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CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is out now on planet Earth and will currently be raking in more money than most countries, it would want to be, it cost somewhere a bit under $250MIL to make, and it will make that back in about two weeks, this movie is a cash cow. How much is too much for movie budgets? The costs of the upcoming two INFINITY WARS movies is estimated at $1BIL. I repeat ONE BILLION DOLLARS to make two movies, Marvel is really going to slam a home run or go broke making those two CGI laden movies. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is out now from Marvel, it is rated M and is the longest running Marvel movie at 147mins.


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After the not atrocious, but in no way brilliant mess, BATMAN V SUPERMAN DC movie I have been in a ponder about superhero movies, are they done? Have we reached saturation point? How much can we take? I have been visiting all the animated DC movies after seeing JUSTICE LEAGUE V TEEN TITANS and loving it. I have realised that as far as the DC universe goes we should be embracing, releasing into cinemas and dishing out the dosh to more of their animations, they are brilliant, I am watching a few a week at the moment and am in awe. But then there is Marvel, the last AVENGERS, was good but on a downhill trajectory of m’eh and I have never been a huge fan of Tony Stark, that ego just pisses me off, love THOR for no-shame gay reasons and CAPTAIN AMERICA has generally been too goody-two-shoes for me, but then I got an invite to the opening of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and my mind has been as reinvigorated as Steve Rogers on ice for however many years. Superhero movies are not dead and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR shows us how to make a fracking insane action hero movie. Easily my favourite movie in the Marvel Universe.


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CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR follows the Cap’s aka Steve Roger’s love and defence for his friend Bucky aka The Winter Soldier, his best friend from his youth that defended him who was sadly turned into an evil mofo by Hydra (Hail). It appears that Bucky has been assassinating a bunch of people after being disappeared for so long. Even with picture evidence the Cap can’t believe it is Bucky and is determined to bring him in or kill him himself, I am assuming it is some kind of responsibility for his best mate that he believes he owes. At the same time CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR follows the EXACT SAME story trajectory of BATMAN V SUPERMAN, I mean this is nearly the same movie but Marvel schools DC on how to do it. Why wasn’t this movie called CAPTAIN AMERICA V IRON MAN??? In both movieverses the heroes are feeling guilty about their actions and the destruction they have reeked, and society wants them held accountable. And this is where the real beef between our leading heroes comes from, Iron Man believes the Avengers should be held accountable and Captain America thinks it is control from a government organisation that will make them pawns, whereas he thinks they should only answer to themselves to keep politics and corrupt actions out of it. Oddly I would have always seen it the other way based on their characters, Iron Man is an egotistical rogue who thinks himself higher than anyone and the Cap is a true patriot. But we can thank the comics for this one and also the guilting mother in the movie who blames Tony Stark for her son dying as collateral damage in an Avengers led moment.


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This movie works best if you just view it as the next AVENGERS movie where some of the team was doing their own thing, they are all referenced and I can see how it wouldn’t work with gods being involved or a smash smash green guy. And for a movie this action packed I am astounded how they fit everyone in, and not only fit everyone in but gave them perfect screen time and epic scenes. The addition of the three newcomers was brilliant. Paul Rudd nailed Ant-Man and his humour was much loved, completely forgot he was in the movie until he appeared. Chadwick Boseman was perfect as Black Panther and I am really looking forward to see what they do with the BLACK PANTHER movie in 2018, he is a really dark character.

Then there was Spidey, my favourite part of the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR movie, the greatest character in the movie who nearly stole every scene. While I am still pissed they dumped Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man Tom Holland nailed it – and please remember my words from my THE IMPOSSIBLE review in 2012 “Tom Holland is a sublime young actor who nearly stole the movie, keep your eye on this actor, he is going to become a household name.” NAILED IT!! His Spider-Man was hilarious and the younger, more teen version of the character really breaks up the older Avengers crew, he is definitely from the Red Bull generation. I loved we got a Spider-Man in a movie without seeing the origin of Uncle Ben die again, (cough BvS)!!


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As for the original characters and actors they are so comfortable in their roles I can’t even see them as Robert Downey Jnr or Chris Evans (and so on) anymore, they really are their characters and own them to perfection.

The winner of this movie is the action, it NEVER RELENTS and it never tires you out, the movie never gets confusing and it follows the story without losing its shit (cough BvS), the action is next level and while people whine about the level of characters in the “airport” civil war scene as the comics had oodles more characters involved that airport scene will go down as one of the greatest fight scenes in the Marvel movie universe of all time, it is just brilliant and is filled with some massive hits, some harrowing moments and surprisingly a lot of humour.

The one thing that I found weak in the movie was the bad guy, the nemesis, the villain. While the actor, Daniel Brühl is a brilliant onscreen actor, his character Zemo, was too weak in the flow of the entire movie, everything else was so brilliant he was a unmemorable blip on the screen. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR deserved more.


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Since seeing this my love for superheroes has been reinvigorated, along with my couple of DV animations per week I am revisiting all the Marvel Blu Rays with fresh eyes, this one will be on pre-order for 3D Blu Ray as soon as it is available.

As for to 3D or not to 3D: definitely 3D if you can, adds a great added element to the battles, to Spidey and to the falcon, who sadly is a drone and not a bird! And if you can see this one in Atmos, it truly adds to the sound.

“Best Marvel movie yet,” could have pretty much just used that as my entire review, but thanks for reading haha.


4 and a Half Pops



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