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I love dance shows, dance movies and dancers, it is/ they are beautiful and elegant. When I was much much younger I started out dancing and really wish I pursued that path in life. Sadly now I have to live the life of a beautiful dancer vicariously through TV shows of the fiction and non-fiction variety, movies and the ballet or theatre when I can afford a ticket. CENTRE STAGE wins for my favourite dance movie, I watch it at least once a year and never tire of it. Then for more darker viewing of course BLACK SWAN makes a mark. So it was with much joy when I was asked by the fine folks at Defiant Screen Entertainment if we would like to review and giveaway FLESH AND BONE on DVD. A new dark look into the world of ballet. SOLD.


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From Emmy® Award-Winning Writer and Executive Producer Moira Walley-Beckett (BREAKING BAD), FLESH AND BONE follows Claire, a young ballet dancer with a troubled past, as she joins a prestigious ballet company in New York. The dark, gritty, complex series unflinchingly explores the drama, dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world. Claire is emotionally wounded, sexually damaged, and possesses self-destructive tendencies amid her vaulting ambitions. She is a transcendent ballerina, but her inner torment and aspirations drive her in compelling, unforeseeable ways.


As mentioned the show is produced by Moira Walley-Beckett of BREAKING BAD fame, as for the directors, every episode has a different helmer (excluding the last two). This offers a very different approach and steerage to the show and could be seen more as acts in the production. You can’t argue with the credentials, the list of credits to the directors is mind boggling and it shows in a beautiful tight and suave looking show.

  • Nelson McCormick (PRISON BREAK, 24, ALIAS, THE WEST WING)

Of the directors I thought Michôd’s instalment, the first episode, really set the bar high, call it bias perhaps but I loved his episode the most, the others are all good however and the show steers a truly dark journey in this world that plays more like it’s own ballet tragedy. There is the princess, the past, the evil all around and the nice Quasimodo character that even lives under her “castle.”


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The show decided to go with mostly unknown and unskilled actors who could truly dance. It leaves us with some scenes not quite fleshed out but it also ensures the dancing is sublime. Lead actress and eventually dance, Claire Robbins (Sarah Hay) is a fluid and flawless dancer. She is an emotionally raw actor that portrays a scarred and introverted character in a world of hell. She has the incestuous brother hunting her down, she has the insane megalomaniac company artistic director who would be happy to see his dancers die if it means the production would be ideal. Adding to this is a bunch of competitive vipers, I mean other dancers, an environment that influences competition to ensure only the best move forward while at the same time sees the souls and empathy of the dancers disintegrate.

Ben Daniels as Paul Grayson, an Artistic Director of the American Ballet Company and total asshole of the show is great in his role, the over the top douchebag that will do anything for his show and believes he is a god among men. Raychel Diane Weiner as Daphne Kensington, an ambitious New Yorker from a privileged background who also moonlights as a stripper was a great addition to the cast and one of my faves. Just wait until you see your apartment, and her closet – just WOW!!!!

Damon Herriman is great as Romeo, our homeless Quasimodo who lives under Claire’s building, loved his character that oddly balanced out the world of dance with some grounding in reality. And I have crushed on Sascha Radetsky ever since his performance in CENTRE STAGE, he is just gorgeous and was such a beautiful soul in that movie. It broke my heart that in FLESH AND BONE, as Ross, he is a womanizing principal dancer. He was the one I wanted to be there for Claire, to be that knight in stocking armour again, alas, he plays a douche. But nice to see him onscreen again. He’s still got it.


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I loved FLESH AND BONE and am truly saddened they ended it after the first season of eight hour long episodes. It was a skilled production that was made well. The show does go a tad weird and more towards the darker end of the dancing show scale of BLACK SWAN as opposed to CENTRE STAGE but I enjoyed that. All I picture now is that dancing troupes and ballet companies are truly a cesspool of evil and worshippers of the dark lord who want each other dead so they can have the better part. The insanity and physical pain they appear to destroy themselves with for the benefit of their art is both crazy and something that gains my respect. See FLESH AND BONE for some beautiful choreography and some dark dark storylines in the world of ballet, a world displayed in perfect exaggerated realism.


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