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With huge thanks to the wonderful folks at Roadshow we revisit our review of BURNT and offer up 5x copies of BURNT on DVD for you to win!! BURNT is out now on DVD, Blu Ray and Digital and I loved it! Enjoy a fresh read of my review from October and find out how to win below. Also please be aware this is only open to Australian residents……all the best and good luck……JK.


So when the food and film blogger sees a movie coming out all about a famous chef trying to run the best restaurant in the world and said movie stars Bradley Cooper it is quite possible said blogger lost his shit. I was already biased for this movie before I even entered the cinema, it needed to be good, I urged it to be good but with a cast like this the chances were in its favour. I got to see this on Monday night and LOVED IT. BURNT is out this Thursday 22nd October from the fantastic peeps at Roadshow Films (who squeezed me and a friend into the screening), it is rated M and runs for 100mins.


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Burnt | Salty Popcorn Movie Review | Movie Poster Image



BURNT is a fast-paced film, so fast paced if you go to the toilet a lot will happen you will miss, so go beforehand. Firstly, Adam Jones (Cooper) finishes his self solitude of shucking one million oysters as penance for screwing up being one of the best chefs in the world thanks to a life of debt, sex, rock and roll, food and a tonne of drugs. Post shucking he returns to London to get back into the food scene and runs into a lot of people who hate him, want the money he owes or would be happier if he was dead.

But, he is a chef on a mission and as a much wiser man says in the movie following Helene (Sienna Miller) calling him an arrogant prick (or something similar) – “well, he’s a chef.” The perfect line, I know a lot of chefs and I truly do love them all but the better the chef the more arrogant they are.


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Burnt | Salty Popcorn Movie Review | Helene (Sienna Miller) and Tony (Daniel Brühl)


It is a life filled with calamity, abuse, anger, determination and abundant failure that chefs make it, and Jones has gone through it all, he will be the best, get his third Michelin Star if it kills him or he kills all his staff, and it is that arrogance and confidence that leads Jones to scalp the best chefs in the area, he starts out by treating them like the shit he believes they are and accomplishing the best of them through abusing and demeaning them like he was trained, you may see a few moments of Gordon Ramsay being channelled.

In its depiction of the high-end restaurant world and its people this film is perfect. They strive, they perfect, they hardly sleep and like me they live on little more than foodgasms :). The plating techniques had me moaning in bliss and just that world, the world of food, a perfect world filled with my people, if you only eat for fuel you are dead to me.


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Burnt | Salty Popcorn Movie Review | Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper)


BURNT was originally scripted in 2007 and made “the blacklist” – no Raymond Redington, the Hollywood blacklist of most loved but unproduced scripts for the year. David bloody Fincher was directing this film in 2008 with Keanu bloody Reeves in the lead, it ran into complications and Fincher left the helm in 2010. The leading ladies went through Michelle Williams and Marion Cotillard before settling on Sienna Miller. And I have no idea how we ended up with John Wells shooting the film, his directing is very limited with episodes of E.R. and SHAMELESS being his strengths but he did direct a little AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY last year and his producing has seen him win too many Emmys to count, his ability to shoot the TV shows on their ridiculous schedules would have suited the pacing of this movie.

And Bradley Cooper, at age eight he wanted to either be an actor or a chef, you know which path he chose but he did also play a chef in 2005 TV show KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL so that passion has remained. Glad to see it, this film would have been a favourite for him. It should also be known this movie was originally named CHEF but Jon Favreau’s movie CHEF came out last year, oddly also produced by the Weinsteins, so it got a name change to ADAM JONES – so glad they changed it to BURNT.


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Burnt | Salty Popcorn Movie Review | Tony (Daniel Brühl) and Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper)


The acting is superb, Cooper owns the hecticness of his character with its multiple personalities created by high energy and lack of sleep and being a permanently recovering alcoholic. Daniel Brühl is always a favourite and his uptight and in-love with Jones character is a new direction for him and still holds the brilliant delivery of all his performances and Sienna Miller, the woman is a freaking chameleon, I used to detest the woman but her characters are always solid and she never seems to age, she could be playing a twenty five year old in this movie. I loved her in this role.

Special mentions have to go to one of my all time favourite actors, Emma Thompson, I love anything and everything she does and I wish we had more of her in this movie. Same for the blink and you’ll miss her Uma Thurman as one of the best food critics in London, while not in it for very long – that one mouthful and realisation that Jones still has it was all the character needed to do, it was brilliant and made me smile. Also Matthew Rhys, have loved him since BROTHERS AND SISTERS but his character Reese, the opposing “other” three hatted chef that once worked with Jones during the “days” is brilliant, loved the trashing scene and the one line of arrogance over a plain omelette “this is good” – “I KNOW” – loved.


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Burnt | Salty Popcorn Movie Review | Helene (Sienna Miller)


For a foodie and a “filmie” this film was near perfection for me, I was always going to be loving this. For some people it could come across as doing to much with current and backstory but the film has some great tension, great acting, a brilliant reveal, and a cast and food I could watch for hours. Considering the Weinsteins were doing their usual “let’s just release on limited” and pulled the plug on that the week of release and bumped it to maximum screen saturation I get the feeling early screenings have been positive, I will be taking my parents to this and I will be buying in on Blu Ray, you get the point :). Now go and eat something sublime!!


4 and a Half Pops


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