FORREST GUMP is a legendary film that you will love or you will hate, most will love it – it was incredible for me, how many of you quoted the “life is like a box of chocolates” or “my momma always said…” and what about “Run Forrest Run”? Hmmm? Well time to feel old, you are now older as the film is now 20yrs FREAKING old. Two bloody decades ago the film came out – I remember it clear as day, the film was expected to be a flop and made squillions – and Hanks took a percentage hahaha #overnightrichman. Well to celebrate the 20th anniversary of FORREST GUMP the lovely people at Paramount Pictures Australia have given us 3x COPIES OF THE FILM ON BLU RAY to giveaway. Mind blowingly awesome!!! Do not stress if you miss out – FORREST GUMP – yours to own today on Blu-ray – you can now buy it from most reputable outlets. See way down below John’s short review (lol) of a film he truly loves and has much passion for to find out how to win. My momma always says Salty Popcorn comps are awesome 🙂 FORREST GUMP is rated M and runs for 142mins. All the best……JK.





The 67th Academy Awards ceremony honoured the best in film for the year of 1994. Among those being considered for an Oscar were such greats as PULP FICTION, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, LEGENDS OF THE FALL, THE LION KING, and Australia’s own THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT. All of these films are true classics of cinema, but that particular year held one other gem. This particular movie was nominated for a staggering thirteen Academy Awards, a feat that had been matched on only four other occasions and surpassed only once in the history of the Oscars at that time. Even today, twenty years later, only five additional films have been nominated for thirteen or more awards. It would go on to win six of them, including all the major scalps at that year’s ceremony: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Visual Effects, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing. I am of course referring to the box office smashing FORREST GUMP.




Director Robert Zemeckis (BACK TO THE FUTURE) wowed audiences with this beautifully filmed dramatic fictional-biopic. Starring Tom Hanks (CAPTAIN PHILLIPS) in the titular role, FORREST GUMP tracks the journey of Greenbow, Alabama resident Forrest Gump, from his birth in 1944 through to the film’s end in 1982. Set in “present day” 1981, the majority of the film is presented as a retelling of Forrest’s life, as he narrates his story to random passersby while waiting at a bus stop. From birth, Forrest is a crippled and slow-witted individual, coddled by his mother for his mental and physical handicaps, and spurned and dismissed by his contemporaries for much the same reason. Growing up, Forrest finds friendship in fellow school student Jenny Curran, played by Robin Wright (HOUSE OF CARDS). While being chased by bullies on his way home, Forrest overcomes his physically crippled nature when Jenny yells out to him, “run Forrest, run!” This was to be the first of many classic Forrest Gump quotes. Breaking free of his leg braces, Forrest sprints along roads and across fields, joyously exclaiming to the audience, “From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running!”

And run he did, out from the pages of Eric Roth’s (THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON) marvellously adapted screenplay and into our hearts. Along the way, Forrest became a prodigious athlete, football star, and table tennis champion. He fought bravely in Vietnam alongside Gary Sinise’s (CSI:NY) Lieutenant Dan Taylor and Mykelti Williamson’s (JUSTIFIED) Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue, before receiving America’s highest military award the Medal of Honor and an honourable discharge. With Lt. Dan by his side, Forrest became one of the most successful shrimping boat captains in America, before getting “invested in some kind of fruit company” start-up (Apple Computers) and becoming a millionaire.

Forrest also met Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and three different Presidents. He was influential in aiding Presley to develop his signature hip swing dance, gave Lennon the idea for his critically acclaimed song “Imagine,” and was instrumental in bringing down President Nixon via the Watergate scandal, all of which he did without realising what was transpiring.




