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I remember it clear as day, 1988, Eddie Edwards was not only the laughing stock of the world at the ’88 Winter Olympics but this laughing stock changed into a hero of the people, the battler who overcame adversity and just did what he wanted, he would never be the best ski jumper, he didn’t want to be, he just wanted to be known as an Olympian and he did, a world wide champion who graced the front page of nearly every English speaking newspaper, immortalised as EDDIE THE EAGLE. And now twenty eight years later we get to appreciate and love him all over again in this sporting biographical comedy. EDDIE THE EAGLE releases this Thursday 21st April in Australia, it is rated PG and runs for a joyful 106mins.


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I watched EDDIE THE EAGLE with retired Kernel Claire and following the screening we compiled a list of adjectives that belong to any review of EDDIE THE EAGLE………………..








It says it all really, EDDIE THE EAGLE is the feelgood darling movie of the year, the COOL RUNNINGS or BILLY ELLIOT of 2016, a movie for the whole family, a movie that needs to be seen that will make you feel incredibly happy afterwards. You will laugh, you will cry and you may even fist pump whoop in cheer. I loved this movie and it will join the JK Blu Ray collection.


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EDDIE THE EAGLE follows Eddie Edwards’ journey from child to the 1988 Olympics and it does so with some fictional embellishments that make it an inspiring and entertaining movie that ticks all the Hollywood adversity story boxes. From a child that fails at everything but has more determination than most people on earth through to British skier denied by everyone that always gets through and moves forward by following the rules, rules that are changed to his detriment if they don’t suit the bureaucracy at the time. Eddie didn’t fit the mould of sporting hero and the people who make the rules didn’t want him to represent Britain, but nothing kept him down, everything that stands in Eddie’s way he courageously navigates past. A true hero of the people, an inspiration to embrace for all.

The best thing about Eddie was that he was unapologetic in his determination, no one else mattered, he challenged himself and only himself and this is why he became the people’s champion, someone truly different that danced to his own tune, who wouldn’t want to be like Eddie?


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Taron Egerton continues on his rise to international megastar following on from his incredible success in KINGSMAN, this was a stroke of genius playing a character that wasn’t a sexy pin-up, it will solidify him as a talented actor before pin-up hottie and for this he has my respect, add to this that his performance as Eddie is just brilliant. Egerton’s comical timing is genius and his facial acting is top notch, even the annoying way he is constantly adjusting his glasses is annoying perfection.

Hugh Jackman is a good support who has great chemistry with Egerton. There is something about Jackman though that has started bothering me over the last few years, he is too vanilla (if this makes sense). I just don’t buy him as an alcoholic chain-smoking tough guy, he manages it (just) as Wolverine but there just isn’t any darkness in his soul or acting. I would love to see him try and play a serial killer or a mass murderer, but just can’t imagine it. Once he starts cleaning up his act in EDDIE THE EAGLE and embraces being the good guy, that he does so well, I much preferred his character, it sits better with him and he becomes more comfortable, basically because he is just playing Hugh Jackman.


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Bravo to the production and direction on EDDIE THE EAGLE, directed by SUNSHINE ON LEITH helmer, Dexter Fletcher, you can see the feel good similarities in the movies, this one just needed some musical numbers to make it more “Sunshine,” however like BILLY ELLIOT I can see this as a musical in ten to fifteen years. Master stroke by producer Matthew Vaughn in working with Fletcher on this and another genius stroke in continuing his relationship with Egerton. Vaughn directed KINGSMAN and if he is sticking with Egerton you know he sees genius.

You know the outcome of this movie before the movie even starts, even if you aren’t aware of Eddie’s story everyone is aware of the underdog story formula, made even better than most by the British. They truly excel at this genre with BILLY ELLIOT, BRASSED OFF, PRIDE, THE FULL MONTY, KINKY BOOTS and more. There is no better character filled with this much optimism that could be the source of such a brilliant movie, EDDIE THE EAGLE won’t win Oscars but it will win a lot of hearts.


4 and a Half Pops



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