FAHRENHEIT 11/9: Michael Moore Looks at the Trump Era

Michael Moore is back – Kernel Jack reviews his latest film, FAHRENHEIT 11/9, and describes the documentarian’s latest work as “the most horrifying movie currently playing about an American named Michael.” It rings true – he might sound like a crazy person on his milk crate screaming “the end is nigh” but the most horrific thing is Moore is rarely wrong and he truly does speak for the people, even the brainwashed people who can’t see through their rose tinted glasses. FAHRENHEIT 11/9 is out now from Madman Films at art-house cinemas, it is rated M and runs for 125mins. 

Enjoy Jack’s thoughts on this scary truth celluloid……all the best…..Salty.


Consider this film a cry for help. “The America I want to go back to is one we’ve never had,” says director and narrator Michael Moore at one point during his latest documentary FAHRENHEIT 11/9, a play on the title of his earlier film, FAHRENHEIT 9/11. This is a movie begging for change; begging for the people of this world to bond together and rise up to make a better life. It’s funny in the ways Moore typically is, but frightening in its hard-hitting truthfulness. The world needs to get better, and oh man this movie absolutely rocks.


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Michael Moore



FAHRENHEIT 11/9 is about a lot of things. Its central hook revolves around the Trump administration, with Moore reeling back time and looking at how his rise to presidency came to be, who helped bring him to power, and the lasting side effects his position has on the modern world, particularly, and obviously, in America. But what I didn’t expect this film to do was go up and beyond just the Trump administration. It’s a detailed look all the political corruption this world has to offer, and how these injustices are destroying people of all ways of life.


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Michael Moore



Moore approaches his subject matter in an intelligent and unapologetic way. After an opening montage of the current state of America the film cuts to black before Moore finally asks the question all of us have been thinking, “how the fuck did this happen?” His deep dive into modern politics goes hard fast, but never once sacrifices fact for fiction. Sure, there are several moments that delve inside the president’s mind that make you wonder how Moore got that information, but his anecdotes are believable. Not necessarily proven to be correct, but definitely believable and utterly terrifying. This is by far the most horrifying movie currently playing about an American named Michael.

We have nobody to blame but ourselves, but as Moore begins to argue this he also points out that it’s only us who can change it. It’s hard to fight a system designed against itself, where the candidate with the most votes doesn’t necessarily win (sorry, Hillary) and people in power can openly admit to treason without consequences so long as it’s brought up confidently and casually, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. When Moore dives into school shootings, he gets the chance to go up close and personal with some of the Parkland survivors, getting one on one time with the young heroes who are already starting to change the world. And if we follow in their footsteps this tyranny of a planet won’t have to be so morbid for much longer.


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Michael Moore interviewing



Many are opposed to Michael Moore’s political opinions, and his brutal approach to calling everyone out for their shit does justify an enraged reaction, but you can feel his tenderness and admiration for humanity oozing through every moment of this film. He loves America and he wants it to thrive, but in order to thrive, one must first acknowledge what’s wrong. Given his extended history in the political landscape, and his several connections to those in power, Moore spends an early chunk of the documentary calling himself out for past actions, while explaining stupid things done by some of his fellow celebrities. Before he opens up about America, he first critiques himself. It’s this openness that lays way to an understanding between himself and the audience. I trusted him. I was willing to listen to what he had to say. And boy oh boy did he deliver.

Yet through all the horror and heartbreak, Moore never loses sight of this documentary’s intention to entertain. I certainly didn’t realise so much time was to be spend on the Flint water crisis, but his dedication and passion towards the issue opened my eyes to just how severe it really is. Until recently, the people of Flint have been without healthy water for years. If you turn on a tap a splurge of yellow water splutters out. Drink it at your own risk, because side effects will last all the way through to your grandchildren, and that’s a fact the government doesn’t want you to know. How did that come to be, you ask? Because Governor Rick Snyder wanted to make a few extra bucks at the expense of his people’s wellbeing. Connections with Trump are higher than you think.


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Michael Moore interviewing Bernie Sanders



Nobody is safe. Moore’s got dirt on everyone, no matter what your political opinions may be. A few moments throughout do feel exaggerated for the sake of provocation, but they’re few and far between. You can feel Moore giggling on the other side of the keyboard as he and editors Doug Abel and Pablo Proenza morph together the audio from one of Trump’s speeches with footage of Adolf Hitler. A little too much time is spent discussing Trump’s borderline incestuous relationship with his daughter Ivanka, but for every bit of click bait Moore follows it up with something absolutely riotous and extravagant in all the best ways. Love him or hate him, Moore knows what he’s talking about. And, for all our American readers, please for the love of god vote.





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