Is INCREDIBLES 2 Worthy of a Fourteen Year Wait?

Way back in 2004, when I was just starting out in my thirties an animated superhero movie burst on to the big screen. THE INCREDIBLES is still one of the best Pixar and superhero movies of all time. Adults and children, every nationality, every gender and basically anyone with a pulse who has seen it will tell you the same thing, it is INCREDIBLE (no apologies for that haha). It normalised heroes with a family setting and made fun of the genre while also giving said genre one of its best inclusions. As soon as the credits rolled the world cried out for more. And then we waited nearly one and a half decades for a return to the Parr family (and friends) defending the Earth against bad guys!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, INCREDIBLES 2 is here – out now from Disney/ Pixar. It is rated PG and is the longest Pixar movie at 118mins long.


The Incredibles 2 Family Gathering image
The Incredibles 2 Family Gathering image




The INCREDIBLES 2 story is fun and opens literally as the last one ends. They save the day, the world loves them but they must go into hiding again because as you know supers are illegal.

Along comes a fantastic corporation to the rescue in Winston and Evelyn Deavor (say Evelyn’s name a few times and mix the pronunciation up a bit). The Deavors want to build a positive image for the Incredibles and put positive spin back on to heroes. They want to market them, make them cool, and based on a damage analysis of property Elastigirl is the one they want to rebuild the Supers’ image. They do this by placing a camera on her and recording her every move. It’s a win and the world loves her and starts embracing the Supers again. But then the dastardly villain Screenslaver comes along and puts the world in peril.


As with all Pixar films you will be treated to a preceding animated short as good as the feature film. The short for INCREDIBLES 2 is titled BAO and it is about a lonely and depressed housewife. She is Japanese and the film could be set in Japan or anywhere really. As she is miserably making the evening’s meal of bao one of them comes alive and we spend 5mins living a lifetime with the bao who she raises as her child. It is heartfelt and marvellously animated in true Pixar fashion. You will laugh and you may even get a little emotional. It’s worth every second.


The Incredibles 2 Elastigirl image



Director and Edna, Brad Bird, stated back in the early 2010s that he would only ever make a sequel to THE INCREDIBLES if a story came along that was as good as the original or better. Then in 2013 he announced he was very eager to make a sequel to THE INCREDIBLES. Then in 2014 Bird and Disney’s CEO Bob Iger announced a sequel was in the works and Bird himself was writing the story. Four years later out comes the movie we have today. It is a fantastic feeling to be back with the Parr family and their escapades and the movie is bloody awesome but it’s no match for the first instalment. I mean could it ever be? It’s been on a pedestal insurmountably high for fourteen years! It is cool to see the family again but my head did not explode with the amazement I was in need of. I am looking forward to owning it on Blu Ray and seeing them back to back – this will work!!


The Incredibles 2 Dash, Violet and Mr Incredible image
The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack, Dash, Violet and Mr Incredible



Flash to Mr Incredible facing his biggest challenge of all time, looking after the kids and being a stay-at-home dad! It is in these moments with the kids that the movie truly shines. Seeing Bob with the kids was hysterical as he tries to do everything right. His discovery that math has changed is a winner and seeing the discovery of Jack-Jack start developing powers provides enormous laughs, his fight with the racoon was one of the winning scenes of the movie.

The movie follows a similar path as the original by separating the family but this time it’s all about girl power. Elastigirl takes centre stage, Evelyn Deavor has a lead and more intelligent role out of the Deavor duo, and Violet has some scene stealing moments – in fact, Violet has the single most hysterical scene in the movie, I was crying so hard hahaha.

Nearly everyone is back on board. Craig T. Nelson returns as Bob/ Mr Incredible, Holly Hunter and her signature voice returns as Helen/ Elastigril and Sarah Vowell is back on board as Violet. Sadly Spencer Fox couldn’t be Dash in this one because, you know, puberty and voice breakage but Huck Milner nails it. Samuel L. Jackson returns without his signature profanity as Frozone, and everyone’s favourite character Edna is voiced again by the director himself, Brad Bird. You may recognise Catherine Keener as Evelyn Deavor and Winston Deavor is voiced by Saul himself, Bob Odenkirk. The voice acting is marvellous by all but Bird steals the show as that voice of Edna. New greatest duo of all time goes to Edna and Jack-Jack, all I wanted was more scenes with these characters!!

The music is also a winner with it’s fantastic jazzy score from Michael Giacchino, it gives the film that old-school Superman feel, a film-noir superhero animation if you will.


The Incredibles 2 Working Family image
Working Family



Is INCREDIBLES 2 worthy of a 14yr wait? I expected a lot more after this long but it was still an amazing outing being back with some of my favourite superheroes and, well, Bird was still getting over making TOMORROWLAND, perhaps not in his finest form. It is fun, it is exciting and some of the action scenes will highly impress. INCREDIBLES 2 is going to make a gazillion dollars but it just wasn’t incredible (BOOM – I did it again). Now please, for the love of god give us an Edna movie or a Jack-Jack movie or even better an Edna and Jack-Jack movie, it could be like DEVIL WEARS PRADA meets Baby HELLRAISER!!!!





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