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Love your B-grade schlock horror? Love teenage gratuitous sex and questionable dialogue? Love a good twist on a Bro’s Grimm fable? Then LITTLE DEAD ROTTING HOOD is one for you, the horror movie is out now on DVD from Gryphon Entertainment in Australia and is actually on US Netflix at the moment. Kernel Fiona Fyfe donned her red hood, baked some bickies and sat on the couch to enjoy this far from A-Grade piece of fun. LITTLE DEAD ROTTEN HOOD is rated MA15+ and runs for 90mins, enjoy Fi’s thoughts……all the best…..JK.


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LITTLE DEAD ROTTING HOOD is Jared Cohn’s latest foray into schlock horror. Some of his other credits include JAILBAIT, BOUND and ATLANTIC RIM. As the title suggests, it’s a twisted take on the old Grimm Brothers fairy tale with enough fangs and fur to provide a werewolf overdose.

Set in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains, the town of Stillwater is being terrorised by a wolf pack that is becoming increasingly more aggressive. Sheriff Adam (Eric Balfour) is drawn into the crisis when the local Wolf Lady – an old timer who dwells in the woods and has an affiliation with the hairy beasts – commits suicide and her granddaughter, Sammy, goes missing. Sammy’s boyfriend Danny (Romeo Miller) initially appears to be the only person perturbed by his girlfriend’s sudden disappearance and sets out on his own quest to find her after he becomes dissatisfied with the police effort, or lack thereof.


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The police department is a source of light relief. Patrick Muldoon plays Deputy Henry, a middle-aged keystone cop who is utterly freaked out by the bizarre goings-on in the town. Shape-shifters and zombie girls are too much for Henry. He does however, have some of the most ridiculous lines in the movie. His dialogue is so bad it’s hilarious. After a traumatic encounter in the woods with a demonic wolf girl, he profoundly comments, “what the f*** was that?” and the bleeding obvious, “this isn’t good.”

In one particularly gruesome scene after the wolves have been rampaging and mutilating the townsfolk, someone asks why it has suddenly gone quiet. The explanation provided by Sheriff Adam is that they are waiting for orders. Henry’s response – “is this a f*****g drive through?” I often wonder if veterans of the b-grade genre like Patrick Muldoon can deliver these lines with a straight face on the first take?


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To accompany the dodgy dialogue are a couple of gratuitous sex scenes. But then what would a horror movie be without a bit of soft porn? LITTLE DEAD ROTTING HOOD has given at least one actress the opportunity to bear her breasts and regret it at a future point in her career. The college kids in Stillwater are hedonistic sex fiends who take their lives in their hands amongst other body parts by fraternising in the woods. The CGI wolf creatures aside, Cohn makes a successful fist of creating a gloomy and atmospheric landscape. The blood and gore is also kept to a relatively realistic minimum with more emphasis placed on plot devices and interpersonal relationships between the characters. Having said that, a lot of scenes take place at the local 24-hour diner staffed by a meddlesome waitress who reminded me of Corabeth Godsey from THE WALTONS. Even her 1940’s hair is reminiscent of that post-menopausal busybody. The jury is out on whether the gatherings at the diner add anything meaningful to the storyline. I’m inclined to think they should have been dropped on the cutting room floor.

I really don’t mind the occasional horror movie and I think this is because I don’t watch them with the expectation that they are going to change my life. I also don’t expect a whole lot from the actors although in this case, Eric Balfour and some of his co-stars are not a complete disappointment. Given that the subject matter is supernatural meets teen sex meets possible adult love interests and a less than inspiring script, they do well with what they’ve been handed.


3 Pops


Kernel Fiona was a criminal defence lawyer in a former life and now critiques books and writes short stories. She can’t resist spending large tracts of time in libraries, book shops and at writer’s festivals. Hopelessly in love with the written word, she told JK when applying for a writing position that “I would rather read then breathe” – I knew I had my next reviewer right then. You can catch her and her tweets at @FionaJayneFyfe1

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