Who doesn’t love Jessica Chastain, is there anything she can’t do? I want a movie with her and Cate Blanchett as evil sisters trying to kill each other – I could see nothing better form such talents. But I am digressing into movie fantasyland. MISS SLOANE is the latest showcase of Chastain’s endless talents and yet again Kernel Jack keeps the Salty boat afloat while I gallivant overseas. MISS SLOANE is releasing in Australia on March 2nd from the fine folks at Roadshow Films. It is rated M and runs for 132mins. Thanks to the fine folks at Roadshow Films and Nixco we have 5x double passes to give away, find out after you read the below review. I need to draw these on Tuesday so you can get your tickets before release so enter quickly. Enjoy Kernel Jack’s fantastic review…..all the best…..JK.


If you’re interested in seeing MISS SLOANE this coming weekend, I have just one recommendation. Don’t leave your seat. The film clocks in at just over two hours, a runtime that may prove challenging for all those with weak bladders, but no matter how fast it fills, or how desperately you need to run to the bathroom, don’t. If you’re enjoying the movie, whatever you do, don’t leave your seat. If you are to miss just a single minute of this movie, you’re sure to fall behind, and don’t expect this movie to take its time in letting you catch back up on what you’ve missed, either.


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Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is the single most ruthless, determined and morally blind lobbyist money can buy. She dedicates her life to her job, embracing her constant fascination and obsession with winning by taking on jobs with overwhelming odds. To fulfill this burning need, she takes on a position lobbying for gun control in the United States. It’s a movement she’s not only passionate about, but one that will challenge her in all the right ways. The world is against her, making her even more determined to succeed.

While Sloane is given a talented team to work with, especially newfound friend Esme (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), it’s her opposition that could bring her down. Despite working together for what sounds like years, Pat Connors (Michael Stuhlbarg) and Elizabeth Sloane are not friends. Her intensity and disregard for people’s feelings tore them apart, Sloane getting up and moving on to bigger and better things. The two find themselves running against each other in what is easily the most important job of their careers thus far, but as Sloane dives deeper into her cause, she finds that victory comes with consequences. And these consequences may affect countless lives.


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Armed with a snappy, fast-talking screenplay that advocates for gun control and exploits corruption, MISS SLOANE works a lot better than one would expect. I went into the film not entirely sure how I’d feel, expecting something fine, but hoping for something great. The film ends up somewhere in the middle, treading the line between being a good and great film. First-time screenwriter Jonathan Perera delivers a story that’s relentlessly fast, almost exhaustingly so at times. He allows for an easy understanding of who these characters are, tying them into the relevant themes of the movie. Every scene feels intricately plotted and researched. It’s authentic almost to the point where it comes across as a true story. It’s not, the somewhat over the top final act making that very clear, but if it were, I wouldn’t be surprised.


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The character of Elizabeth Sloane is broken and detrimental, armed with a fierce personality. “Were you ever normal?” asks Mark Strong’s Rodolfo Schmidt, Sloane’s boss, at one point. His question is justifiable, as you will learn after watching the movie. She eats at the same restaurant every night, she’s an insomniac who takes pills to keep her awake, she plans her small talk conversations prior to social events, and she’s willing to throw her co-workers under the bus to achieve a desired goal. Perera understands her. She’s three dimensional, her dialogue brutal and to the point. And Jessica Chastain kills it on screen.

There’s no two ways of going about it, Elizabeth Sloane is a straight up awful person. Despite being the central protagonist of the story, as well as the title character, she’s just not a pleasant person to be around. Of course, this isn’t the first time a movie has done this, but it’s been done better. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET’s Jordan Belfort is an absolute piece of shit, yet watching his misadventures is an utter joy. Watching Elizabeth Sloane destroy the lives of everyone around her, twisting their words against them and bringing to light their inner demons, is not joyous. It’s demeaning, yet it’s Jessica Chastain who makes it work.


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Chastain carries this film proudly on her shoulders, showcasing what is her best performance since her Oscar nominated role in ZERO DARK THIRTY. She’s a cynical substance abuser who always seems to carry around plenty of weight on her shoulders. No matter what the situation is, Sloane is always three steps ahead. She’s plotting her fifth move while performing her first. This politically relevant thriller delves deep into her character, Chastain required to give a truly tremendous performance in order for this film to work, and she does. If you choose to watch any film of hers, it’s clear she’s an actress with great talent, so much so that I can see her going down as one of the all-time greats. She’s going to be remembered for decades to come.


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MISS SLOANE is a taut, provoking and fast moving political thriller with thorough characterization and a plot so intricate that it feels as though it should be true. Its length can be draining, not every scene quite as investing as the one that came before it, but with Jessica Chastain absolutely killing it in the title role, it’s a film worth watching. You don’t necessarily have to rush out and see it, but if given the opportunity, it’s some quality entertainment.




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