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Jim Jarmusch is a filmmaker’s filmmaker, he follows no one but himself and his films are unique, sometimes strange, sometimes insane, totally hipster and you will love them or hate them. He will take years to make a film as long as he can make it his own way without studio interference, or funding. He has some remarkable films with Dead Man, Broken Flowers, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and my all time favourite, Night on Earth, among his list of credits. If your entire life has been brought up on typical Hollywood Spielberg/ Bay/ Cameron fare chances are you will not be a HUGE fan of Jarmusch but if you like the unique, want to be cool, or like all things hipster then, like me, you will be salivating for blood while watching this film. ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE is a masterpiece in hipster filmmaking, it is a Jack White wet dream.


ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, MOVIE REVIEW, TILDA SWINTON, Jim Jarmusch, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt, Anton Yelchin, Vampires, Salty Popcorn, Jason King



Jarmusch created a modern hipster masterpiece, it is truly cool pop culture and just a pleasure to sit through, while the vampire life has always held allure, watching this film it somehow holds less and more allure than any other film I have seen of the genre. At its heart it is a love story of lengthy proportions between two eternal children of the night, who really will die without blood. These “vampires” live in a very modern world, Eve (Swinton) lives on one side of the planet in Tangiers just reading a billion books at lightspeed, and enjoying the lifestyle hanging with Marlowe (John Hurt) while Adam (Hiddleston) lives a life as a secluded muso, with money to buy any instrument he wants and perfect his craft. He is so good at music he has to release music to get it out there but never wants to be known, as obviously, he is hiding a secret. If you are not a vampire or a person of high intelligence you are basically a zombie to him and not worthy of life. Because of his isolation and dilemma he is depressed and has one human friend that knows nothing about his vampirism and is seriously considering killing himself. Adam and Eve reunite again and the film is what happens in these two lives.

The story is character driven and in true Jarmusch style it really has no direct path in its plot. It is just really a look into the day-in-the-life of these two vampires in a different world. Sucking on necks is quite out because of modern day disease and drugs, my one issue I thought of days later about this, was there not more evil diseases back a few hundred years ago? Blood is now obtained from dealers that normally means a contact in a hospital 🙂


ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, MOVIE REVIEW, TILDA SWINTON, Jim Jarmusch, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt, Anton Yelchin, Vampires, Salty Popcorn, Jason King


The film is perfect in every way, the cinematography is just superb, all very very dark and without much natural light but with beautiful colouring from art direction. Jarmusch is not a fan of using digital, he is a film man through and through but due to budgetary constraints, like a budget of only $7MIL he ended up shooting this in digital – with abundant time spent on organising the lighting and lens combinations he got a look out of the camera he was happy enough to continue with.

Eve is basically the white to Adam’s dark. And I truly wanted to believe they were THE Adam and Eve, but they are not, it is never mentioned but Eve is a couple of thousand years old and Adam is about 600yrs old, Jarmusch thought they would be aware of their own true ages so it was unnecessary to mention. Their historical references and the people they have known over the centuries are hysterical and will have lots of dark laughs coming. As is the names they use to book airplane flights. Including John Hurt really being the author of all of Shakespeare’s works. And the scene when they pull up out the front of Jack White’s house had me literally clapping in the cinema.

Jarmusch has intertwined so much dark humour and in-house hipster observation into the film I see cult classic coming. The film is languidly poetic and you can feel their moods alter with good or no blood as the films pace matches. I see the lifestyle and chance to embrace centuries of art and life in this story as an opportunity for one to become perfect but Adam and Eve both live simple lives and the wealth and exuberant glamour of pretty much every other vampire film is non existent in this. Hence my more and less allure to live their lives. But give me Eve and it is all one would need for eternity.


ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, MOVIE REVIEW, TILDA SWINTON, Jim Jarmusch, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt, Anton Yelchin, Vampires, Salty Popcorn, Jason King


Swinton is a goddess to me, over the last couple of years she has become my number one female actor, I worship everything she does, and this does not disappoint, in fact it emphasises why she is so good. She is like Blanchett’s more fun sister, the dark member of the family who takes more risks and doesn’t take life so seriously. Every line in the film out of her mouth and every shot of her is just artwork. I was literally giddy watching her in this film. She is my steampunk vampire hero and I want to be Adam and spend eternity with her :). The character perfectly matched the intelligence of Swinton as a real life person – that intelligence and intenseness that haunts her eyes is just hypnotic.

And Hiddleston is her match in every way. It was great to see Loki in something besides a Marvel film and he was the perfect depressed rocker – he literally was a better version of Rice’s Lestat but more introverted and with the depression that Louis saw in the life around him. Originally the character of Adam was going to be played by Michael Fassbender and I am so glad this did not happen, I can picture no chemistry between these two. Whereas Loki and Eve was perfect in every way. Both superb individuals that improved ten fold when they came together.

Eve and Adam’s blissful time in hipster hoarder house quickly becomes unravelled when Eve’s bonkers sister Ava turns up in the house one night wanting to party and drink her fill in blood. Her back story is never fully explained but the start of bad times comes from Ava. I have to say I am normally a fan of Mia Wkdjfaoidsjhfsnvjaljfovijfgaclmghmjla (could not be bothered trying to type that thing out) but I really did not like her in the role. Perhaps I disliked the character so much it leached into her which would mean she did a good job, but more probably I just did not like her because she disturbed the life of Adam and Eve. And I just wanted to scream to Ian to get away from the freaking nutter but he just wanted to be in the life of Adam, he worshipped the guy, why would he not, he was a muso’s secret god.


ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, MOVIE REVIEW, TILDA SWINTON, Jim Jarmusch, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt, Anton Yelchin, Vampires, Salty Popcorn, Jason King


As I said earlier, you will love or hate this film, I can see no in betweens. If you love action then you will probably hate it. It actually had some action sequences in the first cut, production companies asked for more, so he cut them all out and refused to add any. Like I said, he makes his own films, no interference. And because of this his films are what films should be, an individual’s artwork. Perhaps my love is being swayed by Swinton, and I say fucking oath it is haha. It is sitting on 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, is rated M, runs for 123mins and releases on April 17th in decent cinemas with taste everywhere – I picture it more in art house cinemas more so, can’t see the big commercial guys embracing this. Find it and watch it.


5 Pops


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