CAPTAIN MARVEL – Stop the Whining and Embrace it!!

CAPTAIN MARVEL has released officially yesterday in Australia from the Marvel Disney Empire, the penultimate film in the MCU OG opus, and the last film you have to see before you get the chance to see END GAME next month.

There has been a lot of negative press on the film after Brie Larson stated she didn’t want White Males reviewing this supposedly feminist superhero movie. This pissed me and most of the white male movie critics of planet Earth off. Due to troll-like reactions to this Rotten Tomatoes changed its policy and people can no longer comment on a movie on their site prior to it releasing and this morning I read the single best review of a movie without actually seeing it right HERE.

My question that comes from all the bullshit is “do feminists want equality or is it preferable to maintain an us and them mentality and just be angry with the opposition?” This film has been swamped by what looks like an angry ‘us and them’ feminist attack on the highest superhero movie ticket buying section of the public. Most forums I follow have a majority of members claiming they will skip this one regardless of its connections to END GAME because they have been pissed off. Larson’s comments didn’t help equality – they added a divide.


Regardless of all the bullshit surrounding the off-screen who-ha – the movie is damn good and if you don’t see it you miss some epic connections to the MCU story arc and will be a small step behind when viewing END GAME and not to mention you will miss out on the greatest hero in the MCU, Goose. Whining about a movie because you dislike an actor’s remarks will only be your own loss – embrace the film and the characters, hate the actor as much as you like. I still think Kevin Spacey is one of the greatest actors of all time regardless of being a handsy tool offscreen. I met Michael Jackson once, still think his music is some of the greatest ever made and you all know where that’s heading.

Captain Marvel Brie Larson image
Brie Larson



Carol Danvers/ Vers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races in the 1990s!

Don’t really want to give more of a synopsis than that because I only saw it following one trailer and there was a lot of enjoyable surprises.

Oh and the opening credits had me clapping – bravo to Marvel for that – just beautiful.

Captain Marvel Samuel L. Jackson image
Samuel L. Jackson


The movie has all the best of the MCU in it and is a wonderful new hero I cannot wait to see more of in the MCU story arc. I did find the first half of the movie a little slower and Brie Larson a little less likable. Not sure if a subconscious connection to her off-screen negativity but about half way through the movie, following a HUGE reveal, CAPTAIN MARVEL and Larson take a new direction that was edge-of-your-seat stuff that I loved.

As CAPTAIN MARVEL is mostly set as the first in the timeline of MCU movies (behind the early days of CAPTAIN AMERICA) a lot of what you see in this movie is the lead up to other movies you see in the MCU. The tie ins to the other films was bloody brilliant and seeing the early days of Nick Fury and the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a highlight.

Captain Marvel Ben Mendlesohn image
Ben Mendlesohn


Larson is good as Danvers and she did grow on me. When she is with other characters she is softened and has heart but when she was solo, especially in the earlier sections of the film I found her less likeable. Her chemistry with Nick Fury was awesome and I am stoked of their relationship. By the end of the film I had fully embraced her as a hero of the MCU – one that will be pivotal in END GAME, this is not a spoiler if you saw the last scene in INFINITY WAR. I now need more of Carol Danvers.

This is probably my favourite Nick Fury movie, he was hilarious in a lot of scenes and seeing how he became the Nick Fury we know and love was done well – a great origin story for the eye-patched man. Wait until you see how he gets that patch. Mendlesohn was also a revelation in CAPTAIN MARVEL – it was good to see he could just use his standard Aussie drawl in most of the scenes and his laid back attitude added some great Marvelesque humour to the film. His character’s story arc was a lot different than I was expecting and it was really refreshing.

It was also a joy seeing Annette Bening in CAPTAIN MARVEL – I love this woman and had no idea she was even in it. I could have done with more but loved the little scenes we did have.

And finally, the greatest and most hilarious character in the movie is Goose. I got to meet Goose following the movie and can only say he will make you laugh a hell of a lot.


Huge congratulations to Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck on bringing the first Marvel female led superhero movie to the screen. In what appears to be almost commonplace now, massive blockbusters are being regularly handed over to Indie directors to give them a fresher edge. Boden and Fleck are responsible for HALF NELSON – the first film to garner Ryan Gosling an Oscar nomination. And what they have done with CAPTAIN MARVEL is highly impressive – expect to see a lot more from this duo!

Captain Marvel Goose image
Goose – The True Star of Captain Marvel


Ignore the annoying stuff actors can say when they aren’t acting and judge CAPTAIN MARVEL as a superhero film of the MCU. It deserves it. And for the love of Odin – YOU NEVER LEAVE A MARVEL MOVIE UNTIL THE VERY END OF THE CREDITS – over 50% of our cinema left before important things happened.


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