I’ll just get out out there to kick off the review………GET OUT is my favourite movie of 2017 (so far). A post-modernitistic cerebral horror movie made for the time on a limited budget with sublime results. Intelligent beyond its intentions and so clever in sticking its tongue-in-cheek bird to middle America and the Trump right-wing. I am so in love with this movie I am already planning my second cinema visit. It releases a little behind the U.S. only starting this Thursday 4th May in Australia. It is releasing from the folks at Universal Pictures, runs for 104mins and is rated MA15+. 


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I had no idea what I was in for on my way to the screening. The first time I heard about the movie it was put on my MUST WATCH LIST. I never watched a trailer and had only seen the movie poster and the much used image of Daniel Kaluuya above. That above image was enough for me, I was in. 

The premise is simple. African American, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), is off to meet the white girlfriend (Allison Williams and Rose Armitage)‘s parents on their property out in the country. They appear old-money people and Rose hasn’t informed her parents that Chris is black. Chris is a little nervous at meeting the parents already but when they arrive the parents, Missy (Catherine Keener) and Dean (Bradley Whitford), advise Rose and Chris it’s their annual shindig and lots of the “family” will be in attendance. Chris notices everything is a little odd and then discovers the other “black” people on the property are definitely the weirdest of the lot, and the help. Missy is a psychologist and hypnotist and after running into Missy late one night, after sneaking out for a cigarette, things get exponentially crazy-weird for Chris. 

I can’t really tell you more than that because it needs to be experienced.


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Think Hitchcock-styled movie in the vein of THE STEPFORD WIVES set in something quite Middle America. It feels like it is set in the belt of what used to be historic slave territory but the area is fairly generic in recall. It is not true horror in the sense, it is more an intelligent, perfectly paced total mind-fuck that gives a social commentary on not only the fear of racism but the racism that is still alive in Trump’s America. Nice tea-cups will also now make your fear files.

From an early run-in with the po-po the movie sets a tone of unease and you just know there is something horrible coming. It is this paranoid feeling that will envelope you and keep you on edge. And that paranoia is the success of GET OUT, you won’t know whether to run out of the cinema screaming, laugh hysterically or close your eyes. One bonus of GET OUT is the perfectly placed comic relief. The audience grabs hold of anything it can laugh at and hugs the shit out of it. LilRel Howery (below) is the largest comic contributor and basically steals every scene he’s in. 


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Jordan Peele, of Key & Peele fame, has broken movie records. He is the first African American writer-director to have a $100 million debut film. GET OUT was made on a shoe-string $4.5MIL budget, and took sixteen days for it earn 25 times that at the domestic box office. The domestic box office results alone are currently over $170MIL and it hasn’t really had much international release for now.

Peele’s sketches on Key & Peele contain quite a few satirical insights on modern racism. One of his known sketches revolves around the fear a black man has walking through a white neighbourhood. This is now the SCREAM-styled opening of GET OUT. Another of his sketches is about a bunch of zombies who refuse to eat back people, I need to see this one!! He was perfect for GET OUT and wrote, directed and produced it all. I expect he is getting a lot of offers currently flooding in for next projects.

I would go so far to say this is already a horror classic and will make many top horror lists for years to come. It feels very 80s in its delivery but is addressed to modern America. It also goes to show that greatness can still come from a damn good story and exceptional delivery.


I never realised Aussie Toby Oliver ACS was the D.O.P. on GET OUT. I remember his fantastic work on BENEATH HILL 60, BEACONSFIELD and WOLF CREEK 2 – never noticed how much he likes filming in claustrophobic environments. He does some simple and effective cinematography in this that definitely adds to the tension. I am so curious how they shot the “Sunken Place” scenes. And the staring direct to camera scenes were also highly effective.

Michael Abels’ composition will also add a layer of awesome to your viewing experience. Abels is an African-American composer known for his orchestra works Global Warming, Delights  & Dances, and Urban Legend, and choral pieces such as Be The Change and Limitless. With a “keen ear for musical color and a deft ability to adapt structural elements from popular music into the symphonic idiom” (Houston Chronicle), Michael Abels has gained widespread recognition for his orchestral music. His composition for GET OUT sounds like THE OMEN meets ROSEMARY’S BABY with a good splash of Haitian/ Latin voodoo chanting. I have been listening to it on loop all afternoon.


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Just phenomenal. I vaguely remember Daniel Kaluuya in CHATROOM and embarrassingly from JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN but his performance in this is leading actor brilliance. He is about to become HUGE! His under breath comments, subtle comedy and pure terror were just fantastic. Alison Williams played Peter Pan opposite Christopher Walken’s Hook in a live action telecast production but besides that I don’t really know her. She was great and I loved her more towards the end of the movie. 

LilRel Howery nailed it as Rod, one of my favourite characters. Special mentions to Marcus Henderson and Betty Gabriel as the creepy as all hell Walter and Georgina. 

That leaves the last two to mention. Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener as Mr and Mrs Armitage. So good to see Whitford on-screen, still my favourite character from THE WEST WING. And as for Kenner, she makes one of my Top 10 actresses of all time, she can do no wrong.


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GET OUT is a modern horror masterpiece that will get inside your head and mess it up. It is a cleverly crafted 80s style horror with much needed comic relief, marvellous acting and a commentary on racism that is perfect for the current U.S. climate. It also has one of the most satisfying endings in recent years. I am seeing it again at the cinemas, I will own in on Blu Ray, will have the poster up in my house and it will make my Top 5 movies of 2017. It doesn’t get much better than that.





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