Surprisingly, I am a huge Metallica fan, considering I gave 4 Pops to the 1D film in the same week I say there will be a few people forehead slapping. But in my youth, when smoking way too much weed, I was part of a crazy bunch group of friends that were kind of a Laser Skirmish Team, down in Manly. It was really dark, lots of flashing lights, lots of smoking weed, and lots of thinking we were in a Tron-like warfare room. The thing was we got to choose our music and it was ONLY EVER METALLICA – it was always quite the tunes for a “no contact” sport where half of us threw the other half literally through walls and came out with many an injury – god it was fun 🙂


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And now, all these years later, arguably still the best rock and roll band of all time, have a surreal 3D extravaganza hitting the screens across the globe for FOUR DAYS ONLY. Do not miss this one people – tickets are already on sale at Hoyts, IMAX and Event. The screenings are only on THUR 10th, FRI 11th, SAT 12th and SUN 13th OCTOBER at 630pm. I recommend pre-purchasing tickets. I will also have a review for you this coming week and perhaps a T-Shirt or two up for grabs 🙂

The other thing that sold me on this film, besides the band, DANE DEHAAN, I just worship this guy on film. He plays the protagonist, TRIP. DeHaan is best known for CHRONICLE and then LAWLESS and soon to be seen as Harry Potter’s gay lover in KILL YOUR DARLINGS, and then as Harry Osborn in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. The guy just oozes cool and dorky in one persona.

This 3D extravaganza is a surreal look at Trip, as he goes on the road to get a piece of equipment that Metallica need during their concert. I wonder if his name gives the plot away. But this is no concert onscreen, this is no extended music video, this looks like Alice in Wonderland drops acid and goes through the rabbit hole.

Cannot wait.