GOOD VIBRATIONS is a muso film that has been killing it overseas. It is about Terri Hooley’s life, a record-store owner instrumental in developing Belfast’s punk-rock scene. When I read the words, muso film, I just forwarded the invite to Kernel Andrew, this is his field, I am so relic now I have moved to talkback on, wait for it, the AM band hahaha. So unless it’s an old Australian band, Bieber or 1D you really want to read Andrew’s thoughts on this film :). GOOD VIBRATIONS is currently sitting on 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, out of 25 critics. The film runs for 103mins, is yet to be rated (I am going to throw it out there and have a guess at M) and it is releasing on my birthday, when I get another year older, June 12th. Good news is that thanks to the amazing peeps at CURIOUS FILM we have 10X doubles passes to giveaway, find out down below on how to enter and if the film is playing at a cinema convenient to you. Enjoy Andrew’s review below………………..all the best………………JK.





Sometimes out comes a film which should be seen by everybody but gets a limited marketing campaign, limited press and generally flies under the radar. GOOD VIBRATIONS, made by husband and wife team Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barso D’Sa, is such a movie (directed by the former, written by the later). It is based on the true stories of Terri Hooley who is known as the Godfather of Belfast Punk. So obviously it is/was a big deal in Northern Ireland. Sadly for the rest of the world it has not been given the due attention that it should, although luckily for us, CURIOUS is getting it released in Australia.

So who is Terri Hooley (Richard Dormer) you may ask? Well Hooley was the man who believed that music was the answer to the troubles between Catholics and the Protestants through some of the worst times in modern Northern Irish history (the period known as The Troubles). Terri sees the world a little bit differently (he was blinded as a child in one eye, a scene we see quite early in the picture) from everyone else around him. Refusing to affiliate with either side, Terri finds that the coming of the Troubles and the end of the hippy period sees old friends becoming enemies and simmering tensions breaking out into outright violence. Many flee to London, but that’s not Terri’s style. Instead he consults with his wife (Jodie Whittaker) and decides to open up his eponymous, ironically named record store on one of the city’s most bombed streets.




He starts the seminal Good Vibrations record label and store. This determined stand eventually sees Hooley discover and then release The Undertones genius “Teenage Kicks” unto the world. If you are asking who are The Undertones get thee to Wikipedia or Google and then listen. It was the only track that the legendary DJ Sir John Peel played back to back on his radio show on BBC1. The movie explores all of this but goes further. It explores the man, the myth and the angry streets of his hometown.

The success of The Undertones could have made the man a millionaire but this major turning point in the movie shows Hooley to be a very rigid (perhaps even selfish protagonist). Instead of asking for money to move The Undertones over to a major label he signs over all rights for a new £500 van and a signed photo of The Shangri-Las. This would be and is an hilarious scene but then we remember that Hooley has just had a young child and the family is really struggling on ideals alone. It’s tough to fully respect the man for acting as a father figure to hundreds of young punks when he fails to fill the same role in his own home.

But that is what makes this movie so special. It is a warts and all account of an important figure in Northern Irish music but one that is not all happy and upbeat. At some points the Punk Godfather really has no clothes.




I won’t reveal too much of the plot, I want people to see this excellent movie, but suffice to say it’s very well structured. It gives us a potted history of the period, from our hero’s first encounter with the first Mrs Hooley, to Hooley setting up his infamous record store, discovering punk almost by accident, and finally facing the closure of his record shop (due to his passion being far greater than his business sense). This crisis leads to a rousing fundraiser at the Ulster Hall where the punks of Belfast come to the stores rescue in true Hooley style with mixed results. I won’t spoil it but it’s true to the Hooley legend.

Richard Dormer plays Hooley impeccably. Part oddball, part genius visionary, he is the archetypal crazed fanatical music fan. Two other familiar faces to most will be Liam Cunningham (familiar to GOT fans as Davos Seaworth, in fact Dormer will soon be in GOT himself) as well as Dylan Moran who both acquit themselves very well.

All in all this movie is a must see for any music fan.





Australian Cinemas June 12:

Cinema Nova
Palace Brighton Bay
Palace Centro
Palace Como
Palace Electric

Palace Leederville
Palace Norton St
Palace Nova Eastend
Palace Verona

State Cinema

New Zealand Cinemas June 12:

Alice Cinematheque
Basement Cinema
Paramount Theatre
Penthouse Cinema
Rialto Newmarket
Rialto Dunedin
The Gecko (19/06/14)


4 and a Half Pops


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