Salty Kernel, Cody Sheehan, headed to the World Premiere of upcoming Australian film, NERVE at the Sydney Film Festival. Directed and Co-Written by Sebastien Guy the films stars Christian Clark, Georgina Haig, Gary Sweet and Cameron Daddo. We will keep you posted when there is a cinematic release date for the film.

I had the distinct pleasure of attending not just the Premiere, but the World Premiere for the brand new Australian film, Nerve, at Event Cinemas George St during the Sydney Film Festival. I also had the fun experience of not only walking the Red Carpet, but meeting and greeting all the key stars of the film. Including the well known Australian film and television actor, Gary Sweet (House Husbands, Blue Heelers). It was all very quick before all attendees were ushered into the theatre where the director of the festival welcomed everyone and talked about the honour of having the very first screening of the film globally (the cast had not seen it either!) here in Sydney at the festival.

So, lights camera action…


NERVE - Australian film premiered at the SFF and Reviewed by Salty Popcorn
NERVE – Australian film premiered at the SFF and Reviewed by Salty Popcorn


Nerve is an amazing psychological drama with a bit of thriller mixed in. It’s the story of Jakob Evans (Christian Clark) who is in the second sort of phase of an emotional breakdown after the tragic death of his wife during a car accident. He is on a personal mission to find his wife’s lover, having found them in bed together, just before her accident. He is out of rehab and seeing a psychologist. Although he may look a little bit more recovered than he may have previously, in his head he is far from it. Instead of going back home, he looks for a room away from his ‘norm’ of life to help rid some of the pain.

He meets and eventually befriends an odd and quirky girl, Grace (Georgina Haig) who to him also seems a bit ‘off the rails’. He starts renting her spare room, which is barely more than a whole in the wall, with a crappy stained mattress and a sad excuse for a light. I couldn’t help but laugh when the moment he decides to take it, she pauses, brings in a tiny chair and simply says “there..done!”


NERVE - Australian film premiered at the SFF and Reviewed by Salty Popcorn
NERVE – Australian film premiered at the SFF and Reviewed by Salty Popcorn


Because he’s not staying at home, his family are growing ever more concerned about him. They don’t know where he is and have been looking for days. Until he runs into his father in-law, Ben (Sweet) at the site where his wife Gwen was killed. They talk briefly but Jakob refuses to come home, he confides in Grace and they talk about what happened. Why he’s renting her spare room, and what he thinks of the whole situation. They talk about closure and finding the guy who Jake believes to be responsible for the whole mess. Once he has somewhat of a game plan, Jake with Grace’s help, attempts to track him down, against the advice of Jakes psychologist.

This entire film is quite bizarre but utterly captivating. I don’t know whether it was because I had seen & met the cast before seeing the feature, or whether it was just that Australian theme it had going for it but it felt real, very real. Slightly disturbing, and if you see the film you’ll understand why but almost as though it could have been a documentary, not a fictional narrative. I must give a lot of credit to the DOP- James Brown who made the film for me. I love cinematography. It will almost make or break the cinematic experience as that is why I go to the movies.. to be told a great story through a dramatic visualisation. He used some techniques and styles I have not yet seen before in any piece of work by any director, producer, filmmaker, or DOP.


NERVE - Australian film premiered at the SFF and Reviewed by Salty Popcorn. Cody photographs a big part of cast and crew
NERVE – Australian film premiered at the SFF and Reviewed by Salty Popcorn. Cody photographs a big part of cast and crew


There is a very funny scene during a sort of interrogation where Jake believes to have found his suspect. There is plenty of drama and excitement but all I wanted to do was laugh my head off. The reactions from the suspect were so original it might make you think you’re watching a friend about to be pranked. Very funny and good for such a serious narrative.

I really enjoyed this and became highly invested by the end. I felt I knew the characters and their stories for many years. I wouldn’t call this art house completely, there is a little bit of Hollywood theme but very little. It’s as real and interesting as a narrative of art can get. Mainstream fans may not enjoy it, but I have a feeling art house junkies will crave it.

For updates on the release of the film or to just plain stalk them head to their website HERE, their Facebook Page HERE or their Twitter Feed Here.

There was also a Q&A following the film and Cody got to ask a question:

Q: Kernel Cody
Great job guys, really great job. What was your favourite scene to shoot and why?
Audience laughs!
(Lead male)
Christian Clark:
A lot of what was shot was actually done in sequence. I really enjoyed the warehouse stuff. Some of those days were really hot. There was a kind of aura and mayhem that brought it all together so to do and finish it was just great. I don’t really know what I’m talking about any more but um… (hands mic to Georgina as audience laughs!)
(Lead female)
Georgina Haig:
Ah, I kind of liked the stuff in the house you know. We were sort of stuck in there for a few days and it was all cramped and fed into this sequence, a bit like with the warehouse and the heat. It was really fun, I got learn how to smoke a crack pipe! (Audience laughs) no.. I didn’t know how to do that Mum, that was a first! But it almost felt like a theatre performance ’cause we were in there all day rehearsing, and shooting and got to kind of live in the space which is always great if you get to live and ‘be in’ the space you’re working in.


3 and a Half Pops