I love science fiction, if made right, it’s a brilliant entry into the cannon and probably my favourite genre, seeing me cry watching the new Star Wars trailer pretty much explains my love for this genre. I take issue with people who don’t like sci-fi because, to me, it indicates a lack of imagination, and therefor thinking. Even bad science fiction can be good due to its thoughts on a part of science or it’s attempt at imagining a possibility, after all science fiction is basically a theory of an outcome based on anything science. Science fiction is not just “space movies” but this one I am reviewing, INFINI, is, and surprisingly a pretty damn good one at that. When you are asked to review a straight to DVD (or digital) release you do not get your hopes up. I was interested purely for Daniel MacPherson, I really love his work onscreen. INFINI is not getting a cinema release, it will be available to rent or purchase on iTunes and other digital platforms on May 8. To celebrate its release the good folks at eOneANZ have given us 2x SCIENCE FICTION DVD PACKS TO GIVEAWAY – Each pack will include: 1 X DVD copy of SKYLINE, 1 X DVD copy of EUROPA REPORT, 1 X DVD copy of SOURCE CODE. Pretty epic prize pack. Find out how to enter after sussing the review! INFINI is rated MA15+ and runs for 110mins and you can pre-order it HERE.




INFINI kicks off quick, Whit Carmichael (Daniel MacPherson) has a new job, he literally starts his day at work after his pregnant wife does not want him to and then all shit hits the fan. People have “slipstreamed” or basically transported in from an outer space “station” and are all killing themselves in the arrival dock, they close the base down but it is a slaughter, the only way out is for Whit to slipstream out, ending up on the god forsaken death base place, an off-world mining base. Time there moves differently so while it has only been (e.g.) 10minutes on our time it may have been a week on the station. It is ascertained that everyone on the station but Whit Carmichael is dead and after the initial slaughterfest is contained a bunch of military space dudes and dudettes slipstream in to salvage Whit Carmichael.

My issue with this is that Whit Carmichael would never be seen as important enough to send an entire squad to rescue, for a biological outbreak they would more than likely slipstream in a nuke and be done with it.


Inifini movie image
Claire (Grace Huang) in a scene from INFINI, directed by Shane Abbess.


First of all, this movie is way way way way way more impressive than I was expecting. I thoroughly enjoyed it and while it did not add too much to the genre it was incredibly interesting to watch this ode/pastiche to/of the 70s/80s science fiction genre. The film has elements of THE THING, ALIENS, SUNSHINE, THE SPHERE and EVENT HORIZON. It never reaches the level of awesome of these mentioned films but it does a damn good job climbing towards them.

The biological outbreak causes people to turn into completely murderous death machines intent on survival through elimination of all threats and the film embraces hallucination and psychology decline of individuals, Daniel MacPherson is sublime in this roll, him losing his shit and slowly becoming a psycho nut-job requiring euthanasia is impressive, this does nothing but confirm my appreciation of his acting talents, a truly underrated Aussie that needs some more high profile roles!

INFINI is directed by Shane Abbess who has returned to Australia after seven years in Hollywood working on multiple projects but never filming, a tedious affair that has kept him paid but inactive onscreen. He decided to hit up Hollywood after his impressive debut with GABRIEL (2007). Abbess delves into the evilness of the characters, overwhelmed by a schizophrenic smothering. Murderous insanity starts appearing in every character through a series of rapid and hallucinogenic montages, accompanied by crazy internal dialogues and imagery, we see a huge decline in all the protagonists even our lead character, who has the best struggle, refraining from annihilating everyone in his path. Imagine giving war junkies a heap of weaponry and then filling them up on a shitload of LSD – you have our team :).


Infini movie image
Whit Carmichael (Daniel MacPherson) in a scene from INFINI, directed by Shane Abbess.


All the cast is impressive, Grace Huang needed more screen time, but was enjoyable. Totally loved seeing Luke Ford, his performance was up there with MacPherson’s – he needs more roles!! And you may notice a certain Hemsworth, nope not Thor, nope not the other freaking hot one, but their older brother Luke, and yep, screw the genes in that family! Equally as gorgeous!

The sets are brilliant and reused in different set ups to give more rooms and it is cleverly done. It appears like a huge budget Aliens movie with the sets and everything about this production being top notch, it looks like it has a lot of money in it.

Let downs for me:

1) Character development, very low, the schizophrenic insanity is at the forefront of the movie so little development is achieved, you know Carmichael is struggling so you get a good sense of his character, the others, not so much, more fodder.

2) The ending, it has a nice reveal but it is not as climactic as I would have hoped, a little like the ending of THE SPHERE. It does, however, open it up for a sequel, a sequel that I would like to see explored, but find highly unlikely we will ever see.

3) Some great elements in the movie, that slipstreaming look is very JACOB’S LADDER, loved it, but the whole slipstreaming and other elements of the science fiction that are in the movie as small pieces I wanted more of. They were incidental but were also huge new items introduced to the genre and they weren’t given as much attention as I wanted.


Infant movie image
Daniel McPherson looking very bad boy, insane, and incredibly hot!!


It’s not must see, it’s not brilliant but it is definitely not horrible in any way, in fact, it is a science fiction movie I will watch again and is a nice addition into the genre. INFINI is available to rent or purchase on iTunes and other digital platforms on May 8, get into it and let me know what you think! 


4 Pops


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