought ‘screw it’ I’m just going to create a top 10 of Interiors that I love. Interiors that took my breath away or transported me into the experience of the movie even further, or, in some cases, made the movie that bit more watchable.

So, Salty Popcorners here is my personal top 10 list. Please note that these are in no particular order purely because I couldn’t pick my favourite. I’ve also tried to credit all photos as well as I could, sorry if I missed a credit.


Down with Love

Ummm, hello the inspiration behind Mad Men perhaps? Released in 2003 and starring Ewan MacGregor and Renee Zellweger I do believe that Down with Love was before it’s time. Unfortunately I don’t think this film received the credos it deserved, the interiors are just jaw droppingly good. The difference between the masculine and feminine apartments is sublime. Down with Love is an homage to 1950s romantic comedies.  The fashion moments are also worth mentioning.

Don Diers was the incredible set decorator behind the film and said in an interview with the Set Decorators Society of America

We deliberately appropriated the look of the great 60’s romantic comedies: Pillow Talk, Send Me No Flowers, Boys’ Night Out, Sex and the Single Girl. It was determined very early in the process that the design would have so much presence it would become a distinct character in the film. The design team, the Director, Andrew Laws the Production Designer, the Costume Designer and myself worked collectively to create this very stylized world.

I think that you achieved this and more.

Images from chameleon interiors

Style by Emily Henderson


Practical Magic

Now this one holds a special place for me.  My sister from another mister, Nicola and I have always dreamt about living in this house, and now her daughter Ruby wants to come with us.  Unfortunately the house was especially created for the movie so it is not available to buy.  For me, its the conservatory/greenhouse.  I’ve always wanted one of those. Oh, and the fact that the home is perched upon a cliff is just…magical.

Images from Decorology


The Great Gatsby

The most stunning film of 2013! What’s even better is that Catherine Martin utilised Australian designers to assist with the sets.  The large rug is through Designer Rugs and are available to purchase. Baz and Catherine just know how to make a stunning film, and the party scenes are just incredibly decadent.  It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Images from Architectural Digest


Moulin Rouge

Another Catherine Martin and Baz Luhrman stunning creation, this film completely took my breath away. From Satine’s elephant room to the Moulin Rouge itself, the film is simply gorgeous from beginning to end. And, Like Gatsby was filmed completely in Australia.


The Shining

The Shining is a seminal film in the land of Interiors, Stanley Kubrick has done an amazing job with the Interiors on this film.  One of Australia’s best designers, Greg Natale, recently quoted that this was his favourite film and started his career path into Interior Design.  From the hexagonal carpets to the glittery ball room to the outdoor maze, this film is enough to inspire anyone with its awesome retro 70s vibe.

Images from Polaroid Cupcake


X-Men Origins

Did someone say sunken lounge room? Wall paper designer Tony Roche actually designed foil wallpapers for the movie.  Again, another retro vibe movie set in the 70s. From the stately Charles Xavier’s mansion to the modernist nightclub and decked out submarine this is feast for the eyes.


The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson is a master at creating very interesting interiors in his films, my favourite would have to be The Royal Tenenbaums. The real house that was the inspiration is at 339 Convent Avenue New York, and as I was researching this article it turns out that this home is a pilgrimage for many fans of the film. Unfortunately it is a private residence but people do stop and take photos of the house from the outside. I also love the cartoon layout of the house illustrated by Maxim Dalton.

Image from Laughing Squid


A Single Man

This film is a piece of art, directed by fashion designer Tom Ford it has his impeccable style and taste all over it. The house was designed by John Lautner and was recently was put up for sale for the bargain price of $1.495 million. Total bargain. The home is a modernist dream, with wood panelling and surrounded by windows it’s just divine. If you haven’t seen this film, you should. Right now.


Charlie’s Angels

There is always one main thing from this movie that I remember, that would be Eric Knox’s (Sam Rockwell) home, and the scene where Drew Barrymore has been shot out of the window and is hanging by a sheet. May I introduce to you to the The Chemosphere House, also designed by John Lautner.  Another modernists dream. It is an octagonal home standing on a 10 metre pole in the Hollywood Hills and has withstood earthquakes, and just check out the view….

Images from Architectuul


Tron Legacy

This film for me was an entire sensory overload, beginning with the soundtrack created by Daft Punk through to interiors and especially Flynn’s hideaway. The hideaway has a mix of 18th Century Rococo furniture made from acrylic, Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs and the 670 lounge and ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames, and finally the Arco lamp by Achille Castiglioni – Just goes to show that the classic design pieces are indeed timeless.  The costumes, the illuminated floors and the End of Line Club are all as beautiful as whatever had preceded it.  The director Joseph Kosinski, who is also a graduate architect, has done an incredible job with meshing technology with design. I can’t wait for the next instalment.

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