MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT – Tom does the impossible and makes a perfect action film!!

About three or four, or maybe even ten, Tom Cruise films ago I had given up on the over-actor who runs way better than he acts. Occasionally a decent film of his would release but it was in between so many pieces of shit McDonald’s Fast Film churned and burned movies that every time a new trailer came out for a Cruise film I would just shrug in Scientilogical fatigue. But then I got to see MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT and I will scream from a Mountain Top Mr Cruise has climbed bare had while carrying a helicopter that the BEST RUNNER IN MOVIES IS BACK Y’ALL!!

Not only is Tom Cruise back near the top of my movie admiration list, but they have made a movie that is better than all the Daniel Criag BOND movies. The MISSION movies have basically become BOND movies without the arrogance, mysogyny and head stuck up its arse. It has non time for martinis and fancy suits because it is too busy giving the audience what it wants.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT is out Thursday August 2nd in Australia from the fine folks at Paramount Picture Australia. It is rated M and runs for 147 non-stop minutes. Find the biggest and loudest cinema you can find and go to the toilet before it starts as there is no downtime.


Mission: Impossible Fallout Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill image
Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill



The synopsis for this one is long, a little convoluted, and is heavily explained in the beginning with an on-screen prologue. Just put it this way, the Mission Crew get outsmarted, and it makes them look pretty dumb. To make amends they have about 48hrs before the world is blown up with nuclear weapons and they can do whatever the hell they want to find the Nukes. It is similar to most Mission Movies and most Bond movies, but it comes across as intelligent and to be honest, no one cares, this is all about taking all the action Mr Cruise has done before and amping it to a level beyond all good reason.

Tom Cruise MUST have it in his contracts that he must run in all movies. I can think of no movie where he isn’t running. He also never ages, I mean EVER. Can you believe this man is 56yrs old, I imagine him sleeping in formaldehyde at night to reverse the ageing process. With MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT they had the plan to a) make scenes were Tom can run a lot and b) make a lot of scenes that give Tom the opportunity to kill himself, while running.


Ethan Hunt out Bonds Bond


Mission: Impossible Fallout Tom Cruise image
Tom Cruise



Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise working together has finally made up for the travesty of JACK REACHER although MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT is the first in the series to break tradition. McQuarrie is the first director to direct two MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies with the previous, GHOST PROTOCOL also being his baby. Excluding the first film in the franchise the last two MI films have definitely been my favourite.

The action has gone to new heights and we all get to stare in amazement knowing it is actually Tom Cruise doing all his own stunts. His face in the bike chase scene had a few scared moments, even more so than his face dangling from a helicopter. The man literally has no fear and I do imagine when he is making Mission Impossible 8 or 9 that he will die on-set and be forever immortalised as the greatest action hero of all time.

McQuarrie’s screenplay for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT is probably the best in the franchise. It holds intelligence and blends old and new characters on a rollercoaster ride that is the best of action movies. For me not only is this the best action movie of 2018, it would make Top 10 action movies of all time and is better than any action movie in the recent Bond franchise. Ethan Hunt would destroy James Bond in a crossover movie that needs to happen. Henry Cavill stated that FALLOUT prepared him for the role of James Bond, personally I think he is way too big for Bond, but I would honestly buy a ticket to see Tom Cruise in the role, or just let that franchise die and give us more Ethan Hunt.


Mission: Impossible Fallout Henry Cavill, Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson image
Henry Cavill, Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson



Cruise = LEGEND, I’ve said enough already. The rest of the cast are more than up for it. Comic relief and comfort cast in Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames are back and as impressive as ever. Alec Baldwin steps it up a bit and has a preferable role with the inclusion of some fight scenes. Some people from older movies make an impressive return and Angela Basset gets her bitch on with aplomb. Rebecca Ferguson is probably my favourite MI or Bond girl, an equal to the boys club and one impressive action actor. Even more so when you discover she shot the entire movie while pregnant. When shooting wrapped she was 7 months pregnant!! Didn’t even notice it, but I assume bike helmets and a lot of black clothing worked a treat!

Henry Cavill was superb and it was totally worth a CGI clean shave for JUSTICE LEAGUE reshoots. His street fighting style in this was brutish A-game stuff.

This is the CIA’s mission. You use a scalpel. I prefer a hammer.

That quote pretty much sums up Cavill in the movie, he is a hammer with brains. I loved him in this, can’t wait to see what else he does out of the Superman tights.


Mission: Impossible Fallout Henry Cavill image
Henry Cavill



Let me sum up the effort put into the movie…….. The film had three thousand scene set-ups, thirteen helicopters, six pregnancies, five hiatuses, four weeks of aerial photography, three continents, a year of training for Cruise to do the HALO jump, two winters and one broken ankle. The effort Mr Cruise and Co put into MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT will payout tenfold. It is already on track to be the highest rating and highest grossing MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie and the good news from this is that they will be making more. Action movies of recent years have become fatiguing, we have seen it all, been impressed as much as we could, but MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT laughs in the face of common place and done-before, it just throws its star out of anything moving and hopes he survives. Who doesn’t love that?!?!





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