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Salty Popcorn is back in action. Apologies to everyone for three weeks of inaction – after nine days of no internet you may have noticed that Salty Popcorn is now a brand spanking new website. Annoyingly this has taken me about sixty hours to design the and lose my shit with myself and the developers trying to navigate settings and thousands and thousands of pieces of annoying code. However the good news is that I bloody love the new page and I hope you are ready. Furthermore we have over forty articles that we need to churn out, haven’t even posted a single review for Sydney Film Festival yet. It will be a busy few weeks indeed!! No better way to start that with this giveaway to win an entire TV show of FRIED on DVD.


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First article off the block is a giveaway that has been waiting forever. Nicholas from Nixco, has been patiently waiting for me to post this review. It has been sitting in the queue waiting for me to get the site at least viewable before I released it to the inter-webs.

FRIED follows the staff in the struggling Croydon branch of fast food chain, “Seriously Fried Chicken”. We follow the group as they navigate the greasy world of nugget vending under the watchful gaze of Mary, their eternally optimistic but desperately ineffectual branch manager. Her job is coveted by bitter assistant manager Derek, who’s been working at the restaurant “since if were a Wimpy”.

Then there’s geeky teenager Joe, who only has eyes for Amara; and the man who’s decided they’re best friends – foul-mouthed and relentlessly self-absorbed Ed; and the older, always riled Shontal. Every week the team have to deal with the customers, each other and the indelible smell of oil.

FRIED is dry silly English comedy that will appeal to the stoners and people of English humour. I laughed a fair bit but became terribly annoyed with the people – why couldn’t Mary just fire them all!! Or even kill them all hahaha.


Fried TV Show image of the cast



With special thanks to  and BBC 3 to win one of the 3X DVDs of FRIED you need to either like and share/ retweet this post on Facebook/Twitter/ Google+/ Pinterest/ LinkedIn/ Flipboard or Instagram (all the links to follow us are on the top right of homepage). Further to this you then need to leave a comment below stating the answer/s to the following questions:

What is your favourite TV show centred around food and why?  

If you do not have social media then you can still enter, leave your entry below in the comments and then email me at telling me you don’t have social media (you still need to enter on the website).

This is a game of skill and selected purely on the thoughts of the judges.

The prizes will be drawn on or before July 15th. Good luck! Oh, and minor housekeeping – huge apologies for overseas readers, this  is only available to Australian residents.



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