So this is the end, the Wolfpack are back for one last romp in The Hangover 3 – thank bloody god – it is like Sex and The City 3 🙂 The film has some awesome funny bits which produce gut busting laughs but besides that it is a mess.

The Official Synopsis:

“The Hangover Part III” is the third and final film in director Todd Phillips’ record-shattering comedy franchise. This time, there’s no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off.

All bets are off alright – the one good thing, it is not a copy of the first two films, which were carbon copies of each other but in different locations but due to that it has lost its core. It is without its premise of waking up and making sense of what has happened – as opposed to being present for it all.


The Hangover Part 3 Giraffe Poster
The Hangover Part 3 Giraffe Poster



As usual Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong get all the laughs, they seriously have some hysterical moments. But it is like Jackass, it is about upping the idiocy to produce people’s laughs. I found the film has built Chow into a heroic lead character, he can be funny and has the best one liners but he did not need to be such a centre of attention. As for Galifianakis, everyone knows the character and it is all about, what will Alan say, or do, next. I noticed the audience was overly prepared for laughing at Alan but most of it did not hit its mark, they would start laughing at him because that is what was expected but then the laughter would end abruptly when they discovered it really wasn’t that funny, or they had already seen that line or joke from the trailer. I maybe sounding harsh, he has a few lines that had me laughing so hard little  bits of wee came out, but it was about 1/2 the laughter experienced in the first film of the franchise. Discovery was over, Alan is familiar.


The Hangover Part 3 - happily concluded
The Hangover Part 3 – happily concluded


I never realised this would turn into a negative review, but there was so much that annoyed me. Bradley Cooper’s character, Phil, is a tool, I found it completely unneccesary for him to think the killing of a giraffe was hilarious and why say “so, Alan killed a giraffe, who gives a fuck?”. The giraffe scene is one of the funniest of the film and one that did not get all shown in the trailer but I disliked Phil from that moment forward, such a selfish tool 🙂 I still love Stu but feel so sorry for Doug (Justin Bartha), was it really necessary to abandon him again, it was like another slap in the face, why even have him, why not say “he’s been kidnapped” from the very beginning and then not pay him. I honestly thought he could at least be part of the film for once!


The Hangover Part 3 - happily concluded
The Hangover Part 3 – happily concluded


And my last rant of negativity, John Goodman, this guy is a comic genius, he is playing the character Marshall, a role people like Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr were considered for, and yet this is the most under utilised and wasted character in near film history. An idiot could have played this role, if you have John Goodman playing a mafia boss, then bloody use him!!

It is good seeing Melissa McCarthy in the film, her scene with Phil was as enjoyably uncomfortable as it should have been but again another under-utilised actor.

Enough of the negative, the film has plenty of laughs and teenage boys will love it, as will die hard Hangover fans. The funniest part of the film is literally two minutes into the credits, it had me crying and was more in vain of the first two films. DO NOT GET UP AND LEAVE AS SOON AS THE CREDITS START.


The Hangover Part 3 - happily concluded
The Hangover Part 3 – happily concluded


I had a fun evening out with good friend Tom at this one, we got to discover the most beautiful Sydney eatery I have eaten at in years – review will be coming up on my foodie site WWW.SPOONINGAUSTRALIA.COM for the most amazing Miss Chu’s. We gorged at that first, then gorged on free popcorn and drink – highlight of the evening was watching Tom trip up the stairs coming back from the loo then sit down and knock his popcorn over me. GOLD 🙂 Even funnier, “don’t tell anyone – I sound like a ditz”. LOL – at the end we were given free bottle openers and high grade Hangover 3 energy shots which are explained as high grade powerful caffeine hit – thanks for the warning – that would have put me in hospital and given me a heart attack – great end to the night 🙂

If you are a Hangover fan this could go either way for you – it will be like a 20yr school reunion – you will love seeing the old crew again, but it will never lift to the level of fun you had back in the day.

Out today in most cinemas and worth a sad 2 pops.


2 Pops


3 Pops


3 and a Half Pops