There’s a new site on the block, it’s uber slick, it’s very informative and it offers a service to the Australian movie viewer.


This site actually approached me and asked if I would write about it and promote it to my readers, my first reaction – “go to hell” – I am a maverick, I rule, I am not for sale…. but then I visited the site and now have it saved on my desktop as a direct link. Why?

I can get times for any film at any of the commercial cinemas in the country – if I am in Darwin, sorted, if I have only one time available to see a film on the Central Coast, where I live, sorted, as I can compare the two cinemas in the area.

There are two things the site is missing that let it down slightly, 1) why no art house cinemas? this needs to be rectified but as it is a new site I have hopes that it will, of course the independents need to be involved and perhaps they only want people coming to their own sites, but a massive site like this that is like a TV guide is a necessity to make things more simple and 2) Salty Reviews are yet to be included on the site for films, but again the site is new and will learn with time to approach greatness when they see it and bring us on board – baby steps for now 🙂


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MOVITETIMES.COM.AU – great hub for all your movie times


I have been checking out over the last couple of weeks the times on and comparing it to random Hoyts sites, and so far I have only found one variance – but if the site makes an error, the bonus is you click on “BUY NOW” and it literally takes you to the cinema’s site to buy tickets – they cannot sell you the tickets unless you confirm the times.

I think this is a great idea and a nice little HUB for MOVIE TIMES. You can get all your times, all your basic film synopsis information and it is a visual site, just the way I like it – you can click on the film posters for information, you can then buy your tickets direct from the cinema’s sites and as a bonus, they have a mobile version so you can access it all on the smart phone.

I look forward to watching this site grow and recommend you check it out when you can, I am going to approach them for sponsorship. Let us know what you think and we will pass on any feedback for you.