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Kernel Blake heads out and hits up the ultimate bad mouthed, murderous superhero who looks freaking hot in full red leather suit but looks like an avocado fucked an avocado out of the suit. This one is not for the kidlets, DEADPOOL is an MA15+ swear/murder fest that will leave you in stitches. The sequel was greenlit before the movie even released and this one will see Ryan Reynolds as one of the most loved superheroes for eternity. DEADPOOL is out now from a distributor that has no love for Salty Popcorn (and therefore does not get a mention) and runs for 108mins, see it on the biggest, baddest and loudest cinema you can find. Enjoy Blake’s review and get ya Reynolds on………all the best………JK.


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With a glut of superhero movies saturating the market in recent years, thanks to the dominance of the mostly great Marvel Cinematic Universe and the emergence of a revived DC Comics catalogue, it’s easy to feel like the genre has started to get stale. About a year ago, test footage leaked on the internet for one of Marvel’s more obscure characters, the Merc With The Mouth, Deadpool.

Needless to say, the short clip sent the internet ablaze with comic nerds the world over thinking they were finally getting a full on, hardcore, ultra-violent take on their forth wall breaking anti-hero after he was so terribly portrayed on screen in his only other appearance, in the abysmal X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.

To the credit of the distributor, they green lit a feature length film based on the reaction to the leaked footage (some say intentionally leaked by the filmmakers) and even more to their credit, they haven’t pussed out on us and what we get is a MA15+ rated, ultra-violent action/comedy film more in the vein of KICK ASS than ANT-MAN.


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A pet project for the past six years for star Ryan Reynolds, who ironically played the titular character in the shoddy Wolverine flick, the former GREEN LANTERN star has gone all out to create a character faithful to the comics, regularly breaking the fourth wall to crack wise with the audience and provide a running commentary of his bursts of katana wielding, pistol shooting murder orchestra.

Directed by first timer Tim Miller, an effects guru who previously worked on films such as SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, this new take on DEADPOOL is as formulaic as you can get when it comes to story (it’s actually hard to remember what the actual story is) and characters apart from the man in red. What sets it apart though is the sheer lunacy and ridiculousness of the character, played brilliantly by Reynolds who relishes the ability to not hold back and sprout one liners as fast as he fires his pistols.

The basic premise of the film is that Reynolds plays ex-soldier, now mercenary for hire Wade Wilson, who meets the love of his life, a prostitute named Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin (FIREFLY). They fall in love, vigorously celebrate each holiday together and all is going well until Wade finds he has inoperable cancer. By chance (or is it?) Wade is propositioned by a shady character who says he can cure his ailment and give him super powers.


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Afraid of losing his Vanessa, Wade eventually agrees and is put through torturous experiments which eventually give him almost immortal powers without taking away his sense of humour. With a few side effects making him look like Donald Trump’s left nut and after finding out his powers were given to him so he could be sold off as a slave to the rich and presumably mustache twirlingly evil, he breaks free and seeks revenge on those that have messed up his Ryan Reynolds face.

At the end of the day, the story is pretty pointless as the main entertainment from this movie is down to Reynolds channeling his inner Monty Python, mixing in with some great, ultra-bloody action scenes and the odd X-Man or two. Many jokes are made as to why there are only one or two but to say any more would spoil some of the best gags in the movie.

No one is safe from DEADPOOL and his quips, Reynolds himself is lampooned, as is our boy Hugh Jackman, the aforementioned Wolverine abomination, as well as Reynolds other comic book film, GREEN LANTERN. This tongue in cheek humour mixed with the general likability of Reynolds, distracts you enough from the rest of the film that doesn’t really do a helluva lot and its 108 minute run time breezes by, feeling more like a sitcom than a comic book/action/revenge/love story film that this tries to be.


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Go into this expecting something along the lines of the recent MCU entries and you may be a little disappointed. But if you’re looking for a fresh take on the comic book genre that has genuine laughs from start to finish, a solid cast including T.J. Miller (SILICON VALLEY) and Gina Carano (HAYWIRE), DEADPOOL is a helluva lot of fun, from the absolutely brilliant opening credits scene to the final post credits sting, which is a nice homage to everyone’s favourite Illinois truant.

Sure, it’s not perfect, the weak revenge plot and cookie cutter villains see to that, but it’s a hilarious way to spend a few hours and nice to see a comic book film where the “hero” uses his new powers to hunt down and hurt people instead of helping them for a change, all the while making dick jokes directly to the camera, how can you not love that? With a sequel already green lit, the distributor is pretty confident a lot of people are going to enjoy the hell out of DEADPOOL, this guy already did.


4 Pops



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