But that is just Forrest Gump to a T! His childlike innocence and delightfully touching naivety combine to make an individual whose soul knows no hatred, despite the horrors his flesh has witnessed. He helps others without reason, he brings hope without trying, and he heals with nothing more than one of mama’s old sayings, simply because it is all that his peaceful nature will allow him to do. As he states in the film “I am not a smart man, but I know what love is,” he gives his love freely and bountifully to all who will accept it, leaving a glorious mark on the hearts of all those he has touched. Though the position was offered to other big stars including John Travolta and Bill Murray, I could not imagine anyone other than Hanks in the role of Forrest. He brought that character to life in such a spectacular way, one that is rarely seen in cinema these days. With today’s mainstream audiences more focused on action and adventure, deep and achingly powerful character development seems almost to be a forgotten art. Hanks is fantastically emotive and beyond astonishing in this role, a worthy recipient of his Oscar.

Sinise is equally as powerful in his portrayal. A military man born into a military family of ancient roots, he firmly believes his destiny is to die in glorious battle. When robbed of his fate by Forrest’s selfless actions, Lt. Dan succumbs to bitter resentment and anger. Rescued from his darkness years later by Forrest once again, Lt. Dan and Forrest forge a close bond through the chaos of Hurricane Carmen, where Lt. Dan learns to putdown his burden and finally know peace. Sinise’s depiction of both joyous highs and aching lows is a true tribute to his acting prowess. He believably displays a wide gamut of emotional states in this film and carries the audience member along his tumultuous journey.

Williamson’s portrayal of Bubba is a match to those above. As Forrest put it, “Bubba was my best good friend, and even I know that ain’t something you can find just around the corner.” Bubba’s interaction with Forrest acts to spur and encourage Forrest onto his later deeds. Bubba is of an equally simply minded nature to Forrest and the two of them form a fast friendship whose echo stays with Forrest for the rest of his life. Bubba’s death is one of the most emotional moments of the film for me, and let me tell you, there are quite a few of those. I cried like a baby during their final moments together. Williamson’s performance in all of his scenes is flawless.




Then there is Robin Wright’s Jenny. Ah Jenny. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. This character personifies all that is wrong with modern times. Abused by her father from a very young age, Jenny rebels against authority and the world in general. Caught up in drugs, violence, adult entertainment, promiscuity, and disease, Jenny’s self-destructive direction takes her to the very edge. Constantly popping in and out of Forrest’s life, Jenny acts as a counterbalance to his kind disposition. A force of pain and anguish that was beaten into her from birth, she reminds audiences of the grief that lies outside the walls of Forrest’s gentle nature. They are two sides of the same coin, Jenny and Forrest. Forrest’s love of Jenny causes him to chase after her throughout his life, Jenny’s inner turmoil and fear of affection forces her to constantly run away. They care for each other deeply, each in their own way, and eventually reach a reconciliation and understanding. Jenny learns that constantly fleeing from the horrors of her past is not the only way, and finds a certain measure of peace before the end. Wright’s portrayal of this force of anarchy and madness is magnificent to behold. She takes audience members on a rollercoaster of emotion, making you feel each depressing moment as if it were your own. Wright and Hanks perform beautifully beside each other, making their scenes together some the most powerful in the film.

The soundtrack for FORREST GUMP is equally as impressive as the scenes the songs accompany. Showcasing classic hits from the eras in question, Zemeckis brings together a masterwork of music to both delight the senses and set the stage. Perfectly in keeping with the tone of the moment, the choice of track enhances an already emotive film, immersing the audience even further into Zemeckis’s masterpiece.




The special effects are also of note. From creating a crowd of a hundred thousand strong out of only fifteen hundred extras, to napalm explosions in Vietnam. From digitally inserting Forrest into archival footage of presidents, to removing Sinise’s legs through the power of CGI, company Industrial Light & Magic outdid themselves with their flawless work.

I could go on forever about the wonder of this movie. There is just so much to joyously exclaim about, that I struggle to keep this review concise. FORREST GUMP is nothing short of a gorgeous film, beautifully shot and acted, with powerful and emotive scenes that stay with the viewer years after the film first aired. It became the fastest grossing Paramount film at the time of its release, breaking records left and right, and continues to be a favourite among critics and fans alike. Mama’s wise words and Forrest’s own phrases have passed into common vernacular, with their meaning and impact lessened not at all in the two decades since their first utterance. To conclude, I would like to end with a classic Forrest line:

“That’s all I have to say about that.”


5 Pops


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