I thought I should probably get our review of JURASSIC WORLD published prior to it making its first billion. I sadly missed the preview screenings for this as was at a hideous film, the only one I didn’t like from the Sydney Film Festival (FOODIES), really wished I went to this instead. I did score an invite from the kind folks at Kabuku PR to attend a screening on the Saturday after release for me and three friends at IMAX Darling Harbour for a special screening in 3D with some life size dinosaur creatures walking around. This was an amazing day, not only was it my birthday, I got to spend it with two of my closest friend, Tom and Caz, added to the specialty was the fact it was Tom’s last day in the country before moving to the UK. I will always cherish this screening for that and owe abundant thanks to Kabuku for this. Enough of my personal story, stop yawning, it is time to discuss the movie. JURASSIC WORLD is out now from Universal Pictures Australia and roaring its way through box office records the world over. It is rated M and runs for 124mins.


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It’s been twenty two years since John Hammond, Dr Allan, Dr Settler, Dr Malcolm and those pesky kids escaped the initial disaster on Isla Nublar and Newman became dino fodder. For the last ten years JURASSIC WORLD has been a fully functioning theme park making squillions and showcasing oodles of dinosaurs to the public. But after operating for so long numbers are dwindling as dinosaurs aren’t new and exciting anymore. So the lab guys and the bean counters decide to make a genetically modified bigger, badder, more pissed-off dinosaur that will get the public exhilarated again and have them flocking in droves to hand over their cold hard cash. But if you know Dr Malcolm’s theory in relation to this, you know everything is about to go pear shaped.

Park administrator Claire (Howard), has her two nephews, Zac (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) visiting but she is too busy running the park to spend much time with them and then on the other side of the park, you have raptor handler, trainer and friend Owen (Pratt) playing with velociraptors and trying not to get himself or his co-workers devoured alive.


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I went in to this movie with the idea of not holding high expectations, and this way I could be impressed, impressed? I was bloody mind blown!!! THE FILM IS EPIC and it does exactly what is supposed to do. High action, high body count, scary dinosaurs, huge seat-jump moments, some heartfelt moments, kids in peril, a love story. It is exactly what Hollywood can do right.

The film is in no way perfect and there will be two camps for reviews on this one; 1) the camp that critiques it and hates it – these people will die old and lonely 2) the camp that likes to have fun, suspend disbelief and enjoy one damn fine ride. This camp will love long and be merry into old age :). As you can tell I am camp two. The film is filled with predictability, plot holes galore, two dimensional characters, poor cash grabbing 3D options but at the same time you cannot ask for anything more from this movie. The only reason JURASSIC PARK is better than this is that it introduced us to the dinosaurs, if this was the first film of the JURASSIC universe we were seeing it would be the greatest thing EVER!!




The world has gone mental for JURASSIC WORLD and I embrace the hype. It knocked THE AVENGERS from the king spot of highest grossing opening of all time and people I have spoken to have seen it multiple times already, hell I have already purchased it on pre-order for Blu Ray. The odd thing is, it hardly does anything new. And this was smart, when they made JURASSIC PARK 2 & 3 they messed too much and people didn’t like them nearly as much. This on the other hand took the formula of the original and re-made it with a modern twist and then injected it with steroids. It has the cute kids, it has the hero guy who even dresses similar but he no longer digs bones, he is ex-Navy and now wrangles bloody velociraptors. Bryce Dallas Howard’s character is all corporate and incredibly uptight, she is a new element and it works well, excluding the fact the internet has gone ape-shit mental over her entire ordeal being in high-heals (see HERE :)). There is even a computer nerd who might as well be Dr Malcolm’s offspring. It all works perfectly.

It also does something wonderfully, it pays homage to the original every chance it can, and this made me smile and cheer. The ending was epic and I knew it was coming, we deserved it, we earned it and the movie basically said, “we are awesome but you can’t beat the original.”


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I am a definite fad lover and I have always obsessed over the Jurassic universe, way back in the day I spent weeks decorating an entire cinema and painting giant murals for the release of JURASSIC PARK, it was the introduction of the new digital sound DTS back then and following the day shift of the movies release my appendix burst and I ended up hospitalised, I have a Jurassic Park scar for crying out loud and this movie brought back my much younger self and had me sitting on the edge of my seat in awe. You need the biggest cinema you can find to see this on, IMAX would be ideal and you need the best sound system you can find, the ATMOS cinemas in George St (Sydney, for example) even better. You do NOT need to see it in 3D, the 3D is post production and to be honest, pathetic, it was not the way the director intended you to see the movie so don’t bother.


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The acting is all pretty good and standard but most of the acting takes a back seat to the dinosaurs. I love Pratt, I think he rocks and this was pretty much his audition for Indiana Jones based on his persona and costume. But even Pratt himself said that he only had about four facial expressions in this movie, he needs much more than that to stand out further, he has the looks, he has the comic timing, but he needs to now build his chops and get that charisma of a great. I loved Howard in this, she has a real screen presence. I thought D’Onofrio was standard as your evil corporate military guy, again very 2D. I also loved the kids, these two kids are taking over the kid’s-on-film world. Little Ty Simpkins (Grey) is only 13yrs old and has nearly thirty pieces of acting under his belt, most notably, the kid in IRON MAN 3, Leo and Kate’s kid in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, the kid on the posters and starring in the INSIDIOUS movies and so much more. Then his older brother in this, Zach (played by Nick Robinson) is best known as the lead in THE KINGS OF SUMMER and he is about to be one of the headliners in the book adaptation of THE 5TH WAVE (I freaking love the book) and hope the movie rocks!

I have to give abundant kudos to Spielberg and Trevorrow, Spielberg exec produced this, no doubt keeping an eye on his baby, and as for Trevorrow, out of every director in Hollywood I would never have chosen him to direct this, he had one feature film – ONE!! – SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED and in no way would this be an indicator he could direct a dinosaur action movie with epic budget, but he nailed it and I clap for him. The movie also had an epic writing team, Trevorrow was involved in the writing, but so was the team who wrote the last two APES movies and are also writing the AVATAR movies, they do good blockbuster!!

JURASSIC WORLD is going to keep dominating up until the release of STAR WARS EPISODE 7. This and next year are the biggest blockbuster years in the history of the planet and we will see box office results that will hold records for a long time. I hope JURASSIC enjoys its reign at the top of the food chain.


4 Pops