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Teri Terry, the author with the double barrel first name is back with a new book. The author of the SLATED trilogy bring us a new stand alone paranormal fiction in BOOK OF LIES. It is aimed at the young adult market but will appeal to anyone who liked TWILIGHT, the SLATED trilogy or stories like TRUE BLOOD. Kernel Deb is one of our more serious reviewers who would choose literature over a paranormal YA fiction any day of the week but she thoroughly enjoyed it and now presents her thoughts for us all. BOOK OF LIES is out now from the fine folks at Hachette Australia, it is currently sold out from their webpage but you will find this one in all larger book outlets. Enjoy Deb’s thoughts…..all the best…..JK.


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BOOK OF LIES is a stand-alone supernatural thriller by young adult novelist Teri Terry best known for the multi-award winning Slated series. BOOK OF LIES is the story of red headed twins, Quinn and Piper and their guardians, Sybil (gran) and Isobel (mother), who strive to protect them from a centuries old curse. When Sybil has a stroke and Isobel unexpectedly dies, the twins are inexorably drawn to one another. Together they strive to understand why they were separated so soon after their birth. Love, lies, protection spells, curses and the terrifying legend of the Wisht Hounds all play a part in this tale of choices, consequence, identity, love, paternity and inheritance.

Author Teri Terry’s unusual name is a combination of marriage (Terry) and familial abbreviation (Teri for Teresa). Mostly she says she enjoys the humour of the double barrelled name but on occasion it is troublesome e.g. when making phone appointments. Troublesome or not, the name is memorable and probably smart marketing. With several degrees to her name including microbiology, law and optometry she has had a wide range of careers, but now works as a full time writer.

Growing up in an Airforce family TERRY moved around a lot, and then continued her peripatetic lifestyle by following boyfriends around the world including living in Australia for 12 years. She currently lives in the United Kingdom and this is the setting for this novel. Dartmoor, Two Bridges, Hotel, and Wistman’s Wood are all real places and Terry’s descriptions of them and the unpredictable weather on the moor is unusually vivid for a young-adult novel.


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TERRY acknowledges she has an obsession with the art of lying and so therein lay the kernel for BOOK OF LIES in which the four Blackwood women, Sybil, Isobel, Quinn and Piper share a special talent for wrapping their thoughts around those of others, compelling them to believe what they say even if it is untrue. Despite sharing this curious ability of persuasion, the four women have different attitudes to lying and thus different propensities to be truthful. It is these different attitudes that create much of the tension between the characters as the plot unfolds.

BOOK OF LIES is constructed as a dual first-person narrative, a device that Terry uses to emphasise the natural self-absorption of teenagers who naturally tend to focus on things from their own perspective. The first person narratives also helps Terry emphasise that whilst the twins are outwardly identical, they have points of difference. Nevertheless both girls act out in times of high emotion, frustration or pique, and both are drawn to things they shouldn’t do, to see what will happen despite the risks.

Insecure in their significant relationships, Quinn and Piper worry about being genuinely liked and loved by each other, Zac and their family members. This is complicated by their ability to manipulate others because when lies become truth and truth looks like lies, who can you believe? As a consequence the twins frequently suspect their parents, gran, Zac and each other of not truly caring, as they struggle to understand their abilities, their ancestors, the curse, and themselves.


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The effects of nature and nurture is a prominent subject in BOOK OF LIES. For Piper who has lived all her life with her mother and father, forbidden holds no meaning as she is used to getting her own way. Only her mother is able to resist her control. Piper lies easily, continuously and without compunction, unaware initially that in doing so she is drawing the darkness into her life. Quinn, protected by her Gran, has lived all her life in an isolated house on Dartmoor. Schooled since infancy to be frightened of lies she prefers to be truthful, but as she becomes closer to Piper she begins to realise how easy and useful it is to lie.

Initially Quinn and Piper, like many young people, tend to be black and white in their thinking. As the novel unfolds they come to realise that whatever one’s upbringing or parentage, duality of nature is the norm; no-one is all good or all bad in reality. It is a truism that everyone is capable of being selfish, or selfless and this seems to be Terry’s point because no one character in BOOK OF LIES makes all the right choices and this keeps the reader engaged right until the end. Jealously, courage and loyalty all play a part as the story comes to an end. Power settles heavily on the victor, with freedom only coming with a cost.

BOOK OF LIES is an enjoyable page turner that has plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. Squarely aimed at the Young Adult market, BOOK OF LIES is sure to please both fans of supernatural thrillers and fans of the SLATED TRILOGY Trilogy.


4 Pops


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