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This week Palace Cinemas launches a new festival in Australia’s cinema scene with an annual event designed to showcase the past, present and future of independent cinema from the U.S – Essential Independents: American Cinema, Now. The first from this bunch we are showcasing is CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S. 

From Penelope Spheeris to Kelly Reichardt; from Woody Allen to Alex Ross Perry; from Martin Scorsese to Paul Thomas Anderson; from Sofia Coppola to Lynn Shelton, and from John Cassavetes to Richard Linklater, the American independent film community continues to flourish and produce people, ideas, and cinema with a profound impact on the craft internationally.

We are reviewing a small selection of the films releasing at the festival, which launches this Wednesday 18th May exclusively at Palace Cinemas and runs from May 18 – June 1. Our first review off the block is CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S, a documentary looking at the iconic store, Tiffany’s. And what a better way to get the review for CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S than digging our designing guru Kernel out of the oblivious grave of kernel retirement. Kernel Dara is back and has a couple of design movie reviews coming up. Welcome back Lady D, we have missed you!!

CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S has an 18+ Festival rating and runs for 86mins. Hit up their website for session details…………all the best………..JK.


Crazy at Tiffany's Movie Poster image



It’s that little blue box

Or the engagement scene from Sweet Home Alabama

Or the song, by that band that no one remembers the name of…..

And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

She said I think I remember the film

And as I recall I think, we both kind o’ liked it

And I said well that’s, the one thing we’ve got


Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn image


But ultimately it’s the opening scene where Audrey Hepburn gets out of the cab in her black Givenchy dress and pearls with a coffee and croissant and stares into the windows of Tiffany & Co..

Tiffany & Co., we all know it, and the little blue boxes. It’s an absolute icon. Did you know that the recipe for the Tiffany Blue colour is closely guarded by Pantone? Kind of like the recipe for Coca Cola or the 11 secret herbs and spices that make KFC.

Hardly the same league, but an American Icon is an American Icon.

CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S is a stunningly edited documentary about the most famous jewellery store in the world. The film starts with a gorgeous montage of animation telling the story of how Charles Tiffany braved a snowstorm to make it into work as he never missed a day. Juxtaposed with this was the setup of a young busker playing outside of the iconic New York store.

The film has an amazing roundabout of movie stars, stylists, celebrities and designers all willing to share stories and talk about their experiences and memories of Tiffany & Co., Katie Couric even drops the f-bomb in the opening scene! Who doesn’t love a casual f-bomb drop from a trusted and respected journalist? She also had her 50th birthday party inside the store.

Matthew Miele is the writer and director of Tiffany & Co., he is also responsible for that fabulous documentary of 2013, SCATTER MY ASHES AT BERGDORF’S. I do love the way he juxtaposes the old stories with the new and especially the animations which tell the origin stories of Tiffany & Co. and its iconic New York building.


Crazy at Tiffany's Tiffany's Blue Box image


CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S also spends a lot of time with the relatively newly appointed design (2013) director Francesca Amfitheatrof. As Sam Taylor-Johnson says “Francesca looks like Audrey Hepburn and is the design director of Tiffany, it’s perfect.” Her resume reads like a lot of people’s (OK, mine) dream life and she oversees the entire Tiffany & Co. collection, including the infamous Blue Book. The Blue Book was first published in 1845 and is a stunning annual collection of one-of-a-kind jewellery creations, just waiting to be discovered and treasured. It’s like a book of unimaginable jewels, one’s that mere mortals can only dream about wearing, but I guess that is what Tiffany’s is, a dream….

And as Holly Golightly says “I’m crazy about Tiffany’s.”

CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S is a wonderful film for anyone who loves ‘behind the scenes’ stories about their favourite fashion houses, we get to see the jewellers workshop, Oscar’s fittings with Jessica Biel, Tiffany lamps, the Tiffany designed clock in Grand Central Station and the stories behind some of the most favourite pieces of jewellery in the world. There are so many design icons that Tiffany’s have been a part of in its 179 years of operation, it’s fascinating viewing.

CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S is beautifully edited with oodles of cameos of famous faces. Great for a girls night out, and must simply be accompanied with a glass of champagne.


4 Pops



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