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YAYYYYYYY, this year’s Mardi Gras Film Festival is about to kick off, it is my favourite time of the year for movies as I finally get to see some amazing gay films from all over the world that you would never be able to find on Netflix or at your local video store (do they even exist anymore?). If you are in Sydney dear peeps, I empathise with the amount of rent you have to pay but also urge you to check out the Mardi Gras Film Festival Website and grab yourself some tickets, the festival runs from February 18th to March 3rd 2016 and some of the films are already selling out, there are so many amazing movies this year and Salty will be desperately trying to cover as many as we can. The first cab off the rank is AMOR ETERNO or in the gringo speak EVERLASTING LOVE (should really be Love Everlasting but hey, who am I to argue). This movie screens on Saturday Feb 20th at 930pm, it is for an 18+ audience only and as it only runs for 69mins it also screens with short film INNER JELLYFISHES which runs for an additional 25mins, tickets can be purchased HERE.  


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EVERLASTING LOVE is a somewhat surreal, moody and dark forbidden love story between a teacher and a student, two sexual beings and one of them a predator. It is set in a town not far from a local cruising area, a forrest of sorts where apparently everyone gets laid, it is a veritable forrest of fucks. You merely have to wander the green aisles of the trees to find your depravity, in the movie though it appears as if this is all natural. It is here we meet Carlos (Joan Bentallé), the teacher, he is wandering around trying to find people to get off with, with not much luck, but he spots one of his students and they stare at each other for a while and then part ways. This sparks an interest with the student, Toni (Aimar Vega), who forms an attraction to Carlos and starts showing interest in class. 

Carlos is your average horny man who has to get off every day basically and as opposed to the rest of the male population that basically relieve themselves, in this brooding town it is much easier to get relieved in the forrest. Carlos meets up with Toni the following night and they have some freaking raunchy sex. It was here that something embarrassing happened in my household while reviewing this title, I live in the lower duplex and my landlord lives upstairs, I had the door to my place open while watching the movie for some cooler air, and during this bloody loud sex scene my landlord decides to bring some fruit to leave at my backdoor from the garden, mortifying embarrassment as I fumble to turn the volume down on some loud man on man action. My poor 75yr old landlord aged a bit more that afternoon :).


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The plot for the movie is not greatly explained and I loved this, it is a moody movie that builds on this weird sharp blade, you just know something isn’t right, it is eluded to right at the beginning when a man dumps her girlfriend on the road next to the forrest and then she is dragged off by others into the forrest and eventually joins a group of people/ kids living in the forrest.

After Carlos has his fun with Toni he realises he has gone too far, to him it was just getting off and he discusses this with another of the teachers, a good friend of his and decides it is time to brush Toni, Toni doesn’t appear at school for a few days and then turns up pursuing Carlos gently, Carlos (of course) gets interested and for the first time is happy with regular love with one person, he starts longing for Toni and when Toni isn’t around he goes looking for him, he falls in lust love for his student.

There is a stage in the classroom when Carlos is not paying enough attention to Toni and you witness this tiny bit of darkness come into Toni’s eyes and you start to ponder who exactly is the predator in this relationship.


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Director Marçal Forés (ANIMALS, FRIENDS FOREVER) creates a moody movie that will be loved or hated with some limited in-between. I was hooked to the movie, I wanted to know so much more about Toni, he appeared homeless and lived in the forrest, he only ever wore the same clothes, but Carlos became sexually obsessed with him, would he not have smelled? Haha – this really bothered me, I wanted to shower him, he was a beautiful guy and if I was in Carlos’s position I would have fallen for him also, but alas hygiene would be my salvation.

There is a constant underlying tension to EVERLASTING LOVE that will leave you on edge from go to woe, this is helped along by the incredible synth music of Don The Tiger (Google him and listen to his music – I freaking LOVE it) and the lensing from Elías M. Félix looking through obstructing trees and then switching to extreme closeups lends the film a 70s/80s voyeuristic B-grade horror feel to it.

The twist, when it comes, you know is coming, and I felt sorry for the victim, he was after all only human, if somewhat misguided in a freaky universe. But where the film let me down was in it’s swift ending, while it appealed to me in its darkness and lack of need to explain anything to the audience it was so intriguing and dark I wanted to know so much more, I wanted to join them!!


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Somewhat compared to STRANGER BY THE LAKE, EVERLASTING LOVE is a very dark film to be enjoyed, it is nothing like your usual “gay” movie that usually deals with coming out or sexual exploration, it goes deeper into a sexual predatory evil and it’s metaphorical title and the belief of its tribe of youths is unnerving.

And the best things you can learn from this movie is don’t sleep with your teacher or your students and for the love of god be careful what lurks in the bushes.


4 and a Half Pops



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